Mr. Olympia 2015 Results:

    1. Phil Heath
    2. Dexter “The Blade” Jackson
    3. Shawn Rhoden
    4. Dennis Wolf
    5. Mamhoud “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
    6. Branch Warren
    7. Rolley Winklaar
    8. William Bonac
    9. Victor Martinez
    10. Essa Obiad

Phil “The Gift” Heath

As the reigning Mr. Olympia, it was hard to see “The Gift” losing. Likewise,with Kai Greene unable to compete the odds of an upset seemed even more improbable, if not altogether impossible. Heath’s genetics are just too much to handle, and this year wasn’t much different than the four years prior. Heath was hard, grainy and well conditioned, bringing the same round muscle fullness that’s become part of his trademark. In recent times a substantial “gut” started to make people wonder if his days as champion were numbered, but he seemed to have that under control during this year’s Olympia. However, it should be noted that the notorious “gut” wasn’t completely gone. When Phil was more relaxed backstage it became much more pronounced, indicating the distended stomach isn’t actually gone, rather; Heath is simply more adept at hiding it. Since his first victory in 2011, Phil Heath’s Olympia performance has declined noticeably with each successive year.

Dexter “The Blade” Jackson

At 45 years young, “The Blade” is as sharp as ever. Looking at comparison pictures, it actually appears Jackson has improved over the last 15 or so years, since his debut at the Olympia in 1999. Jackson still has a great blend of shape, symmetry and incredible conditioning. Without question Jackson is always “locked in,’ among the most shredded at any competition. He probably has another Arnold Classic win or two left in him.  It’s incredible that even during the age of mass monsters Dexter held his own. Now that tide has shifted towards overall balance, Jackson’s physique only stands to benefit. We could see him on the Olympia stage at the age of 50.

Shawn Rhoden:

This was surely one of Rhoden’s best showings. He has a tight waist and remains the total package when it comes to aesthetic appeal among modern bodybuilders. Rhoden has managed to bring up his lagging body parts consistently, and his upper body has gradually caught up with his lower body. Rhoden’s back still lacks the detail one might find in someone like Phil Heath, but it’s definitely improved. If he can add some additional detail, while keeping his outstanding shape, look for Rhoden to contest Heath for the Olympia title.

Dennis Wolf

Wolf dropped behind Rhoden again after defeating him in the Arnold Classic last year. It seems Wolf has really tried to add extra size the past couple of years. Unfortunately, his shape and conditioning have suffered significantly as a result. My guess is that Wolf may have peaked last year, but we will see how things progress moving forward. Getting the right balance between fullness and conditioning has always been an issue for Wolf. If he could bring in a little more graininess, while keeping his peak shape and fullness, we’ll see him place a little higher. His mid/low back was much improved this year, and the height advantage he brings really sets him apart.

Mamhoud “Big Ramy” Elssbiay

Obviously, “Big Ramy” is aptly name. He was by far the biggest competitor in the show and simply dwarfed some of the other men on stage. Ramy’s blend of size and aesthetic balance is something the bodybuilding world has never seen. He’s among the biggest bodybuilders ever but still retains a tiny waist and incredible V-taper. The only problem with his showing was conditioning. If he would have come in 10-15 pounds lighter, it could have been interesting to see how he placed. When Ramy finally dials in his conditioning, he will likely win the Olympia. This won’t happen for a couple years at least, but Ramy is very young. People forget that he’s only been lifting seriously for six years… six years! At 29 years old Ramy is easily the youngest competitor in the top five of the Olympia. Look for Ramy to supersede Phil Heath in time. Heath’s best showing was in 2011. We have yet to see the Best of Mamhoud Elssbiay.


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