And the winner is…

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Dexter “The Blade” Jackson
  3. Shawn Rhoden
  4. Dennis Wolf
  5. Mamhoud Elssbiay
  6. Branch Warren
  7. Rolley Winklaar
  8. William Bonac
  9. Victor Martinez
  10. Essa Obiad

Final Thoughts

It comes as little surprise that Phil Heath once again came out on top. With Kai Greene failing to compete in the 2015 Olympia, there wasn’t really a true threat to the crown. Even if Kai had competed, the result likely would have remained the same. “The Gift,” as Heath is frequently referred to, simply has the best genetics. With such round muscle bellies, hardly anyone can compare. Heath’s most-muscular pose is neigh unbeatable, and his bone structure virtually perfect when it comes to bodybuilding’s most important mandatories.

The runner-up position came as quite a shock to everyone at this year’s Olympia. Even though Dexter Jackson appears never to change, let alone decline, he handily defeated top opposition at the ripe age of 45. It’s simply incredible the level of muscularity and conditioning he’s been able to bring.

Collecting third place at the Olympia, Shawn Rhoden has something to truly to be proud of. He has a great combination of size, aesthetic appeal and symmetry. It will be interesting to see how he progresses in the next few years. Obviously, Dexter isn’t getting any younger, and without Kai around we may see Rhoden rise ever closer to the top. An Arnold Classic victory (or possibly more than one) could be very soon to come.

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