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Mr. Olympia 2016 Predictions: Part II

One thing that you’ll notice about this list is that there are actually 12 names. The reason for this being that 2 of these competitors seem unlikely to compete. Kai Greene seems to have unresolved issues with the Mr. Olympia, while Dennis Wolf is still recovering from an injury serious in nature. Fingers crossed that every competitors listed will be able to bring there absolute best, but don’t be surprised when some of these people are nowhere to be found.

  1. Roelly Winklaar

Roelly has truly stepped his game up to the next level. He rivals Phil Heath for the best pair of arms in the world, and has put on plenty of quality size over the course of the last few years. Likewise, Winklaar looks to have gotten his abdomen under better control. Lui Marco (the popular Youtuber) can take partial credit for this. After calling Winklaar out for having a “bubble gut,” Roelly has devoted a significant amount of energy to reduced his waist size, while simultaneously increasing symmetry. He may have paid a price for increasing his appeal as a ‘Mass Monster,’ but with his recent attention to detail we could be seeing the best Winklaar ever.



7.  Dennis Wolf

It’s difficult to know what to expect when it comes to “The Big Bad Wolf.” After suffering a serious injury his competition status has been left in question. He is qualified for the 2016 Mr. Olympia, but without knowing the exact extent of his injury who can really tell?

If Wolf is near his old self however, expect a solid showing. Dennis Wolf has some of the best genetics out there. Despite some conditioning issues in the past, he’s distinguished himself as one of the world elite. His shoulders rate near the best of all-time, and his height is a real asset up on the competitive stage. Don’t count the Wolf out. We’re all rooting for a quick recovery, but if this year doesn’t work out, expect big things next year.


  1. Cedric McMillan

McMillan made a substantial amount of noise at this year’s Arnold Classic. Although Kai Greene officially won the title – Arnold Schwarzenegger himself decried the selection as a travesty. McMillan is a throwback to the Golden Age of bodybuilding. His physique flows, and the ridiculously proportionate symmetry he sports is a work of art. He also happens to be the tallest man on the stage, which is a significant asset. He has genetics ranking among the best of this era. It will be interesting to see how his newfound development translates to future development.



9.  Dallas McCarver

McCarver is insanely young to have reached this level of competition. He’s only 25 years old, and his combination of size and conditioning is nothing short of amazing. He has a well-balanced physique which should only improve with time. He’ll definitely put on a significant amount of size moving forward, but as for right now he’ll surely be able to hold his own. Though he won’t be hitting the Top 5 for a bit, Dallas will certainly put the world on notice. There’s a new crop of talented, hungry, young men on the way – and McCarver is a name that you would do well to remember.

  1. Justin Compton

At 28 years old, Justin Compton is another young gun making his way up the bodybuilding ranks. His physique has matured rather quickly over the past few years, and he’s already a 3x IFBB Contest Champion. His arms and overall muscle fullness are a big strength. He’ll need to continue to work on density and graininess, but those things should come with muscle maturity and time. Though he is very young, Compton’s thickness from the side and fullness from the back are marked. Bodybuilding shows are won and lost from the back, and impressive thickness is not something everyone can attain.

  1. Victor Martinez

It’s been an interesting run for Victor Martinez. He’s suffered career threatening injuries, been put in jail over visa issues and had to deal with a laundry list of issues – many of which were out of his control. It’s a fantastic accomplishment to see Victor still in the running for Mr. Olympia. Some people still believe he should have beaten Jay Cutler back in 2007. Even at 43 years of age Martinez is still a force. In a way, he’s reinvented himself.

  1. Kevin Levrone

Everyone has been buzzing about the “Levrone Factor.” It’s been years since we’ve seen Kevin on stage, and who knows what to expect. Levrone is 51 years old at this point. He will always have among the best genetics of all time, but it seems an impossible feat to crack the top of the list after so many years away from the game. On the plus side, Levrone never burned himself out. By not forcing the issue so much when he was younger, he likely has quite a bit left in the tank. However, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the same Levrone from back in the 90’s. The whole process seems a little rushed. With that being said, Kevin was a bodybuilder like no other. He grew into shows dramatically and that’s an exciting prospect. A rejuvenated Kevin Levrone is a dangerous one – get your popcorn ready.

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