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Week 13 NFL Picks

Dan lost his top spot for the first time this season after Brandon had an undefeated Thanksgiving and a 14-2 week overall. Dan wasn’t close behind but his 12-4 week saw his one game lead become a one game deficit. Orlando brings up the rear, but still has a chance for a miracle to happen. Here are the updated standings after Thursday’s game between the Cowboys and the Vikings….

Current Standings

Brandon Reid: 107-68-2

Dan Schalk: 106-69-2

Orlando Torres: 99-76-2

Week 13 NFL Picks

Week 13 NFL Picks

Lions at Saints

Dan Schalk: Detroit Lions. Both teams are very similar on paper, but I like the Lions defense to make more stops throughout the course of the game to win.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. I like the way Detroit has been playing defense as of late. That could be their saving grace to making the playoffs. And playing the Saints should cure some of their offensive inaccuracies. But the Saints offense is a stiff challenge. New Orleans is number one in the league is passing, ninth in rushing, and scoring over 30 points per game. The Lions have no run game. I’ll go with the Saints in a competitive game.

Orlando Torres: New Orleans Saints. When I look at this game all I see is points galore. Both defense haven’t been great, but New Orleans defense has come to life these past few weeks. Give me the Saints at home to uproar the Lions.  

Rams At Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Duh.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. I really don’t entertain the thought of picking against New England at home.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. Bill Belichick eats rookie QB’s for breakfast, period.

Broncos at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. Even with Trevor Siemian missing this game, the Broncos defense can wreak havoc on turnover prone Blake Bortles en route to a victory.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. I was this close to picking Jacksonville (fingers really close together). They have lost their last four games by a touchdown or less and three of those four were on the road. The defense is starting to come together and the team will eventually figure out how to win. But I saw how banged up they are this week. No Ivory, No Hurns, Julius Thomas is doubtful. Paxton Lynch takes over for Trevor Siemian but I don’t see a significant enough drop off there to worry the Broncos.

Orlando Torres: Denver Broncos. This won’t be a high scoring game, but a defensive battle I could see. Obviously the winner of the game will be the team with less turnovers and Blake Bortles with less turnovers just doesn’t go together. 

49ers at Bears

Dan Schalk: San Francisco 49ers. Two bad football teams, but on has a decent quarterback in Colin Kaepernick while the other has Matt Barkley.

Brandon Reid: San Francisco 49ers. This is a perfect prescription for what ails the 49ers, play a team worse than you. The Bears are not a good team, but more than that, they are an unhealthy bad team. The 49ers come into this game with more momentum and positive energy. Sounds crazy saying that about a 1-10 football team, but in this case it’s true.

Orlando Torres: San Francisco 49ers. Chicago has been good on defense all year-long at home. Vic Fangio will give the 49ers offense a hard time, gameplanning to shut down Hyde and Kap, and the Bears won”t have a problem feeding Jordan Howard early on, but I just love what Kaepernick has been doing since being the starter. For a team that won’t go anywhere this season they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Texans at Packers

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. I think I’ve picked the Texans to win one football game all season, showing how highly I think of them. Give me Green Bay in a blowout.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. My theme of Texans hate continues this week. I am not a believer in Houston and their offense is less than inspiring. In fact, it’s boring and painful to watch. The Packers still have a shot at winning the division and it’s starting to get COLD in Lambeau. Hopefully last week showed the Packers how to win again. If Rodgers doesn’t play, than all bets are off.

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. I don’t care if Aaron Rodgers is being forced to play with one arm tied behind his back I will take him all day in any circumstance over Brock Osweiler. Even with a banged up o-line and depleted defense for the Packers, Osweiler still won’t be able to take advantage of the matchup for his life. 


Chiefs at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. I want to pick the Chiefs because they always screw me and win games I believe they shouldn’t, especially on the road. But I can’t pick an Alex Smith led team to beat a Matt Ryan led team. 

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. I think this will be the biggest test the Chiefs defense has had all year. They played the Saints prolific offense but it was in Kansas City. They played the Raiders in Oakland but it was in a downpour most of the game. The Falcons offense is dynamic enough to keep K.C. off guard and edge them out in this one.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. If Marcus Peters was somehow magically able to play every position on defense along with Justin Houston I’d pick the Chiefs, unfortunately for the Chiefs they can’t. Peters is really good and locking down WR’s, but the Chiefs somehow still give up big plays. That’s where Sanu and Gabriel will hurt them. 

Dolphins at Ravens

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens defense can shut down the Dolphins offense at home. It’s as simple as that.

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. I looked up one team stat in determining my winner for this game, Baltimore’s defense against the rush. It’s number one in the league. Contain Ajayi, win the game. Baltimore wins at home.

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. Baltimore’s front seven is a nightmare for any team on any given day, but Miami is starting to get back some of their big boys on the o-line at the right time. Look for Ajayi to bounce back out of his slump, and Tannehill to make the big plays when needed.

Eagles at Bengals

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have lost some games as of late, but they weren’t embarrassed in any of them and have shown a willingness to fight. That will earn them the win on the road.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. The only team Cincinnati has beat since October has been the Cleveland Browns. They were heading in the wrong direction even before Green and Bernard went down. The Bengals could string together some luck and win this game, but the Eagles D is probably too good to let that happen. 

Orlando Torres: Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are on their worst start since 2010, but that won’t show on Sunday being that Philly’s defense has been exposed late in the season and Carson Wentz has come back down to earth. In a game featuring two duds going head-to-head Cincinnati will have the better day, as the Eagles WR’s still won’t be able to find separation.

Bills at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Oakland Raiders. Don’t get me started on the Bills who are playing Sammy Watkins while he still has a broken foot. They are gradually ruining his career and that is why this franchise hasn’t made the playoffs in 17 seasons. Raiders all day.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. This was my toughest pick of the week. It feels like Oakland has been riding a little too high and may be susceptible to a loss. Oakland is not real good shutting down the run, and Buffalo is pretty good at shutting down the pass. That sounds like a tough day at the office for the Raiders. Vegas has the Raiders as field goal favorites. I’ll take that bet, give me Buffalo.

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. Woah! At this point in the season last year both of these teams were at the bottom of the barrel. Fast forward a year later and we have ourselves an AFC showdown ladies and gentleman. The Bills are serious contenders in the AFC East, as the Raiders are hopeful that they can make a SB run. I”m convinced Watkins will only suit up as a decoy to benefit McCoy, because there’s no way he should be playing with him still hurting from a broken bone in his foot. On the other side of the ball I can’t see the Bills stopping both Cooper and Crabtree. 

Buccaneers at Chargers

Dan Schalk: San Diego Chargers. I like the Buccaneers as a whole, but they have struggled on the road and Philip Rivers at home knows how to get it done. 

Brandon Reid: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Something tells me this run the Bucs are on as of late is real. Jameis is getting better, becoming a leader, and he has a hell of a weapon named Mike Evans. Doug Martin is back and looks to be still pretty serviceable. The Chargers are just trying to stay healthy from week to week while the Bucs are thinking division title.

Orlando Torres: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The past two weeks I’ve disrespected the Bucs, as they proved me wrong winning against two of the better defenses in the league. I’m sticking with the Bucs this week on the road in San Diego that looks to be a shoot out.

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Giants at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. I really want to pick the Giants, I believe they are a better team and the real team to watch in the NFC. However, I like the Steelers in this matchup at home in December. Le’Veon Bell should do well for his fantasy owners.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. Slow your roll New York. The Giants have been on a roll lately and their defense has been playing great. But five of their last six games in this win streak have been home games. The lone road win was against Cleveland. No running game is going to catch up to them. And I predict it to catch up to them this week in Pittsburgh. 

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. This is going to be a fun game. The Giants have been good defensively all season, but this game won’t be a shoot out as some people think. The Steelers stick to what they’ve been doing the past two weeks and that’s winning on the legs of Le’Veon Bell. 

Redskins at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. The Redskins offense is potent and the Cardinals defense is struggling, but I still have faith in this underachieveing Cardinals team to pull out a victory at home.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. The Cardinals could win this game, but the truth is they are just not a good team. Their four wins have been against the Bucs, Jets, and 49ers, twice. The Redskins are a solid football team fighting for a playoff berth. I just can’t convince myself that Arizona should win this one.

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. What happened to this Arizona offense that was one game away from the Super Bowl last season? If anything, the only positive Arizona has going for them is that David Johnson runs the offense and Patrick Peterson runs the defense. 

Panthers at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks lost both matchups to the Panthers last season, one being in the postseason–so they will be coming out ready to play, and I expect it not to be very close in the second half. 

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are gearing up for another NFC title run and last week was just a small setback against a red-hot Bucs team. The Panthers offense has not been consistent enough this year to pick them against the Seahawks D in Seattle.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. Forget the fact that the Seahawks only put up five points last week. They will be ready and pissed off on Sunday beating up on a underachieving Panthers team. 

Colts at Jets

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. Why are the Jets still starting Ryan Fitzpatrick? They are not making the postseason and have nothing to play for, so why not see what you have in either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg?…makes zero sense. So I pick them to lose based on stupidity.

Brandon Reid: New York Jets. This is a toss-up between two bad teams for Monday Night Football. The Jets are at home, in the cold, and have the better defense. Luck is coming off a concussion but should play. Without Luck, the Colts have no chance. Nonetheless, I’ll go with the home team. 

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. Monday night might not be a pretty night for defenses, but it will feature a lot of points. Both defenses can’s stop anybody, but when it comes to offense there’s no comparison between Andrew Luck and Fitzpatrick.


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