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Week 14 NFL Picks

One week after losing his #TopDog spot, the first time all season, Dan came back with a vengeance in Week 13 going 11-4 to regain the 1st place lead with four weeks to play. Brandon had a week to forget going 8-7 to fall two games behind Dan for the coveted top spot. Orlando had a solid week with 10 correct picks with five losses. Here are the updated standings through Thursday night’s matchup.

Current Standings

Dan Schalk: 117-73-2

Brandon Reid: 115-75-2

Orlando Torres: 109-81-2

Week 14 NFL Picks

Week 14 NFL Picks
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Redskins at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Washington Redskins. I think Washington will bounce back nicely after losing last week. Kirk Cousins should be able to pick apart the Eagles secondary.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. These are two teams that would like to rewind the clock a few weeks for sure. This is a tough one for me. I think the Eagles D will give the Redskins trouble in the cold Philly weather. In a pick’em game I usually lean towards the home team. But, in this case, I am going with Washington. If you listened to our podcast, Dan Schalk says he does not believe in Philly’s D, and Vegas favors Washington as well. So I will go with the team I feel like is the better team. If I lose this one, it all falls on Dan, he gets my loss.

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. The Eagles will struggle yet again, and Kirk Cousins will throw for 400 yards on this suspect defense.

Texans at Colts

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. I do not pick the Texans to win football games as long as Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller are in the starting lineup.

Brandon Reid: Indianapolis Colts. As much as I hate both teams, they are playing each other so I guess I have to pick a winner. Or do I? Can I pick tie? I guess I have more confidence in Andrew Luck at home. The Texans offense is deplorable. 

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. If Osweiler were just a tad bit better than the average joe maybe I’d go with them. The Colts are coming off of putting a complete beat down on Monday Night, so I expect the Texans to tighten up their D, but still come up short.

Bengals at Browns

Dan Schalk: Cleveland Browns. Yea I know, I said the Browns would go 0-16 but maybe I’m just trying to help my cohorts pick up a game against me because I feel bad dominating them just about every single week.

Brandon Reid: Cleveland Browns. Possibility of snow showers. Possibility of an RG3 sighting. In-state rival. Pundants saying they don’t see Cleveland winning a game all year. Give me the Browns, at home, in an upset that costs Marvin Lewis his job!

Orlando Torres: Cincinnati Bengals. It doesn’t matter who’s playing QB for Cleveland, their still going to find a way to come up short. 

Broncos at Titans

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. My fantasy team wants the Titans to win, but my head says the Broncos defense will stop Tennessee enough to preserve a victory.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. This is a heart over head pick. The Titans are still looking for that statement win. I don’t really think the win over the Packers quite qualifies as that. A win over Denver and they are just one game behind Denver. The Broncos offense is continuing to slide. The Texans play the Colts this week so the Titans desperately need a win to keep pace in the very mediocre AFC South.

Orlando Torres: Tennessee Titans. Yes Denver’s defense is top-notch, but their lack of a QB will be their downfall. 

Cardinals at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. I know Arizona has struggled this season, but they are still one of the most talented teams in the NFL. If Arians would ride David Johnson more, this team is dangerous every single week.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals secondary is not the cure to a struggling passing game. Jay Ajayi better have 250 yards if Miami wants to put away the Cardinals in this one. I am not overlooking Miami’s D, but if not for Jay Ajayi, I would not like anything about their offense this year. 

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. Don’t expect Miami to come out and crap the bed again, at home I expect to get back to the basics and be the team that won 7 in a row. 

Bears at Lions

Dan Schalk: Detroit Lions. Detroit is a good football team and the Bears are not—-not hard to diagnose the outcome when Matt Barkley is under center for Chicago.

Brandon Reid: Detroit Lions. The only way Detroit loses this game is if Matt Stafford throws three redzone picks. This game shouldn’t be close.

Orlando Torres: Detroit Lions. We’re living in a world where the Bears are playing pretty good football under Matt Barkley and a bunch of random WR’s not named Alshon Jeffrey. On the road against this Lions team doesn’t seem to be in their favor though, as the Lions are now in complete control of the NFC North.

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Steelers at Bills

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. Sorry Bills fans, but the drought will continue.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are ramping up for a playoff run with a three game winning streak. This is a division they really have no business losing. They are top 15 in most major stat categories. I trust Big Ben, I trust Le’Veon Bell, I trust Antonio Brown, and I trust Mike Tomlin. Can’t say that about their opponents this week. Bills could steal this one, but I’m not predicting it.

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though the Bills are 6-6 they still rank 1st in the NFL in yards per carry while the Steelers allow the 5th fewest yards per carry. This seems like a run-heavy game for both teams, but the Steelers continue to make their playoff push.

Chargers at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. I almost picked the Chargers here, but travelling cross-country will be the deciding factor—unless Cam doesn’t wear a tie again.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. This is a pick’em game in which I will stick with the home team. Plus I know Dan will pick the Chargers, so I could steal a game here. I expect a lot of points in this game so I will go with the reigning MVP at home.

Orlando Torres: Carolina Panthers. Both teams have been struggling, but I’m going to take Cam to bounce his team back. 

Vikings at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Another close game for me but in the end I like the Vikings defense to make more stops than Jacksonville’s. 

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. Upset alert. The only thing the Vikings do relatively well anymore is play defense. That’s just not always going to be enough. The Jags defense has been improving. I think they are a young team that is hungry for an upset. They are a little banged up and Blake Bortles has more pick sixes than wins in his career. However, any given Sunday. I know I told a podcast listener to not get cute, and play the Vikings D this week. I stick to that. Not saying this will be an offense showdown and the Vikings D should do well. Doesn’t mean they win the game.  

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. This seems like its going to be a pick-6 party with Blake Bortles and that Minnesota D. 

Jets at 49ers

Dan Schalk: San Francisco 49ers. Both teams are horrendous, but the 49ers are little less horrendous at home and not travelling across the country.

Brandon Reid: San Francisco 49ers. Why not. The Jets suck pretty bad too. The 49ers should be favored by a field goal. 

Orlando Torres: San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick was on a roll until last week, even though they’ve been coming up short in games. After getting benched I expect Kaepernick to rush for 100 and throw for 250 on this Jets defense. 

Falcons at Rams

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. I think this game will be a lot closer than most predict, but the Falcons offense will do just enough to pull out the victory.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. No way the Rams can keep up with the Falcons. No scenario possible for such a thing. Boy Jared Goff sure has made a difference, hasn’t he?

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. I don’t know how in the hell Jeff Fisher got his two-year extension, but with a loss to the Falcons, the Rams will be eliminated from the playoffs. You can count on that for Mr. Mediocre.

Saints at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints struggled mightily last week against the Lions and while I don’t think they’ll fail to score a passing TD, Drew Brees will struggle again. Jameis is coming into his own and can carry his team to a playoff berth with more wins.

Brandon Reid: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This will be the first of two Saints/Bucs matchups you see in the next three weeks. I like where the Bucs are right now. Doug Martin is back. Jameis is becoming one of the best QB’s in the game. Mike Evans! Bucs are at home. They could lay an egg and screw this one up, but they should win this game.

Orlando Torres: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is going to the be the highest scoring game of the week, but it comes down to which QB will have the less turnovers, im sticking with Winston here. 

Seahawks at Packers

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. I’ll take Aaron Rodgers at home in December.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. I look forward to this one. I’m going to pull the weather card again. If it snows pretty good, that has to help the Packers. Seattle doesn’t need anymore help with their offense struggling. The Seattle defense also doesn’t face a quarterback with the check-down ability and surgical precision of Aaron Rodgers every week. I think the Packers will squeak this one out. 

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. Green Bay finally won a game, but they’ve struggled all year against teams with winning records, and this is the time of the year where Seattle plays its best football.

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Cowboys at Giants

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. The Giants have the Cowboys number, but without JPP the G-Men lack a serious pass rush. Give me the Cowboys as they control time of possession.

Brandon Reid: New York Giants. It’s hard to pick against the Cowboys anymore. I will probably get this one wrong. But I just don’t think this is a good matchup for the Cowboys. Dallas is great at stopping the run, but so is New York. The problem is New York knows they can’t run and probably won’t try too much. Dallas is near the bottom of the league when it comes to pass defense. That’s a problem in this matchup. I see this game going much like the first one did.

Orlando Torres: New York Giants. As much as I want Dallas to get their revenge, the Giants know their playoff hopes are slipping away and find themselves in a must win situation on Sunday.

Ravens at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Duh.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. Brady. Belichick. Foxboro. 

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco said the Patriots don’t intimidate him, and if you look back at the recent history the Ravens have always brought the dog fight to New England. This won’t be any different on Monday Night, but I pick Baltimore to win a tough one on the road.


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