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Week 16 NFL Picks

With two weeks to go in the NFL regular season, Dan, Brandon and Orlando are in a tight battle to find out who will be crowned #TopDog and champion. Dan has held the lead for all but one week this season, but Brandon refuses to go away and Orlando is making a late season surge. Dan and Orlando each had stellar 13-3 weeks in Week 15, while Brandon was two games behind at 11-5. Here are the updated standings after Thursday’s NFC East clash between the Giants and Eagles.

Current Standings

Dan Schalk: 139-83-2

Brandon Reid: 136-87-2

Orlando Torres: 133-89-2

Week 16 NFL Picks

Saturday Games (Christmas Eve)

Week 16 NFL Picks
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Falcons at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. Now that the Panthers are all but eliminated from the playoffs (no not mathematically) I will pick them to win their final few games. The Falcons back-to-back dominate performances aren’t that impressive to me when you look at the competition they beat (LA and SF).

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. The Panthers defense is just the same this year. I’m not sure there is an NFC matchup involving the Falcons where I’m picking the other team. Atlanta’s explosive offense moves the ball with ease and is clearly the best offense in the NFL. I got them dirty birds.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. At 6-8 the Panthers still have a shot at a playoff spot, and the only way to put that to rest is to take them out at home. The Falcons can’t rest with their record either so I do expect Julio Jones back in the lineup, and for the Falcons D to tighten up on the road in this smash mouth divisional game.  

Dolphins at Bills

Dan Schalk: Miami Dolphins. The last time the Bills lost to the Dolphins in Buffalo was 2011—Matt Moore was the starting QB. Coincidence? I think not…

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins have been on an incredible roll winning 8 of their last 9 games. Matt Moore had no trouble carving up the Jets defense last week. They ain’t playing the Jets this week. They are playing the number one rushing attack in the NFL. I like Buffalo at home. Vegas likes Buffalo at home. Plus I know it’s against Dan’s religion to pick the Bills and I need to pick up wins on him late in the season.

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill who?? That’s what Matt Moore had me saying last week as he came out and threw 4 TD’s on the Jets. I K=know it’s the Jets, but nobody saw that coming. The only concern here for the Dolphins is if their run defense can slow down McCoy.  

Redskins at Bears

Dan Schalk: Washington Redskins. Yes, Matt Barkley has looked decent, but the Redskins are still fighting for a playoff berth and losing to the Bears would end all hope.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. Carolina killed the Redskins playoff hopes Monday night, and Chicago is going to finish them off. It’s a short week for Washington and they have to be deflated. I like Matt Barkley at home with a decent set of talent around him.

Orlando Torres: Chicago Bears. Washington will have 6 days to forget about their Monday night meltdown and try to bounce back and get back into the playoff picture as they take on Chicago. Matt Barkley and the Bears however, have been playing some pretty good football, and almost upset Green Bay last week at home. I think the Bears get it done this week.    

Jets at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. It’s very clear I (Dan) am going to win the MFST Pick’em contest.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. Ditto whatever Dan said.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. Yeah this is going to be a game the Jets and their fans will want to be over as soon as possible. 

Titans at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. The Titans are showing the league they are for real and if they wanted to be treated as such—they will dominate this game.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. The Jags seem to always have the Titans number. Not this year. Their last meeting was a two touchdown spread, I look for more of the same this time. The Titans MUST win this game!

Orlando Torres: Tennessee Titans. After the beating the Titans gave the Jags in their last meeting I think Jacksonville will come out and play better defensively. Marcus Mariota is going to have a tougher time, but luckily for him all he has to do is hand the ball off to Murray or Henry, and hope that Murray can run all over them as he pleases like in their first bout.  

Chargers at Browns

Dan Schalk: San Diego Chargers. Philip Rivers will not allow his team to lose to the Browns. Simple enough.

Brandon Reid: Cleveland Browns. Maybe not a wise selection by myself but this is the Browns last home game of the year, and probably last legitimate shot at winning a game this year as they close the season out at Pittsburgh. I think the versatility of RG3 does make Cleveland more dangerous, it just isn’t translating to stats or wins, yet. Give me Cleveland, why not.

Orlando Torres: San Diego Chargers.  As much as I want to pick the Browns, because no NFL team deserves to go 0-16, but yet here they are with two games away from matching the 2008 Lions for that record. Nobody on the Browns is going to stop or match speed with Inman, Williams or will be able to rush Phillip Rivers for that matter.

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Vikings at Packers

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have come alive and the Vikings are dying. Can we say Adrian Peterson’s NFL career is over yet?

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. The Vikings are just not a good football team anymore. Indianapolis sliced and diced then. The Packers can’t afford a slip up. Green Bay is actually 15th in the NFL in rushing. They have turned the corner and the Vikings shouldn’t slow them down.

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. Thanks to Ty Montgomery stepping up and taking the full load of running back duties in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers no longer has to be running on that bad calf. I know people aren’t expecting Rodgers to fill the stat sheet because of Minnesota’s corners, but after watching Luck scorch them at their house Rodgers should have no problem if the run game were to become a problem.

Colts at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Oakland Raiders. The Colts embarrassed the Vikings last week, but the Oakland offense is light-years above anything Minnesota can dream of. I think it will be close, but Derek Carr adds to his 4th quarter resume. 

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. This should be a high scoring game. However, the Raiders defense is better, their offensive line is better, and their running game is better. Give me the Raiders at home.

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. Yes I know Andrew Luck is going to be running for his life here, as he can’t depend on his O-line with Mack and Irvin at the top of their game right now, but he’s been doing this all damn season. I’m going to stick with the Colts here to play spoiler on the road in a close game that should feature a lot of points. 

Buccaneers at Saints

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. To me, the Bucs are a batter team but that loss to Dallas last week will still linger with this club on Saturday.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. I think the Bucs confidence took a hit with the loss to Dallas. I like the Saints to just simply outscore Tampa Bay this week. The Saints last home game of the year and I expect them to put on a show.

Orlando Torres: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Two weeks ago the Saints couldn’t move the ball at Tampa Bay, if anything I believe Sean Payton has to take a page out of the Cowboys playbook and lean heavily on the run, and pressure Winston on defense. Tampa Bay on the other hand was on a streak for a wildcard spot, but will more than likely have a tough time bouncing back from a close game on Sunday Night, and heading into New Orleans.

49ers at Rams

Dan Schalk: LA Rams. I don’t know, maybe the Rams will run 100% of the time—I’m making this pick squarely because of the LA defense.

Brandon Reid: San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are bad, but I have no confidence in the Rams right now after recently going to Jared Goff, and firing Jeff Fisher. Too much disarray right now for the Rams, who were not a good team to begin with. At least there is some stability with the 49ers.

Orlando Torres: San Francisco 49ers. Time for Goff to get his first win here right? Not so fast, I know San Francisco doesn’t pose a defensive threat here, but I still prefer the Niners offense over the Rams. Gurley will get his heavy workload, but even when he was expected to go off he’s had subpar games, so until I see more from the Rams I’m sticking with the Niners to get a much-needed win here.   

Cardinals at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. Seattle at home will be too much for the Cardinals.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. The list of potential NFC Champions this year is short in my opinion…Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle. I know the Seahawks offense has been an enigma this year, but so has the Arizona Cardinals as a whole. I have faith in Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll to figure it out heading into the playoffs.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. This just has low scoring defensive battle written all over it. There’s no way the Cardinals are going to be able to depend on David Johnson to take over, and things could get ugly if Palmer has to throw a lot on Sunday. Seahawks should take care of this once at home as the playoffs come closer.

Bengals at Texans

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. Tom Savage baby.

Brandon Reid: Cincinnati Bengals. Yay for Tom Savage. Unfortunately for him, the Bengals defense is not the Jags defense. The move from Osweiler to Savage doesn’t change my opinion of Houston one bit. I think this is a road lock this week.

Orlando Torres: Houston Texans. Last week I would’ve taken to the Bengals here, but with the change at quarterback I think it has boosted the feelings and energy on the Texans team in general. It’s only been one game, but Osweiler wasn’t able to get it done time after time, and this is Savage’s job to lose. On the other hand besides Tyler Eifert, the Bengals receivers aren’t going to do much here, even if A.J. Green returns.

Sunday Games (Christmas Day)

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Ravens at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. Only reason I’m picking the Steelers is because they are at home. Complete toss-up game.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are healthy, and quite simply the better team. I like Antonio Brown to have a big day this week. The Steelers are at home, and can lock up the division. I think they will.

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. Well if these two teams are going to exchange gifts on Christmas it’s going to be punches to the face. The Steelers will look to go run heavy here, but The Ravens D is also going to tighten up in this division game. They always do, but the Steelers are just better offensively and have more weapons at disposal compared to the Ravens.  

Broncos at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. If Tony Romo were quarterbacking the Broncos obviously they would win, but that’s a season away, so I’ll go Chiefs.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. This was actually not a hard decision for me despite the Chiefs loss to the Titans last week. That’s how little confidence I have in Denver these days. The Broncos are done y’all. Time for them to start thinking about what changes they need to make for next year.

Orlando Torres: Kansas City Chiefs. Last week the Broncos defense and offense almost brawled in the locker room after the loss to New England, this week they’re going to need security forces waiting in the locker room, because this team just can’t get it going on offense, and Kansas City might have a tough day offensively, but even 14 points should be enough to get by the Broncos. 

Monday Night

Lions at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. All I want for Christmas is a Cowboys win—although after the Giants loss last night and the clinching of home field advantage, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys heads weren’t 100% in the game.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. Detroit let me down at the Giants last week so I am not predicting them to go into Big D and win. The lack of a run game this year is the Lions Achilles heel. While their pass game has been a lot more spread out this year, they are still too one-dimensional. I like them boys on Monday Night Football.

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. Detroit will have to pick its poison here. Do they stack the box and focus on Elliott to try to contain him, or do they roll out on Dez Bryant and depend on their run defense to stop Elliott?? Either way we already know Dallas is going to sit on the ball with Elliott, so Stafford is going to have to put up whatever points that the Lions can to try to come out of Dallas with a win.



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