Welcome to our weekly My Fantasy Pick’em where Dan Schalk, Brandon Reid and Orlando Torres pick all of the NFL games straight up. At the end of the season we will crown one champion of all champions. You can check all three out on the My Fantasy Podcast airing weekly here on My Fantasy Sports Talk.

Week 17 NFL Picks

We are in the final week of our My Fantasy Pick’em! Dan has proved to be a strong competitor, leading every single week this season besides one, and heading into Week 17, he holds a slim three-game lead. Will Brandon make another improbable comeback, similar to his fantasy football league championship? Or will the #TopDog award go to the man who deserves it the most—Dan of course. Then there is Orlando…..

Here are the updated standings heading into the final weekend of the regular season…

Current Standings

Dan Schalk: 149-88-2

Brandon Reid: 146-91-2

Orlando Torres: 142-95-2

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Patriots at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Both teams have locked up a playoff spot but I have more confidence in Bill Belichick and Tom Brady rather than Adam Gase and Matt Moore.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. Dan was sneaky last week. This week I’ll just say New England is a proven winner and champion, just like #NewBreid. I would pick Miami but the Patriots are playing for home field advantage so I look for a full on performance. 

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. It doesn’t matter if its week 17 or week 8, Bill Belichick doesn’t believe in resting all his starters, so even if we see Brady, Blount etc for a full half that’ll be enough damage to throw off the Dolphins. 

Jaguars at Colts

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. I almost picked the Jags based on Doug Marrone coaching for a full-time HC gig, but the Colts are just more talented—mainly at QB.

Brandon Reid: Indianapolis Colts. I really don’t want to talk about this game. Neither team is good. Jacksonville is worse. Let’s move on.

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. I know nobody wants to play the Jags right now. They’re playing good hard-nosed defense and were able to stop their division rival Titans last week from making the playoffs. Although the Colts have had a poor season I just can’t see them going 7-9, so I expect Andrew Luck to throw out whatever he has at the Jags. 

Panthers at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. The Bucs seem to be imploding and can’t wait for the season to end (looking at you Doug Martin). Give me the Panthers to sneak out a win.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have nothing else to play for but to ruin seasons. The great Dan Schalk was right many weeks ago, the Panthers will miss the playoffs. They will spoil any outside shot the Bucs have at making the playoffs when Cam has a big brother game over Jameis. Nice season for the Bucs comes to an end.

Orlando Torres: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay will treat this game as a ticket to get into the playoffs, although a lot, and I mean a lot has to happen for the Bucs to get into the playoffs. Carolina will keep it close, but Tampa pulls this off hoping they get an assist from the football gods.  

Bears at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Better defense playing at home.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. This is a case where I just think the Bears are going to come out more motivated and excited to play this game. Losses and injuries have crushed the Vikings morale. Matt Barkley is still auditioning to go into next season as the starting QB.

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. I don’t know what’s going on in Minnesota as their defense completely pulled a 180 on Zimmer and ended up getting blown out by the Packers last week, but it doesn’t give me any confidence when Barkley threw multiple picks last week and is now going into Minnesota where the defense is going to want the end the season on a high note.

Bills at Jets

Dan Schalk: Buffalo Bills. Some players are happy Rex lost his job, but more importantly most guys love playing for Anthony Lynn which will be the deciding factor in this Week 17 dudfest.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. The Jets are not going to try real hard to win this game. Guys are hurt and guys simply won’t play. The Bills got a shakeup this week and I think that is enough to have guys playing for their job. 

Orlando Torres: Buffalo Bills.  As the Bills head toward a new direction and into an offseason full of questions EJ Manuel isn’t great, but is still capable of helping the Bills get a win. 

Browns at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns got their one win, enjoy it Cleveland.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. Not this week Cleveland. You got your win, now it’s over. Pittsburgh will try hard enough to put Cleveland away and solidify that Wildcard Round home game.

Orlando Torres: Cleveland Browns. Who says the Browns can only have one win this season? Why not end the season on a winning streak. Mike Tomlin already announced that he more than likely won’t be playing Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, or Big Ben and I think the Browns can pull out one more win in a meaningless game for Pittsburgh.  

Week 17 NFL Picks
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Cowboys at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. I swear to all that is holy–if the Cowboys are winning or losing big in this game I better see Tony Romo on that football field.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. My gut feeling is that the Cowboys are not concerned about this game at all. They have absolutely nothing to play for in this one and it would behoove them to sit errbody. 

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. We won’t see all of Dallas’s starters on Sunday, but i do believe for a full half we will get to see their loaded offense, and that will be enough to prevent Philly from pulling off an upset. 

Texans at Titans

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. Matt Cassel should never start another NFL game in his career.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. Well, the Titans season started sucking real quick, didn’t it. They were in position to win the division, then travel to Jacksonville, who has had their number over recent years, lose big, and your franchise QB fractures his fibula and is out 6 months. Give me Houston (I say in disgust).

Orlando Torres: Houston Texans. Even with the Texans having the AFC South wrapped up I think Bill O’Brien won’t have his team take the foot off the gas pedal. Bill is going to want to make sure Tom Savage can get as many reps as he can especially as they head into the post season.

Ravens at Bengals

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. In a Week 17 game like this, with nothing to play for, I look at coaching–and I believe John Harbaugh will have his guys better prepared to play than Marvin Lewis. 

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. It’s hard to predict Week 17 games when both teams have nothing to play for. Let’s face it, they don’t. Cincinnati’s offense has just not been good as of late. Marvin Lewis is yet again on the hot seat. And again, he could be saved by a season in which they were decimated by crucial injuries. Maybe he gets a pass. I think Baltimore is the better, healthier team. I’ll go with the Ravens.

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens. In a game where I would probably pick Cincinnati if they were healthy, Andy Dalton is still struggling to get his young WR core going, and Brandon LaFell has been up and down.  As for Baltimore their young RB core with Dixon and West is fun to watch, and should get plenty of work in the final game of the regular season. 

Chiefs at Chargers

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a shot at a first round bye, no way they give that up to an injury-riddled Chargers team.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs need to lockup that Wildcard Round home game, or the division outright. The Chargers have closed the book on this season. 

Orlando Torres: San Diego Chargers. Will this be San Diego’s final game at home? Who knows as that conversation starts building up again. Kansas City is the better team coming into the game here, but I think Philip Rivers will round up his team to give the crowd a possible last victory in San Diego. 

Raiders at Broncos

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. I think Matt McGloin can fill in nicely for the Raiders, but he is not close to Derek Carr. The Broncos defense will cause fits in this regular season finale in Mile High.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. This just SUCKS for Raiders Nation. I would like the Raiders to grab a veteran QB that is at home right now and make a legendary Super Bowl run. 

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. Oakland will have to hurry and focus on the playoffs coming with Carr being sidelined with a broken fibula. This is the last thing Oakland and their fans wanted with McGloin leading the team, Denver will be in McGloin’s face all afternoon defensively, but with a lot riding into this game for Oakland, I think they pull of the win to lock up the #2 seed in the AFC. 

Seahawks at 49ers

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is playing for a first round bye—no way they lose to San Fran.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. This matchup doesn’t have the luster it normally has. Based on total talent, I can’t see the 49ers winning this one no matter the circumstances. 

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. Seattle had a tough time getting it together at home yesterday when Arizona came to town, but in Week 17 they couldn’t have asked for a better opponent to close out the season and get on the same page heading into the playoffs.

Cardinals at Rams

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. The Cards got hot a bit too late in the year.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were impressive last week. The Rams are…well they’re the Rams. Hope they do a WHOLE LOT BETTER with their first round pick next year. 

Orlando Torres: Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals won’t be seeing any playoff action this season, and this may very well be Larry Fitz’s last game in an NFL uniform, but that won’t stop Bruce Arians from sending out his veteran in a big way. Expect Fitz to run the offense all day, regardless of what The Rams defense throws at them. 

Saints at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is playing for something and New Orleans is waiting for the gumbo after the game.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. New Orleans is hot as of late but Atlanta is a bad matchup for them. The Falcons want to make sure they get that Wildcard Weekend bye. The Saints will fall and be in a virtual tie with the Panthers for last place in the NFC South, as I predicted before the season started. 

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons possess the most dangerous 1-2 punch duo in the NFL when it comes to RB’s. Freeman and Coleman are both capable of starting on any team, and defensively Atlanta has been probably the best unit as the season comes to an end. With a gun slinger like Drew Brees coming to town, Atlanta should be able to keep him in check preventing him from lighting up the score board. 

Giants at Redskins

Dan Schalk: Washington Redskins. I’m picking the Redskins purely based on them having more to play for.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. The Redskins are the kings of backing into the playoffs. The Giants are in. The Redskins may have the Giants number. I think this may be my lock of the week.

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. This is probably the toughest game to predict. Odell is still pounding his head on the wall from watching his team lose to Philadelphia last week, and that doesn’t give me any confidence picking the G men as they head into another tough road game.

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Packers at Lions

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. I so badly want to pick the Lions, but they have not looked great the past few weeks and the Packers are coming in red-hot.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. Everyone is talking about is this another year when the Giants make a Super Bowl run. They need to be asking is this the year when Green Bay makes a title run as the Wildcard. They have won five in a row and are averaging 30 ppg during that stretch. The Lions offense isn’t quite right and neither is Matt Stafford. Lookout for the playoff version of the Green Bay Packers!

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. Green Bay in a game where both team will see post season action, a lot is still on the table as the winner of this game will take home the division title in the NFC North. Green Bay has all the momentum heading into this game, but don’t think this is going to be decided easily, it’s going to be a nail biter. But without Detroit having a solid run game or running back they can depend on, having a guy like Montgomery and Christine Michael will favor GB here.


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