Week 4 NFL Picks

Welcome to our weekly My Fantasy Pick’em where Dan Schalk, Brandon Reid and Orlando Torres pick all of the NFL games straight up. At the end of the season we will crown one the champion of all champions. You can check all three out on the My Fantasy Podcast airing weekly here on My Fantasy Sports Talk.

Current Standings

Dan Schalk: 30-18

Brandon Reid:25-23

Orlando Torres: 22-26

Week 4 NFL Picks

Colts at Jaguars (Game in London)

(USA TODAY Sports)
(USA TODAY Sports)

Dan Schalk: Jacksonville Jaguars. Seriously Jacksonville, what’s up? No way they go 0-4. Bortles throws 4 TD passes in a high-scoring win.

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. This is where I’m picking with mostly heart over head. My belief before the season started was that Indianapolis would be at the bottom of the AFC South. Right now that team is Jacksonville who I had at the top of the AFC South. While the Jags offense has struggled so far, so has the Colts defense. The Colts are third worst in the league when it comes to points allowed. That may be the remedy the Jags need to at least get off the goose egg. Jags win at their future home.

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. I don’t know how many people are going to wake up early for this game. I’m one of those people. If not I’ll be up at 6 am chugging monsters to stay awake for this game. There’s no doubt that the Jags are a talented team, but they just can’t find a way to win. In the previous 3 meetings Indy is 3-0 against the Jags. I the Colts to make it 4-0.

Bills at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. The Pats own the Bills and I don’t see that changing no matter who lines up under center.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. I learned my lesson. I no longer pick against Belichick and the Patriots, ever! Copy and paste this response for the rest of the Patriots games this season. 

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. Seriously look, I know I should’ve learned my lesson. Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. They almost proved me wrong two weeks ago against the Jets, and they shocked a crap load of people in the week 3 beat down that they gave the Cards, but I will never EVER picks against Belichick regardless of who’s starting at QB. Pats win. 

Titans at Texans

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. I swear the Titans will start a nice win streak, and it begins this week against an overrated JJ Watt-less Texans team.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. I will not pick heart over head this time. I hate to do it but I am picking against the Titans for the first time all year. If the Raiders can shut down Tennessee in Nashville, the Texans #1 Pass Defense definitely can. I think this should be a close division battle, I think the Titans could win, but I can’t pick them to win in this scenario at this point in the season. 

Orlando Torres: Houston Texans. The Texans were a no-show last week, I don’t who the guys were in Foxborough that played on Thursday night. The Titans are a talented team, and DeMarco Murray is soaring in the league as one of the top RB’s at the moment, but it will be Houston who wins in this game. 

Lions at Bears

Dan Schalk: Detroit Lions. The Bears are in turmoil. Bad offense, bad defense, bad special teams. Detroit wins.

Brandon Reid: Detroit Lions. Black and Blue. I know this is an early proclamation but I can’t see either of these teams surviving the NFC North and making the playoffs. Bears can’t score. Lions are a better team. Gimme Detroit. 

Orlando Torres: Detroit Lions. The Lions played from behind last week against Gb in which we saw Marvin Jones explode for 200 + yards. I do think Chicago gets out of the slump they were in at Dallas, but Detroit is too much for them at the end of the day.

Panthers at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons continue to separate themselves from their NFC South rivals, winning by more than a touchdown.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. After last week, this matchup got a lot more intriguing. The Falcons have the highest scoring team in the NFL right now, by a lot. But, they have played three pretty weak defenses thus far. Their three opponents have combined to give up 276 points so far this season through three games. I’m not quite sure who the Panthers are yet this year, but I know their defense is the best Atlanta will have faced all year. This may be one of the best NFC South games all year. 

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. Minnesota straight up went into Carolina last week and stole the Panthers lunch money in front of the home crowd.  Carolina is tied for 31st for most sacks given up, that’s not going to help them win if Cam continues taking hits, and is running for his life. Atlanta comes into the game with one of the best RB committees in the game. ATL wins in a close game. 

Seahawks at Jets

(Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports)
(Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports)

Dan Schalk: New York Jets. Seattle has to travel across the country with injuries at QB, RB and on the defensive side of the ball. I like the Jets to rebound this week at home.

Brandon Reid: New York Jets. This is a pick’em. The only thing I know for certain is that Fitzpatrick will not throw six interceptions in two straight weeks. The Jets have a stingy enough defense to handle the Seahawks who are down to one healthy running back. Seattle has to travel from the extreme west coast for a 1pm extreme east coast kickoff. 

Orlando Torres: New York Jets. Fitz found his inner Mark Sanchez and was blessing the Chiefs defense last week with interceptions for everybody. Seattle won last week, but Wilson is hurting at the moment. I expect the Jets to get back to handing the rock to Forte and playing defense as they beat Seattle at home.

Raiders at Ravens

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens stay undefeated with a slim victory over Oakland at home. If this game was on the west coast I would lean towards the Raiders…but it’s not.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. Don’t look now but Baltimore is 3-0. And they have a Raiders team coming from the west coast for a 12pm east coast kickoff. So Brandon, why the hell are you picking Oakland? Because I see this game being a lot closer to a pick’em, and I think Oakland is more battle tested in this young season. Plus, I still can’t believe that Baltimore could start 4-0. Just can’t see it. This too should be a great game. 

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. Every time I pick against the Raiders they prove me wrong. Baltimore has been one of the more surprising teams this year starting 3-0, and Joe Flacco has been able to spread the ball around throwing to 9 different receivers in all three wins. But I think Oakland makes a statement and walks away with a victory. 

Browns at Redskins

Dan Schalk: Washington Redskins. I was very close to picking the Browns after their impressive loss against Miami last week. But they are still the Browns so wins are hard to come by, especially on the road.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. To say the Redskins surprised me with how well they played Dallas, then beat the Giants in New York, would be an understatement. Maybe it’s time I quit completely overlooking them in the NFC East. Based on what I have seen the last two weeks, I have to favor Washington in this matchup against Cleveland. 

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. Finally Kirk Cousins was able to help lead Washington to a hard-earned victory last week, but they will have their hands full with Cody Kessler and the Browns. Redskins win by a hair.

Broncos at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I know Denver is the better team, but there will come a day when Trevor Siemian struggles on the road, and that day comes on Sunday.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. Even though I am secretly rooting against Siemian, the Broncos are 3-0 and the defense is still a rugged bunch. The Bucs are the only team to give up over 100 points so far this season. Jameis has struggled against good defenses this year. The only way the Bucs win this game is if we get a hard Florida downpour and learn that Trevor Siemian is allergic to water. 

Orlando Torres: Denver Broncos. Jameis Winston continues to improve as a QB and passer in the league, but Denver’s defense and Trevor Siemian move on to 4-0.

Rams at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. Ready for this BOLD prediction…..The Cardinals will win this game by 30+ points after getting embarrassed last week against Buffalo.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. OK Rams…stop making me look foolish. Stop trying to believe you are good. Remember this week in the standings Rams fans, you are ahead of Arizona. Despite having scored only 46 points through three games, you are 2-1. The Cardinals show you what’s up this week! As long as this line stays in the single digits, I’m all over it. 

Orlando Torres: Arizona Cardinals. Who would’ve thought that after watching the 49ers blast the Rams on Monday night in week 1, and struggle to score in week 2 against Seattle that the Mighty Cardinals would go in to their week 4 matchup looking up at the 2-1 Rams? LA was living in the end zone last week in TB, but Arizona will bounce back in week 4 and handle the Rams with ease. 

Cowboys at 49ers


Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. I know it was against Chicago, but the Cowboys looked like a legitimate Super Bowl contender last week, and against a sub-par 49ers team nothing changes this week.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. I just don’t like the way San Francisco has punched back this year. They have completely laid down to good defenses. They are one injury away from a disaster of a season. I think this will be a close game, but I think Dak will have the poise to carry his team to a tough road win. Dallas is just the better team. 

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. Ehh I picked against my Cowboys in week 2 and they shut me up. Something tells me that this could be a trap game for Dallas. 49ers have been pretty good under Chip Kelley, and Blain Gabbert isn’t that bad at QB, but my gut tells me that the two rookies Dak and Zeke will help Dallas roll in week 4.

Saints at Chargers

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. The Saints won’t go win-less this season and their best chance at a win comes against another beat up team in San Diego. 

Brandon Reid: San Diego Chargers. Despite losing Keenan Allen, then Danny Woodhead, then Antonio Gates, I’m still rolling with Philip Rivers. They still have plenty of weapons to win a shootout type game with New Orleans. Remember my early season prediction, the Saints will be one of the very worst teams in the NFL this year. Playing away from the Mercedes-Benz Dome this week, they are staring 0-4 right in the face like California sunshine. It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day.

Orlando Torres: San Diego Chargers. This is a tough game to predict. Drew Brees is always amazing, and his WR core is superb, but they just can’t seem to stay consistent, or find ways to win at that. This game should be a close one, but SD wins it at home. 

Chiefs at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. Just like the Cardinals were embarrassed last week so were the Steelers. Look for them to come out hot en route to a double-digit victory at home.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. This is another game that after last week, I have no idea what to expect. Other than a low scoring, defensive battle that is. Two stingy defenses going at it here. I have more confidence in the Steelers offense, particularly since they are getting Le’Veon Bell back this week. I think Pittsburgh will find enough points to get it done at home.

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s baaaaaaccckk. Le’veon Bell is active after serving his 3 game suspension. While for Kansas City Jamaal Charles more than likely won’t be back for this game. Also the Steelers are at home, where they have been tough to beat the past few seasons, and I’m willing to bet money that Big Ben won’t throw six picks like Fitzpatrick. Steelers win. 

Giants at Vikings

Dan Schalk: New York Giants. I really want to go with the Vikings only because of their defense, but I see Sam Bradford playing like Sam Bradford, throwing multiple INT’s as the Giants win by a late field goal in a low-scoring affair.

Brandon Reid: New York Giants. I think the Giants eventually have to get angry over not breaking out like they should considering the weapons they have. They could be more dangerous if they play angry. It also appears they will just about have to abandon the run game with Jennings banged up, and now Shane Vereen out for the rest of the year. I understand they are playing Minnesota and it doesn’t thrill me having Eli and ODB on my fantasy team this week. But are we saying that Minnesota is going undefeated?

Orlando Torres: New York Giants. Eli better hope that he gets better protection from his big guys on the line after watching what the Vikings defense did to Cam and the Panthers offense on the road. Unlike Kelvin Benjamin, OBJ and Sterling Shepard should get plenty of looks. Sam Bradford has been pretty decent, and is doing a solid job finding guys like Kyle Rudolph and Stefon Diggs. As tough as the Vikings defense has been, and the fact they will be at home I can’t see how Eli and the Giants don’t bounce back on Monday night. Giants win.

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