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Week 5 NFL Picks

Current Standings

Dan Schalk: 37-26

Brandon Reid: 33-30

Orlando Torres: 30-33

Week 5 NFL Picks

Week 5 NFL Picks
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Texans at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have the better defense, special teams and I believe offense as well. Minnesota continues to roll.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. I am now fully convinced that the Vikings are the absolute best defense in the NFL. They have run through three playoff contenders out of the NFC. While Houston is 3-1, their offense is yet to find it’s groove. It won’t happen this week either. 

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. Welp, Minnesota made me a believer. Their defense is top-notch right now. Osweiler and that Texans offense are going to have a long day. Minnesota stays perfect.

Bears at Colts

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. I’m getting close to admitting out loud that Andrew Luck is not an elite QB, but it will wait at least one more week as they handle the beat up Bears at home.

Brandon Reid: Indianapolis Colts. This is a game between two teams that aren’t going anywhere. The Bears may be in worse shape. They have scored 14 twice and 17 twice. Their defense could keep them in the game since Indy cannot consistently run the ball. However, I think the Bears offense will find a way to lose the game.

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. This is a messy game to pick. Jordan Howard is probably the best thing going on right now for the Bears, Jeffery hasn’t been the same, and the Colts offensive line is a mess. The Bears defense doesn’t scare you, but somehow Andrew Luck will be running for his life again. Colts win.

Jets at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. Can anyone say Geno Smith? This is exactly what Fitzpatrick does EVERY time he’s on a team more than one year—turn the ball over, look bad doing so and lose consistently. 

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. I would feel more comfortable about this pick if I knew which Steelers team was going to show up, the Steelers team that got shut down by Philadelphia, or the Steelers team that just waxed a decent Kansas City defense. Now that Le’Veon Bell is back, it’s going to be harder to pick against the Steelers, regardless of the opponent. 

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. This may be Fitz’s final time to prove that he’s the guy the organization wanted in the offseason so badly, and that Brandon Marshall and other teammates supposedly would throw a fit if they were somehow stuck with Geno. Well this may very well be the case, and it won’t be much longer before Fitz is watching from the sidelines. Pittsburgh wins. 

Titans at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. Okay Titans nation, this will be the last time I pick Tennessee– if they fail me again, I can’t do it. My pre-season AFC South division winners need a spark on offense, and sadly that will not likely come until the off-season when a new coach takes over.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. This game could go either way. Both teams are under achieving based on preseason expectations. Neither team is scoring many points but believe it or not Tennessee is fourth in the NFL in rushing while Miami is fourth worst in rushing defense. That could help the Titans edge out this close game and start getting them back to where I thought they would be this year. 

Orlando Torres: Tennessee Titans. This Dolphins team is a mess. They have no identity, and you never know who is going to show up and play. Tennessee on the other hand loves to shove the ball down the opponents throats.  Tennessee wins. 

Eagles at Lions

(USA TODAY Sports)
(USA TODAY Sports)

Dan Schalk: Detroit Lions. More tape on Carson Wentz gives NFL coordinators more ability to adjust and game-plan against what he and the Eagles do well. I like the Lions is a high-scoring battle.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. I may regret this pick because Philadelphia eventually has to come back down to earth and bring Carson Wentz with them. But the numbers say you have to pick Philly in this game. The jury is still out but their defense appears to be legit after what they did to Pittsburgh. The Bears are these two teams common opponent. Detroit lost to Chicago by three, Philly beat them by two touchdowns.

Orlando Torres: Philadelphia Eagles. I’m excited about this game. I predict a lot of points to be scored, but these Lions yet again won’t be able to close out a close one. Wentz keeps the Eagles perfect.  

Patriots at Browns

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Tom Brady is back and facing the Browns. Sucks to be a Browns fan this week.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. HaHa. Very funny trick the Patriots played on me last week. But it will not work. I am still picking the Patriots in every game from here until the end of time.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. The Browns usually play New England pretty tough believe it or not. This time though not so much, Brady is already pissed off and he’s on a vengeance. New England wins easily.

Redskins at Ravens

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are one point away from being 4-0. The Redskins could have easily lost to the Browns last week. I’ll take the more talented home team.

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore is the best total defense in the league from the teams that have played four games. They are shutting the passing game down. Washington would have to have a monster day on the ground to outlast the Ravens in Baltimore. Meanwhile, the Redskins defense is not good. Even though the running game is in disarray, I trust Flacco and crew to get it done. 

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens.  Yet another tough game to predict. Baltimore is well coached, and their defense is playing is playing at a high level right now to stay in the game. We’ve seen the Redskins go into New York with their backs against the wall and pull off a victory. I just can’t see the Ravens lose back to back games here. It will be close but Ravens win. 

Falcons at Broncos

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. Defense wins championships. That is all.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. The defenses in the NFC South are atrocious. Denver on the other hand still has a pretty good one. The Falcons have been soaring as of late, but flying past the NFC South and the Oakland Raiders is a lot different from beating the Super Bowl champs in Denver.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. OK OK!! Call me crazy I know Denver is one of the best if not the best overall built team in the league, but I have a feeling the Falcons are for real this year. Regardless if Coleman doesn’t play, Atlanta’s duo has been superb, Matty-Ice and the passing game has been sensational. I will say that if Paxton Lynch plays I don’t think much changes. Sanders and Thomas will still make their plays, but Atlanta yes ATLANTA led by Matty Ice, Julio Jones, and no Tevin Coleman pull off the upset. 

Bengals at Cowboys

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. This will be Dak Prescott’s first true test facing a solid NFL defense. I think he will struggle, but the running game and defense will show up in a low-scoring victory.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. Don’t look now but Dallas is on a three game winning streak and is in a virtual draw for having the best rushing attack in the NFL. The Cowboys have also been pretty good at stuffing the run which is bad news for Cincy. I don’t think Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are going to be enough to beat Dallas in Jerry World.

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys.  Hmm now this is a game I feel that Dallas can lose. Say what you want about the Bengals, but they’re built to win games especially on the road. Dallas will be in a fist fight on Sunday, and probably won’t have no answer for A.J. Green. Dak and Zeke find a way to keep it close to set up a showdown with Green Bay. Dallas survives a scare.  

Chargers at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Oakland Raiders. The Chargers are in trouble of losing their season and team by Week 5. the losing continues as Derek Carr and Amari Cooper have a Matt Ryan-Julio Jones type of performance.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. The Chargers are trending downward while the Raiders are trending up. It seems like the injuries are finally catching up with San Diego. They have lost the last two games to Indianapolis and New Orleans, two teams that are not that good. They score a lot, but give up a lot of points. While the same can be said for Oakland, they have played a little tougher schedule so far, survived for a 3-1 record, and they just look like a good team. I cannot say that about San Diego right now. 

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. The Chargers are a joke! They blew two huge leads, lost to the Saints who were down by more than two scores, and still decided to run the ball with six minutes left in the fourth. Oakland easily wins. 

Bills at Rams

Dan Schalk: LA Rams. Okay, okay I was wrong about the Rams, but I’m not ready to say the Bills are a good team yet. Rams dominate defensively as the Bills fail to score a TD.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. I really don’t have much reasoning here. The Bills are not at full strength by any means but just shut down New England. The main reason I am picking Buffalo is because I am stubborn on my opinion of Los Angeles. I can’t believe they are 3-1 and refuse to believe they can win four straight games. That’s all I got (hands raised).

Orlando Torres: LA Rams.  The Rams yes the RAMS sit a top the NFC West at 3-1 and won’t burnout in week 5. Buffalo can’t even stick together at the moment with the locker divided over Rex’s support for Trump… Yeah. The Rams win in a blow out.

Giants at Packers

 (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. I’ll take the Packers at home, coming off a bye as the G-Men have a short week to prepare.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. The Packers are coming off the bye week and the Giants could use a bye week right now. I am holding out hope that the Giants are about to use this negative energy to explode. Green Bay has not been very good against the pass, but really good against the run. Given the former, the Giants could exploit the Packers and explode in this game, but I’m not counting on it, nor am I predicting it. 

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. This Green Bay team just doesn’t seem the same. The backfield is depleted, and this could be good news for OBJ and Shepard. However although I could see a huge breakout game for Odell with a TD or 2 still won’t be enough to put away the Packers coming off of a bye.  

Buccaneers at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Carolina Panthers are a bad football team. My pre-season prediction that they will not make the playoffs is looking pretty good right now.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. The Bucs do not have a good defense. Carolina has been struggling on offense. Both teams are 1-3. I can’t see the Panthers dropping this game at home to go 1-4. Dan’s prediction that the Panthers won’t make the playoffs may be coming to fruition, but I don’t think there is any way they finish behind the Bucs in the South.

Orlando Torres: Carolina Panthers. I won’t give up on Cam and the Panthers just yet. If they fall to 1-4 I don’t see how they keep up with Atlanta. Winston has had his struggles as well thus far into the season. Carolina wins under the bright lights on Monday night.


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