Image result for my hero academia two heroesAs the world goes crazy over Marvel heroes, I thought I’d finally take the time to look back on some of my favorite anime heroes as fans wait for a new season. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to the limited showings of the My Hero Academia movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes when it was out in theaters in the U.S. in September, you got to see Midoriya and his friends in a new setting. I want to preface this by saying that I haven’t read ahead in the manga, so my MHA knowledge goes as far as what season 3 covered.

The series creator, Kohei Horikoshi, said that the film is tied into the manga storyline that happens afterward and that he really wanted to bring in All Might’s past to the story so that’s where he was aiming with some of the film’s plot. MHA: Two Heroes was set in between season two and three of the anime. I don’t want to spoil it for those who didn’t get a chance to see it yet so I won’t go too deep into detail.

The theater was absolutely sold out and everyone was hyped before the lights went down, commenting on the cosplayers in the crowd, discussing favorite characters, etc. From the second the movie starting there was cheering and just a great energy. It’s known from the trailer that we would see All Might when he’s younger and his friend, David Shield. The scenes of their youth were cool because we’ve always seen All Might as the hero he is in his prime and now as his power decreases and he mentors Midoriya. It was interesting to see him when he was just starting out, especially in the country that influenced the names of his moves.

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Throughout the film, we saw moments of the past, which really help to build the storyline we’re given and the motivations for what goes down. I will say that the movie had great pacing and tried to include most of the heavy hitters of Class-A as best as they could. Sadly, this left a few out of the action. We see them, but they don’t fight.

One of the best parts of the film is the last half hour. There were times during the fight where everyone was gasping and cheering and I loved every moment of it. The animation was good and the way the characters display their powers was amazing because we never really get to see them go that far in the anime as of yet. It was especially nice to see them able to let loose because of the seriousness of the showdown. The film put the canon in an interesting light because we saw our young students hold their own despite knowing they’ll have to tackle villains again and the provisional licensing test later in the canon timeline.

If you love bonding moments between All Might and Modoriya, you’ll get why some fans got emotional during this film. I’m an emotional tv and movie watcher, so I teared up a little a few times. Overall, the My Hero Academia movie was awesome. The energy of the crowd coupled with the storyline and action made watching it a great experience. I can’t wait to own a copy of the film myself so I can watch it again.

For those who saw it, what did you think of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes?

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