Studs and Duds Week 2



  1. Paul George- The Pacers entered this season with an unsure aura around them. They played basically all last season without their star forward, the cleared out their long time big men, and no one was sure how Paul George would play this season. They struggled through week 1 with a 1-3 start, and George registered only one double-double and had a high game of 18 points. This week saw the potential of what the Pacers could be come through. The Pacers played five games from Wednesday to Wednesday, and George registered four double-doubles in that span. He scored 26 or more points in every game of that span, and averaged just under 10 rebounds. The team has gone 4-1 in that span putting them back in the mix as an Eastern contender.
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  1. Russell Westbrook- Week 1 saw Westbrook have a 33 and 48-point game, however, week 2 provided an even more impressive look at last year’s king of the triple-double. The Thunder split their games 2-2 but got the same great contribution from their star guard. He scored 22, 20, 21, and 22 points in those four games. In addition, Westbrook racked up 50 assists in those four games. Tuesday night saw him put up his first triple-double of the season with 22 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. The future is bright for Westbrook with Durant about to miss a few games, so be on the look out for more crazy numbers from OKC.


  1. Kristaps Porzingis- It wasn’t all that long ago that Phil Jackson was under fire for his drafting of Porzingis. It was thought he would take too long to develop and wouldn’t be able to hang down low in the NBA. Well, that talk has gone away. Porzingis has given the Knicks a much better chance of getting into the playoffs. The Knicks had five games this week, despite a 2-3 record in those, Porzingis posted three double-doubles. He was about a fingerprint away from winning the game against the Hornets when he sank a shot at the buzzer. This isn’t a real statistic, however, it is doubtful any other player has posterized as many people on put back dunks this year. If he can improve on his 39% shooting, he could become rookie of the year.



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(Getty Images)
  1. DeMarcus Cousins- This is by no means a statistical reason that Cousins falls in this week’s duds. He is here because of his attitude hindering this team. It is hard to argue with a guy averaging 24 points and 10 rebounds. However, there comes a time when a player’s ego and attitude get in the way of the progress of the team. (Insert Rajon Rondo reference here). The Kings will need to find a way to balance their superstar’s personality and George Karl’s coaching. Perhaps Vlade Divac can investigate how the Cavaliers worked around the LeBron-Blatt saga last season.


  1. Ty Lawson- Lawson looked pretty good in Week 1 for being in his first week of the regular season with his new team. His second week started out pretty good as well with a 16 point and 8 assist game. The other three games of the week he combined for 27 points and 11 assists. The last two games he has shot 18% and 27%. It is unclear what the cause of the problems are for Lawson, but the Rockets are going to need to get him over this slump to continue to be successful.


  1. Mike Conley- For a few season now, the Grizzlies have been looking to break through in the West. Their post play and defense have carried them, but it can only do so much. The main need they looked to improve was their guard play. There was glimmers of hope from Conley in the first week. He looked like he was stepping into the right mix of scoring and passing that a team would like from their point guard. He had only one game that he turned the ball over more than once in the first five. This past week he turned the ball over two or more times in all four games. He has had two games that he scored under 10 points, including a four-point outing against the Warriors. He has shot 17-60 from the field and 4-21 from three. Perhaps the addition of Mario Chalmers will give them a two-headed attack that allows Conley to improve on a dismal week.
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