As the trade deadline looms, teams are ready to make moves either to help push their team over the hump, or dish out players in return for draft picks and building for their future. The following are trade based ideas that fit needs, and helps teams.

 The first trade here, is a minor one but fills needs for both Boston and Minnesota…
Celtics receive: Kevin Martin
T’Wolves receive: Jonas Jerebko and ’19 2nd rounder
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Why BOS does it:
Kevin Martin has seen little minutes, already posting 3 DNP’s this month in Minnesota, where they’re favoring young talent or seasoned veterans. But in Boston, Martin has a chance to see more minutes and play a key role, bolstering their bench. Martin scored 22 points on Jan. 13 against the Rockets, and in December he exploded for 37 points against the Lakers. Martin would fit well with the Celtics and will help with their playoff push giving a scoring punch with the second unit.
Why MIN does it:
The Timberwolves are searching for a stretch 4, and Jerebko fits that description hitting 39.5% beyond the arc, while jacking 2.4 threes per game. To sweeten the deal, the C’s add a future second rounder that should seal the trade.
Danny Ainge isn’t done just yet, as the C’s pull off another trade, and this time forming assets together to land 2 all-star caliber player in…

Celtics receive: Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young

Nets receive: Jared Sullinger, Amir Johnson, Tyler Zeller, David Lee, ’16 1st rounder(Mavs), ’18 1st rounder pick (Bos), ’16 2nd rounder (Cavs)

(AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Why Celtics do it:

With an abundance of draft picks and young talent, Danny Ainge packages two first rounders, centered around Sullinger to land the star they desperately need in Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young to fill a loaded Celtics line up. Lopez, who is just 27, is signed for the next 3 years at $60 million. He is an offensive star, who can work the pick-and-roll or pick and pop with Isaiah Thomas and form a dangerous duo. Young, also 27, is signed to a bargain 4-year $50 million deal while enjoying another good year averaging 15.3 PPG and 8.9 RPG. Young who has a sweet touch for a PF, adds another scoring punch from and with a starting lineup of Tomas-Bradley-Crowder-Young-Lopez, the C’s have a chance to move up in the east and a team to watch who could make a late playoff push.

Why Nets do it:

The Nets are the bottom feeders of the NBA, with no sense of direction with their roster that has several veterans with little to offer. In this case, Brooklyn ships their two best players in Brooke Lopez and Thaddeus Young for a full rebuild. The Nets would receive Jared Sullinger who’s just 23, averaging nearly 10 PPG, and 8.8 RPG and will be a restricted free agent, and could be retained if he seems to fit their long-term plans. Brooklyn also gets Amir Johnson who’s been playing hot of late, as well as Tyler Zeller who is a young, bruising big man down low. But the biggest catch for the Nets is getting a first rounder in this years stacked draft class, as well as Net-ting (see what I did there?) a second rounder in 2016 and a future first rounder in 2018. The Nets all of a sudden go from a dark tunnel, without direction for their future, to receiving young talents and three picks to build for the future.

The Raptors and Bulls finally make a trade, and trade for need. Bulls bolster their wing, and the Raptors get a third star to pair with Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan…

Raptors receive: Pau Gasol, Nikola Mirotic, Tony Snell, Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich

Bulls receive: DeMarre Carroll, Patrick Patterson Bismack Biyombo, Terrence Ross, ’16 1st rounder

(USA Today Sports)
(USA Today Sports)

Why TOR does it:

The Raptors go all in here, cutting loose with Carroll who has struggled since signing his big contract to play in Toronto, Ross who is just 24, an emerging Biyombo and their first round pick. But it’s all worth it, as they get star Pau Gasol who’s putting up 16.7 PPG, 10.8 RPG and 3.2 APG for the Bulls. He could slide next to Valanciunas and form a twin towers of sorts. They also get Mirotic who is just 24 years old, at a relatively cheap $5.5 million for 2 years to bolster their bench. In replace of Ross, the Raptors get Snell who hasn’t panned out for the Bulls, and could look to see more action as a spark off the bench in Toronto. The Raptors also get back Hinrich and Dunleavy to make the money match, as one of them would most likely be bought after not long after.

Why CHI does it:

Carroll who was a key factor in the Hawks success last season, enjoyed a career year and received a 4 year/$60 million contract. But due to injury, Carroll has struggled but is expected to go back to form once healthy and be an upgrade over the slow-footed Mirotic as Carroll brings a defensive presence on the wing that the Bulls desperately miss. They also get Biyombo, just 23, who’s averaging 8.7 PPG, 8.5 RPG and 2.4 BPG per-36 minutes to play alongside the young and improving Bobby Portis. Biyombo would replace Gasol, who has been contemplating opting for free agency after the season. They also get an upgrade with Patrick Peterson, who can stretch the floor and Ross, who’s the better player and has a higher ceiling than Tony Snell who has struggled this season. The Bulls also get the Raptors’ 2016 first round pick and most importantly guarantee more minutes for Portis who has impressed in limited minutes.

Lastly is a blockbuster three-team deal, shaking up teams as Daryl Morey seems to always make an appearance during the trade deadline. And in this case finally gets his guy in K-Love, shipping D12 to Cleveland in this wild deal…

CLE receives: Dwight Howard, Ryan Anderson, Marcus Thornton

HOU receives: Kevin Love, Alex Ajinca, Mo Williams

NOP receives: Timofey Mozgov,  K.J. McDaniels, Terrence Jones ’18 1st rounder (Cavs), ’16 2nd rounder (Houston)

(Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)
(Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Why NOP does it:

The Pelicans finally trade Ryan Anderson, as well as Alex Ajinca in a three team deal. In return, the Pelicans get an upgrade at the Center position with Mozgov who could work well alongside Anthony Davis. They also get Terrence Jones, 24, who can back up Davis, and will be a restricted free agent so they can test how he works with the team for the rest of the season and decide whether to retain him or not. The Pelicans also get K.J McDaniels a young wing who plays good defense, and very athletic who just didn’t have a role in Houston. He’ll see more minutes in New Orleans and fit well in that second unit. Lastly, the Pelicans get a future first rounder from the Cavaliers and a second round pick from Houston to top the deal off.

Why CLE does it:

This trade may be a little risky, kind of crazy, but crazy enough where it just might work! The Cavaliers just fired David Blatt, and Tyronn Lue suggests he’ll use Kevin Love “better” and from the elbow. But a change of head coach, could mean a change of the roster. And the biggest change comes with shipping Kevin Love to Houston, and in return they will be receiving Dwight Howard, Ryan Anderson and Marcus Thornton. Howard would fit well with LeBron, as he’s a much better passer than Harden and unselfish where Howard could see more touches. With Howard, LeBron finally gets a true defensive big men in the paint that he’s yet to have. The Cavs also snag Ryan Anderson, who will help with the lost of Kevin Love, and bring the same stretch 4 skill at a cheaper cost who can drop 20 on any given night. Lastly, they get Marcus Thornton to bolster a lack-luster bench where he can be entered as either the 2 or 3 under a cheap veteran minimum contract.

Why HOU does it:

With Dwight on the fence on opting out early and the risk of losing him for nothing in the offseason, the Rockets swing a deal for Kevin Love. Love is locked down for 5 years, and was atop of the Rockets’ list in free agency. With Love being a stretch 4, he would help space the floor for Harden, unlike Howard who occupied the paint. With Love being the #2 in Houston, he could see more looks and possibly go back to all-star form. As well as keeping Houston in the playoff hunt alongside Harden. They also get an upgrade at the PG position with Mo Williams,  somethings they desperately need with Ty Lawson not panning out to plan, and Patrick Beverly better suited off the bench. Insert Williams, who has seen his role diminish in Cleveland after averaging 15.6 points, 4.5 assists and 3.5 rebounds in the month of November. Williams would see more minutes and could produce close to those numbers once for the Rockets. Lastly, they get Alex Ajinca who is just 27, and is signed for the next 4 years at a cheap $4.4 million to come off the bench. This also gives the Rockets project of Clint Capela on full go, as he’s proved to be capable when Howard was injured. MenaAtlantic DivisionBasketballBoston CelticsBrooklyn NetsCentral DivisionChicago BullsCleveland CavaliersHouston RocketsMinnesota TimberwolvesNBANew Orleans PelicansNews and UpdatesNorthwest DivisionRecent PostsSouthwest DivisionToronto RaptorsBoston Celtics,Brooklyn Nets,Chicago Bulls,Cleavelan Cavaliers,Houston Rockets,Minnesota Timberwolves,NBA,nba trade ideas,New Orleans Pelicans,Toronto RaptorsAs the trade deadline looms, teams are ready to make moves either to help push their team over the hump, or dish out players in return for draft picks and building for their future. The following are trade based ideas that fit needs, and helps teams.  The first trade here,...