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Yesterday EA Sports announced the new features for NHL 17. Some were already announced and talked about in the vision trailer that came out a few weeks ago, but some more detail was released about those features and also new things were talked about, check out what EA said about them below.

world cup of hockey

New Features in NHL 17

World Cup of Hockey

For the first time in EA SPORTS NHL history, play for national pride in a full International Tournament Mode. Featuring all of the official World Cup of Hockey teams, players and uniforms, take to the ice on a world stage as your national team and heroes.

Draft Champions

The new Draft Champions mode introduces the thrill of the fantasy draft with fast rounds of superstar picks. Each round challenges managers to choose the best players to build a balanced team. Immediately following your draft, take to the ice and fulfill your team’s potential by winning the Draft Championship.

Franchise Mode

Fan-favorite Be a GM mode expands to complete control of an entire franchise with the addition of unique team owners. Control your favorite team and lead them to Stanley Cup glory by managing the team and the business behind the scenes. Make game-changing decisions from player personnel, ticket prices, marketing, arena upgrades, and even relocation – all from under the watchful eye of a demanding owner with challenging goals.

nhl eashl

New Changes For Popular Game Modes in NHL 17


Progress through the all-new EASHL Player Rank System to earn badges and unlock new customization items for your players, team – and even arenas – in the most competitive and customizable EASHL ever.

Start off with a grassroots community rink and grow into an internationally renowned state-of-the-art arena that brings your EASHL team’s identity to life as home ice gets bigger and better the farther you progress.

Whether you’re in EASHL or Franchise Mode, build the home ice arena you and your team have always dreamed of with the all-new arena creator. Customize every detail from the ice surface, to the goal light, to the scoreboard and even the goal songs and FX that light up your team’s biggest moments.

You can’t judge a team by their looks, but it doesn’t hurt to look good. Use the all-new team customization tool to edit to your team’s entire uniform, including patterns, colors, patches and logos to use in season play, when relocating a team in Franchise Mode, or to build your EASHL team identity. Progress through the EASHL to unlock even more items for your team.

Be a Pro

When a player looks back at their career it’s filled with moments that they’ll never forget – their first goal, their first fight, stepping onto the ice surface for their first NHL game. Bring these moments to life-like never before in Be a Pro and other modes by celebrating the career-defining milestones that hockey players remember for the rest of their lives.


The most played mode in EA SPORTS NHL gets even better! Introducing HUT Synergy, an all-new “Team Building” system designed to challenge the way you build and play as your Ultimate Team. Pair player strengths together to create synergy in your roster and grant perks across your lineups.

The all-new HUT sets mechanic takes collecting to a new level that replicates the biggest real-world hockey moments. Collect sets to unlock rewards, including new thematic sets, to constantly build and improve your team. With Dynamic HUT Sets, if it happens hockey, it happens in NHL 17.


The ECHL makes its debut in NHL 17, featuring all 27 authentic teams, jerseys, and rosters.

nhl shooting

Gameplay Changes in NHL 17


With all-new Reactionary Save Intelligence goalies will process their position, angle and the scoring situation before committing to an athletic or technical save. New motion capture replicates the technical movements of goaltenders resulting in true-to-life stances and an ability to use their body to stay big and block versus making a reactionary save.

Ice Battles

In hockey, games are won and lost in front of the net. All-new Net Battle physics give you the ability to own that crucial piece of real-estate on offense or defense. Authentic battles, tie-ups, and stick play makes the battle for position in front of the net exciting thrilling and bruising chess match.


After you’ve buried the puck into the back of the net all eyes are on you. Bring glory and emotion to the spotlight and celebrate using dozens of all-new player celebrations that give you a variety of ways to rub that goal into your opponent’s face and bring the crowd to their feet.

Zone Battles

Feel complete control over the ice with improved tape-to-tape passing, puck pick-ups, and pivots. Manage your gap on the puck carrier and break up passing plays on defense with more responsive skating and stopping. Enhanced hit mechanics allow you to choose whether you close someone off at the boards, push them off the puck, or deliver a devastating body-check.

nhl training

NHL 17 Minor Changes

Visual On-Ice Trainer

The critically acclaimed Visual On-Ice Trainer is back and has been revamped to make improving your skill level easier and faster than ever before. Whether you’re taking your pro status to an elite level or lacing your skates for the first time, the On-Ice Trainer will perfect your play in every mode.

Coaching Feedback

Coaching tips to perfect your game are deeper and more dynamic in NHL 17 with finely tuned feedback created just for you. Work the zone defense, get the puck deep or know when to unleash to the net with the help of a personal coach designed to elevate your play to the pro level.

Gameplay Customization

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to EA SPORTS NHL, more control over game difficulty settings, rules, and details allow you to create the perfect hockey experience for your play style. Go from fast, arcade fun all the way to authentic simulation hockey and everything in between with 100-point sliders that deliver precision control over your hockey experience.

ask ea nhlAsk NHL is back for NHL 17 and some questions have already been answered. Ask NHL is where the fans can ask questions that go directly to the team members on the EA NHL team and they get answered. Some questions are answered in releases like this, but others are good questions that nobody has thought of, or something EA hasn’t told the public about the upcoming game. Here is a summary of what EA has said so far.

  • NHL 17 trailer will come out June 22
  • No stat boosts or equipment for EASHL
  • Coaching Challenges still absent
  • You can customize your teams jerseys, colors, names and more at the city you relocate to in Franchise mode
  • Frostbite engine won’t be in NHL 17, but will be in the future
  • No PC version of NHL 17
  • No GM Connected in NHL 17
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