For New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, he will never have another coach like Tom Coughlin again. But with Manning now hitting the tail end of his career, it’s time for the quarterback to face facts that he’s got to win now while he can.

As Coughlin said in his farewell press conference, he shoulders the blame for his “dismissal” as the players do. Manning was in tears to see his mentor go. No doubt, it was one of the most uncomfortable moments for the franchise quarterback. It’s up the Giants ownership and general manager Jerry Reese to give Manning the right system to play under going forward. The coach to instill that philosophy is current offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. He’s been with the team since 2014, so Manning is familiar with him, plus McAdoo has Super Bowl winning experience. McAdoo was the quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers when they won Super Bowl XLV in 2011. Aaron Rodgers was the quarterback for Green Bay at the time, and no doubt McAdoo did a great job getting Rodgers to the elite level he needed to win. The Giants would do well to let McAdoo continue to instill more greatness into Eli Manning while they have the opportunity.

Next season seems wide open for the Giants in the NFC East division. Despite the fact the Washington Redskins won the division, it wasn’t pretty and it was rather a stumbling run through the finish line. The Giants have a great opportunity to capitalize on the weak division. With Tom Coughlin expected to spurn the Philadelphia Eagles for the coaching job and the Dallas Cowboys continuing to fall short, the New York Giants must make the most of their situation. McAdoo has to repair the team on both sides of the ball.

On offense, the quarterback position is obviously secure with Manning, but every other offensive aspect needs help. The Giants have a solid running back core that can do the job but not at the elite level they need. It remains to be seen if the Giants can stir up a performance at running back that hasn’t been seen since the one-two punch of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, or the one man show of Tiki Barber. O’dell Beckham Jr. is the No. 1 receiver, but behind him, there’s great uncertainty at wide receiver. Victor Cruz was out because of injury for the entire year, and without him, the Giants clearly lacked that strong presence with O’dell Beckham Jr. originally meant as the No.2 receiver despite the fact he has No.1 playing ability. It would’ve been a win-win situation had the Giants had a healthy Victor Cruz. Reuben Randle wasn’t the receiver the Giants thought they could muster a No. 2 out of him but Randle dropped too many balls and gave too many bad performances to even give himself a secure roster spot. Tight end hasn’t seen much solidarity since arguably Jeremy Shockey. The draft may find the Giants the player they need, but until then it’s a glaring hole in the offense. With the offensive line, unless they sign elite talent, the draft may also be where they may have to look and develop an elite core. Ereck Flowers was a bright spot at tackle for the Giants, but they need to give the young man support to protect Manning.

On defense, the Giants must once again revamp every position as best they can. The defensive line needs new blood, and there’s plenty of help in free agency. Cullen Jenkins couldn’t bring the heat at nose tackle or defensive end so youth and speed are the traits needed. At linebacker, free agency seems the best place to rebuild. Von Miller will be available to highlight a big name on the market so if the players fall the Giants way to availability then they must act quickly and aggressively to secure the talent. The cornerback and safety positions have promise and players like Prince Amukamara and Landon Collins, but the Giants need more. Securing their secondary to contracts and then moving onto free agency with players like Eric Weddle, Eric Berry, and Morris Claiborne available, the Giants, again, need to act quickly.

When it comes to the Giants 2016-2017 season, it’ll be their ability to finish games that will be questioned. The Giants regular season record was marred by losses due to games lost where the Giants were leading in the 4th quarter. The record at 6-10 could’ve been much different had the Giants finished those games, and that is where all aspects of the team need to improve. Defense is more necessary than offense but as long as the Giants can maintain a strong team, limited injuries, and the ability to win the games when they count, the NFC East can be theirs.

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