Who’s got LA’s interest?

As a young LA native I’ve never had a home NFL team to cheer for. But with the whirlwind of activity and talk of a looming LA team in 2016 it’s time to take note of the three potential movers. Since 1994 no team has called Los Angeles home, but after all this time we could actually be looking at two teams taking roost in LA (sorry if you lose your team). Let’s take inventory of who could move and track their weekly progress, after all moving to a new city is much smoother if you look like a potential contender.

LA Raiders?: The Raiders have perhaps the most notorious fan base in the NFL, and a deep history in LA. They became synonymous with the city during the West Coast hip hop boom. LA Natives have been repping Raiders colors forever and despite their less than stellar history and stumbling start to the 2015 season. They’re very young and perhaps the only team that LA fans would be willing to wait for, hell most of them are already fans but soon they can rep LA and the Raiders.

Week 2 Analysis: After the “football” they played in week 1 somehow they found themselves in a shootout against the Ravens. Both teams decided to stop playing defense in a game that became far more excited than initially advertised. Raiders fans, are screaming with joy after coming out on top of such a close and exciting offensively packed game. LA fans are salivating at the offensive potential of this young team. LA interest is up.

LA Rams?: Another team with history in LA, this one further back and less connected to pop culture. There are some major heritage Rams fans in LA that root for the team solely because their parents do. Nothing wrong with that, especially with the Rams’ future looking bright. They have been progressing in the last couple of seasons, slowly but surely. IN 2015 they started off with a big win against the almost Super Bowl Champs. The hopes for their move to LA are high, and if the diminishing crowds in St. Louis are any indication it looks like they’ve already accepted the inevitable.

Week 2 Analysis: Talk about a confusing bunch. In week one they look like a team that can will their way into a tough victory over more talented opponents. In week two they get steamrolled by a team projected to win less than 3 games in the season. What are the Rams really made of? Due to the enigmatic nature of the team LA interest takes a drop. We want to know that this team is on the way up, and the first sign of that is consistency.

LA Chargers?: If the Chargers are anything they are consistent, consistently above average. Of the three teams they will have the hardest time winning over the people of LA. They would most likely need a name change lest they want to be forever known as yet another LA team that should have stayed in San Diego cough Clippers cough. I don’t care how sweet their powder blue uniforms look, LA just isn’t going to accept the Chargers. Plus it looks like their fans don’t want the team to get anywhere near Los Angeles. The Chargers would have to boast an impressive record (which will inspire San Diegons to fight to keep their team), and they started off the season correctly with a comeback victory against the Lions.

Week 2 Analysis: The Chargers prove once again that they are a 2nd half team. Down 6-14 at the half Philip Rivers and company bring the game to within striking distance in the fourth, but Rivers throws a pass that Vincent Ray intercepts to secure the five-point Bengals victory. Despite the loss the Chargers made the game exciting up until that final play. I don’t know how long San Diego is going to take to realize that football games are easier won with a lead in the 1st half.  In the eyes of LA fans I think all they’re going to see is a 1 in the L column, so LA interest takes a dip.

PS: Special shout out to the referees, they must be tired after all those whistle blows. After this Sunday week 2 has seen a total of 267 penalties called, and we still have Monday’s game to add-on to that. Credit to redditor /u/Thaddeus_Griffin for his number crunching.

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Michael Gomez

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