Welcome to our weekly NFL Pick’em. The hosts of the My Fantasy Podcast (Dan, Brandon and Orlando) pick every game straight up and crown one champion of all champions at the end of the season.

Week 12 NFL Picks

Standings after Week 11

Dan Schalk: 92-68

Brandon Reid: 99-61

Orlando Torres: 92-68

As you know, we have one “celebrity picker” each week and they will battle it out for supremacy and bragging rights. 

Celebrity Picker Standings

Graham Sweet (Week 8): 11-2

Mathew Aguiar (Week 7) 12-3

Malachi David (Week 6) 8-6

Casey Birch (Week 9): 7-6
(Week 3): 6-10

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Week 4): 8-8
(Week 10:) 9-5

Patrick Rahall (Week 5): 6-8

Week 12 NFL Picks

Week 12 NFL Picks

Browns at Bengals

Dan Schalk: Cincinnati Bengals. Don’t look below my pick because my fellow picker Brandon has straight lost his mind.

Brandon Reid: Cleveland Browns. The Browns have lost their last 27 games played on Sunday. With a loss this Sunday, they will be the second team in NFL history to start consecutive seasons 0-11. The Bengals have their own woes. They are very inept offensively and ranked dead last in the NFL running the ball. The Browns have to be more motivated to win the battle of Ohio game than any game left on the schedule. I’ll give you one more chance Cleveland. 

Orlando Torres: Cincinnati Bengals. You may glance at this game and this “oh blowout”, but both teams should put up a defensive battle. Offensively there’s nothing special here, but the Bengals come away with a close division game.

Titans at Colts

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. Hey Marcus Mariota, you wanna play like Marcus Mariota? Thanks, appreciate it.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. The Titans have never won at Lucas Oil Field. If they don’t win this one, then I concede the division to the Jags. If you’re a playoff team, you beat 3-7 teams down the stretch. 

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. A game featuring two teams who can’t run the ball consistently here. I’m pretty sure Dan and Brandon are taking the Titans here, but they’ll lose another game on the road.

Panthers at Jets

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. Yawn—next!

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. The only team the Jets have beat in the last six weeks is the Buffalo Bills. The Panthers are poised at 7-3 to get back to the Super Bowl. This game should be controlled by Carolina from start to finish.

Orlando Torres: Carolina Panthers. The Jets won’t see any post-season action again this year, and this is when the Panthers start to heat up.

Buccaneers at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are hitting their stride at the right time–let’s hope their OC doesn’t celebrate with any ‘adult beverages’.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. I feel like Atlanta’s mid-season slump is coming to an end. With or without Devonta Freeman, the Falcons shouldn’t struggle against the Bucs this week at home. This is the point in the year where a team can get a second wind and propel themselves into a deep playoff run. I have no reason to believe the Falcons won’t get clicking at the right time.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. Although the Falcons offense remains out of sync, there’s nobody on the defensive side of the ball for Tampa Bay that can give Matt Ryan a tough day, or disrupt the Atlanta offense in any way.

Dolphins at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. NEXT!

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. I can’t see the Dolphins snapping a four game losing streak in Foxborough. Although I could see this game being close. I don’t think the Patriots are legit this year and this is a tough late season division game. But I need wins in the Pick’Em standings so I have to make the smart call.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. If you’re a Dolphins fan change the channel that is all! 

Bears at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Chicago Bears. I really don’t have a chance in our pick’em standings unless craziness happens. This is craziness.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. This one really shouldn’t be close. I’m flying high with the Eagles.

Orlando Torres: Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are going to have a hiccup somewhere down the line, and if this was in Chicago maybe I lean towards the Bears for an upset with the great front seven they have and of course Jordan Howard, but I do think this is a close game with the Bears coming to town. Not close enough to give the Eagles an L though.

Bills at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. I do not pick the Bills to win football games.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. Wow. The Chiefs mid-to-late season slides are real folks. I told you weeks ago. But this is a must win, at Arrowhead. The Bills have internally combusted and killed any momentum they had. If I’m Tyrod, I sit out and tell the Bills to go with their stud rookie again, and by the way… trade me!

Orlando Torres: Kansas City Chiefs. I think the Chiefs we’re still on bye last week, now they get a bounce back game at home against the Bills who have no rhythm on offense right now.

Seahawks at 49ers

Dan Schalk: San Francisco 49ers. Look to my Bears upset pick over the Eagles for my reasoning behind this game.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are 4th in the league in passing and Top 10 in both points scored, and points against. That is a solid team that just has to play more complete games. They shouldn’t have any trouble this week against a 1-9 San Francisco team.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. I have no idea when we’re going to see Garoppolo, but regardless we already know Carlos Hyde is a stud and should have his moments against the Hawks, but other than that this game has Seattle written all over it.

Week 12 NFL Picks

Broncos at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. Two words: Paxton Lynch.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have been the most disappointing team in the AFC this year. But the Broncos aren’t too far behind. Denver comes into the game riding a 6 game losing streak. This is a tighten your chin strap game for the Raiders and salvage your season. 

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. Meh.. the Raiders aren’t who we thought they were, and the Broncos still don’t have a qb, so I’m just gonna give it to the home team here. 

Saints at Rams

Dan Schalk: LA Rams. Two words: Sean McVay

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. I am fully on this Saints bandwagon. They have won eight in-a-row, after dropping their first two games of the season. Of course their offensive numbers are impressive. They are 2nd in passing, 3rd in rushing, and scoring 30 points per game. But it is their defensive that has led to their win streak. They are ranked 9th in points against giving up only 19 points per game. This is the NFC game of the week. 

Orlando Torres: LA Rams. The Saints survived a scare last week and had a comeback for the ages, and the Rams well… they blew it in a tough road setting. But I know the Rams are way better than what we saw last week, and I don’t think the Saints come into this game pumped, lighting it up right away. I’m hopeful for a close game here, but the Rams win this at home.

Jaguars at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Jacksonville Jaguars. AP is still on the Cardinals right? Yep, they’re going to lose.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. This is one of those road games that an inexperienced team tends to lose. Jalen Ramsey will be out of the game for the Jaguars so just that one absence could be enough hope for the Cardinals to pull off a big win. 

Orlando Torres: Jacksonville Jaguars. Who’s ready for the QB battle of the year? Blaine Gabbert vs Blake Bortles!!! Jk jk the Jags defense doesn’t need Bortles since this unit is special and good enough to win games on their own, and Gabbert well he’s gonna have a long day against this furious Jags D.

Packers at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. Brett Hundley won’t be in the NFL in two years.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. This could have been one of the best games of the year. But without Aaron Rodgers, it’s not. 

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. This game was supposed to bring the fireworks between Rodgers and Big Ben, but instead we’re stuck with Brett Hundley. Pittsburgh moves to 9-2 with a blowout.

Texans at Ravens

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. Three words: I don’t care. 

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. So the Ravens passing game is dead last in the league. But there is a reason they’re a .500 ball team. One is they are collectively the 13th best rushing team in the league. Another is they only give up 17 points per game, which is 3rd best in the league. I’ll go with the home team.

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens. This game may not be worth staying up late for, but if you don’t mind low scoring games and like hard-hitting football then this game might be for you. Legatron puts this game away in the fourth. 

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