Welcome to our weekly NFL Pick’em. The hosts of the My Fantasy Podcast (Dan, Brandon and Orlando) pick every game straight up and crown one champion of all champions at the end of the season.

Week 15 NFL Picks

Standings after Week 14

Dan Schalk: 118-90

Brandon Reid: 126-82

Orlando Torres: 127-81

Week 15 NFL Picks

Week 15 NFL Picks

Eagles at Giants

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. I have the Eagles winning this game but if you think they can compete in the NFC with Nick Foles at QB you need to put down the bath salts–it’s not happening.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, whatever. The Eagles are playing the Giants and they are a mess. 

Orlando Torres: Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants are just a mess currently. No matter who’s playing qb for big blue this is a lost season, and Nick Foles is a good enough quarterback to still rack up some wins for Philly.

Bengals at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Case Keenum has been playing like Tony Romo out there.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. I don’t think the Bengals have enough gusto to handle this challenge. The Vikings are back at home, coming off a loss. 

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. It’s hard trusting the Bengals. They should’ve handled Chicago at home, and they blew it! Now facing a Vikings team who lost a close one on the road is in for yet another long day.

Ravens at Browns

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. I had a dream Jamaal Lewis beat me up with a can of sardines. Weird right?

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are a Top 10 statistical team in pretty much everything but passing, where they are 30th. But they have been hot lately and barely fell to the AFC’s best team last week. They are currently 7th in the AFC, so they are battling for a Wild Card spot. No way they should lose this one, but I’m still waiting for that Browns win. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if it happened this week. 

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens. The Browns may have yet another winless season, and Alex Collins is going to Irish tap dance all over the Browns.

Cardinals at Redskins

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. Blaine Gabbert>Kirk Cousins. AP on the bench>Samaje Perine.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. The Redskins defense is not good to say the least. But neither is the Cardinals, and they only muster 80 yards per game on the ground, which is ranked 30th in the league. This will just not be a great game to watch. But I have to pick one team, so I’ll go with the home team. 

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. Kirk Cousins deserves so much more than what he has in Washington, and even as beaten down as they are I’m still taking the Skins over the Cards.

Packers at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. I got screwed in the MFST fantasy league when a NON-PLAYOFF team picked up Aaron Rodgers on the waiver wire. For that reason and that reason alone, the Panthers will win this game.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. Aaron Rodgers is back just in time. The team is 7-6 and still has a playoff shot. If Aaron Rodgers can win out, and make the playoffs in this comeback attempt, it will be an amazing season storyline. I’m rooting for that. But I’m not predicting them to beat Carolina, who has been rolling, regardless of who plays QB for the visiting Packers. 

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. “This king is back”! That’s what DeVante Adams tweeted out the other day, and Rodgers is already saying that he’s itching to get Jordy back in rhythm. The Panthers are on a roll, but GB has to win out to have a chance at the playoffs.

Jets at Saints

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. Bryce Petty is starting at QB for the Jets. Not to be ‘petty’ but he’s not good. See what I did there?

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. The Saints are favored by 15 points this week. That is the highest spread in franchise history!

Orlando Torres: New Orleans Saints. The Jets are nothing without McCown. 

Week 15 NFL Picks

Dolphins at Bills

Dan Schalk: Buffalo Bills. It’s 11 a.m. and I must be drunk because I’m picking the Bills to win. Jay Cutler is allergic to having two good games in a row and the Dolphins are not a team that thrives in the snow—and snow is in the forecast, just look at my driveway.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. Jay Cutler and the Dolphins are coming off the biggest win either has had in years. Buffalo is coming off and amazing blizzard conditions win at home. While the current forecast doesn’t have snow in it for Sunday, it’s going to snow from now until then. So you never know, but you do know it will be cold. The Bills are pretty banged up but I’m not buying this sudden two game resurgence by the Dolphins. I’ll take the home team.

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. It would be very Jay Cutler-ish to go into Buffalo after looking good on Monday night to completely crap the bed, but the Bills don’t even have a legit QB starting for them right now. 

Texans at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: Jacksonville Jaguars. I once saw Doug Marrone at a doughnut shop in Buffalo. HE DUNKED HIS DOUGHNUT IN HIS COFFEE. Jags win.

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags are just good. They are the best team in the AFC South. They are number one in the league in rushing and defense. That is exactly how you win in the playoffs. This team could be this year’s version of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens who won games with their defense and told Blake Bortles…urr uh, Trent Dilfer, to not screw it up.

Orlando Torres: Jacksonville Jaguars. As good as Hopkins has been, he and the Texans are going to have a looong day in Florida.

Rams at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. I’m making ribs for Christmas dinner. 

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. This game is for the division. The Rams have more than surprised me this season and them being the number one scoring team in the league is frankly shocking. But Seattle can hold their own and has really put it together offensively over the last half of the season. Look for the 12th man, and heavy rain to play a part in this game. 

Orlando Torres: LA Rams. The Rams are coming in limping with two of their top db’s missing, and the Seahawks yet again will lean heavily on Wilson. Will it be enough though to give them an edge for the division title? I think not.

Titans at 49ers

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. I spoke with an imaginary Marcus Mariota and told him to throw for 300 yards and three TD’s this week. He said only if I give him a spam sandwich. A container of spam is like .99 cents. STEAL.

Brandon Reid: San Francisco 49ers. Told my fellow Titans fans last week…this team is very mediocre. It’s going to be hard to fire a coach that wins 9, maybe 10 games, but Mularkey is not the answer. The wrong move was made to let Whisenhunt go before Ruston Webster. This team is showing grit, but they are falling into wins. They just didn’t turn the corner this year. Maybe Mariota needs another year of rehabilitation and skills sharpening. Corey Davis got acclimated way too late. It seems as if they are lacking a true field leader. A direction. An identity. All that to say I’m predicting them to fall this week on the west coast. 

Orlando Torres: San Francisco 49ers. Fire up Jimmy G and Robbie Gould! The 49ers are no longer to be taken lightly.

Patriots at Steelers

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. This game will not be close. The Patriots are dog trainers and the Steelers are the bitch.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. This is it. The AFC Championship game. The number one and number two passing attacks in the league. New England will stall out one too many times in the rain, and the best team wins. This one is for Bubby Brister. 

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. Could this be a preview of the AFC Conference title match? Possibly, but for now both of these heavyweights are fighting for the #1 seed, and after getting embarrassed by the Dolphins on national TV, expect Brady to get back on track with Gronk back in the lineup to makes things interesting.

Week 15 NFL Picks

Cowboys at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are the class of the NFC. Laugh all you want, but I bought a can of spam on sale, so you know, Cowboys win.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. I’m looking at Jack Del Rio trying to sort out why this team flamed out and hasn’t had any enthusiasm this season. I predicted them to make the Super Bowl and they had a great chance in a fairly weak AFC this year. Not to mention, the AFC West was/is completely up for grabs. With a gimpy Amari Cooper, I just don’t think they outduel the Cowboys in this one. 

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. All Dallas has to do is win one more game and they get Zeke back–finally after serving his six game suspension. The Cowboys have looked good after a rocky outing, while Oakland seems to be trailing KC and the Chargers in their division.

Falcons at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Desean Jackson will score two 50+ yard touchdowns because he’s on my fantasy team and my dog told me so.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are gearing up for that playoff push and run. Dirk Koetter is on the hot seat. The spread is only six for the Falcons, but I don’t think this game will be close and would consider it a big upset if Tampa Bay won.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. Looking at Atlanta’s numbers it’s kind of hard to imagine that they are where they are. Matt Ryan and the rest of the team are in a slump, but the Bucs never looked like they were ready for the season to even begin.

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