Welcome to our weekly NFL Pick’em. The hosts of the My Fantasy Podcast (Dan, Brandon and Orlando) pick every game straight up and crown one champion of all champions at the end of the season.

Week 4 NFL Picks

A dreadful week of picks last weekend did not see a single “picker” get above .500–here are the updated standings after Week 3.

Standings after Week 3

Dan Schalk: 27-20

Brandon Reid: 28-19

Orlando Torres: 25-22

Our “Celebrity Picker” from last week stands atop the “celebrity” standings, mainly because he’s been the only to submit picks so far–that should change this week…

Celebrity Picker Standings

Casey Birch (Week 3): 6-10

Our Week 4 “celebrity picker” is no other than our resident soccer expert Dillon Davis-Tirado–let’s see how he handles American Football picks…

Week 4 NFL Picks

Week 4 NFL Picks

Saints at Dolphins (Game in London)

Dan Schalk: Miami Dolphins. The Saints defense is still the Saints defense. Smokin’ Jay Cutler was just Jay Cutler last week, but I expect a turnaround against a poor secondary. I’ll be hopping on the Dolphins offense in DFS this week.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. I am not picking any team that got beat by the Jets 20-6. Sorry Miami, the offense hasn’t been there, and I don’t see any quick turn around, despite playing the porous Saints defense. If the Jets can manage 20 against the Dolphins, Drew Brees could manage 40. The Saints are favored by 3. 

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. The Saints are hurting on defense with Latimore missing here, and the Dolphins are also hurting on defense which should lead to Brees carving them up the middle. I expect a bit of a shootout, but Jay Ajayi is going to be the hometown hero here in his hometown.

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): New Orleans Saints. If Miami’s running game doesn’t kick back into gear, New Orleans can handle Miami. Brees is a proven product he can get scores so let’s see how he does it.

Panthers at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Cam Newton isn’t healthy and Tom Brady is, despite what Brandon thinks will “eventually” happen.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. Since I had such a horrible week last week picking games, I have to play it smart on this one. I can’t pick against New England at Foxboro. Although I do think the Patriots defense is garbage this year and Christian McCaffrey could have a breakout game. The line is Patriots by 9.5. Do not buy that. Carolina has a chance in this game.

Orlando Torres: Carolina Panthers. Unlike last week’s game with the Texans I don’t expect this game to be as high scoring, but I do see another close game in Foxborough. Cam has been struggling and we know what the Pats can do with Tom Brady alone, but the key to this game is the Panthers defense which should give Brady a tough match up and the run/pass game with McCaffrey. Another down to the wire game and in this one give me the Panthers with the road upset. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): New England Patriots. Even with the Patriots defense being unreliable, Cam Newton is a liability at QB. If the Patriots can rush and execute solid blitz plays, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Jaguars at Jets

Dan Schalk: Jacksonville Jaguars. I was leaning towards the Jets, but counting on them to win two games in a row is a tall task. Give me the Jags ferocious defense to change the game and pull out the victory.

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. After a week of sitting the Jags defense, I paid the price. I expect them to have a monster game this week against the Jets. Fournette is already having a great start to his NFL career, but this could be his biggest game yet. The Jets come into the game ranked 7th worst against the run. A lot of Fournette, and a lot of sacks coming the Jets way. 

Orlando Torres: Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jets finally got a win last week, and this week they host another AFC opponent who presents a tough matchup. The Jets will win at least five games this year, but I like the Jags here to keep their streak up.

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): New York Jets. I think this will be a very close game coming down to the end. Both teams are riding momentum of big wins into the Meadowlands but with home field advantage, that gives the Jets just enough edge. Remember, Jacksonville is coming back from a London game!

Week 4 NFL Picks

Titans at Texans

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. This is the type of game Tennessee has lost in years past, and even though I think they will easily win the division, this game will not be good for them. At home, Houston’s defense will do enough to contain Mariota AND Deshaun Watson will stake his claim as a premier QB alongside Marcus in the AFC South.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. The Titans are about to go 2-0 in the division. I said weeks ago that the Titans success this year will be in the division. The Texans defense is not what you have come to expect from them. They gave up 29 to the Jags, and 36 to the Patriots. J.J. Watt doesn’t have a sack this year, and Brian Cushing is a cheater so he isn’t eligible to play. It’s a new day in the AFC South, and the Titans are the team to beat.

Orlando Torres: Houston Texans. This is going to be a close game for me. The Texans showed heart in their close game with the Pats and as the weeks go Deshaun Watson is looking more and more like the right man for Houston. The Titans will win the South at the end of the season, however I like the Texans to spoil the fun here. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Tennessee Titans. It will be a close one, but Houston is just a step behind the Titans in what they can produce on the field.

Steelers at Ravens

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore was embarrassed last week and I expect them to come out firing on Sunday–oh and Big Ben is Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice on the road—that’s not a good thing.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. I really have no idea which team has it more together right now. I do know that Pittsburgh’s defense is better with the second fewest passing yards allowed this season. And Baltimore cannot rely solely on a run game. Pittsburgh is favored by 3, Baltimore is at home. With a win, Baltimore would go to 3-0 in the division. That would be a big statement win. 

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens. Should be another classic hard hitting game between these two rivals who have absolutely no respect for one another. I know the Ravens got beat down by the Jags, but in a division game in which Big Ben struggles on the road I’m going with the Ravens here.

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Pittsburgh Steelers. Both suffered bad losses the previous week, so they’ll be a little extra animosity this week between these two bitter rivals. Steelers have the edge even on the road due to Baltimore having to make that long trip back from London.

Bengals at Browns

Dan Schalk: Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals almost got their first win last week, but fell short in OT. That won’t happen this week as Joe Mixon is about to be unleashed.

Brandon Reid: Cleveland Browns. You should know by now, but Cincinnati is on my naughty list. They have made me look foolish this year with my preseason predictions. Three of the Browns losses this year have been by a field goal. I do not feel like this is the same old Browns team. I think it’s cruel that the Jets have a win already, and the Browns don’t. The Bengals offense is sickening right now having only scored 33 points in three games. Another field goal spread favoring the Bengals. I’m not buying it. The Browns have some great young talent and at 0-3, it’s time to let em loose.

Orlando Torres: Cincinnati Bengals. Ehh I want to say the Bengals come in and mop the floor with the Browns here but the Bengals are no stranger when it comes to crapping the bed. But with offensive changes I’m cheerfully looking forward to a Joe Mixon breakout game. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Cleveland Browns. This wouldn’t be much of an upset as Cincinnati is completely useless this year. Dalton is missing his touch and the Browns have the ability to capitalize on that. This could be a blowout that would shock the fan base.

Lions at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Whoever plays QB for the Vikings, it won’t matter. That defense will hold Matthew Stafford in check as they take home the home victory.

Brandon Reid: Detroit Lions. Detroit has impressed me as much as any other team this year. The offense came out clicking from the get go. A four point loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Falcons is nothing to hang your head about. Minnesota, particularly Stefon Diggs, will not be able to keep this pace. Their offense is just not that good. This is a game of highs and lows and the Vikings will eventually fall apart like they did last year. The Lions are averaging just over 28 ppg this year. Detroit will take this classic black & blue division matchup. 

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. The NFC North could the only division this season with 3 teams possibly making the playoffs, but on this Sunday it’s going to be a long day for Matt Stafford and the Lions finding their way back home with the Rhodes closed! 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Detroit Lions. The Lions are better as long as Stafford is on the field. The Vikings have a problem with QB even if Case Keenum played brilliantly for him. He hasn’t proven he can put up even decent numbers weekly on a consistent basis. This team would need Sam Bradford back to have a chance at this game.

Rams at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. The Rams are an improved team, but they aren’t on the Cowboys level.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. Two different weight classes here. Congratulations Jared Goff on looking like an NFL quarterback so far. Dallas is favored by 6.5. Easy money right there.

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. Dallas clearly isn’t the same team from last year and it’s showing. They lost pieces on their o-line and the defense is still somewhat green in the young season. The Rams with Goff are an upcoming team building their chemistry as the weeks go, but Goff won’t be good enough to put the Boys away at home here. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Dallas Cowboys. Coming off a needed win in Arizona, Dallas will need more from Elliott. Prescott is better than Goff at the moment, so the QB battle between them should favor the game for Dallas regardless of another subpar game from Elliott.

Bills at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. This game will be over the halftime. Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense will be too much for a solid Bills defense.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. If you have read this far, you know that I am predicting the Falcons to redeem themselves, and win it all this year. For the Bills, it’s going to be hard to beat Matt Ryan when you yourself cannot pass the ball and score points in bunches. 

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. The Bills have been pretty solid for what they have however besides McCoy and Tyrod, there’s not a pass-catcher yet alone a play maker possibly besides Charles Clay that gives me enough confidence to take them in a second upset here.

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Atlanta Falcons. There’s not much reason to side with the Bills on this one. Beating Denver is nice, but beating an undefeated Atlanta is too tall a task.

Eagles at Chargers

Dan Schalk: LA Chargers. Okay, last time I pick the Chargers this year if they fail me again. They can’t seem to close out tight games despite having a ‘franchise QB’ in Philip Rivers. This team is too talented to go 0-4.

Brandon Reid: LA Chargers. The only reason I’m going with the Chargers is because they are home, and have the better running back by far. But I am a believer in Philly this year. Carson Wentz will last a while in this league. The line is 2.5 for LA. I think this will be a last possession game.

Orlando Torres: LA Chargers. The Chargers are wishing they never left San Diego because they have no real home field advantage this year. The Eagles should make an interesting game against the Bolts, but I’m going to trust that a shaky Philip Rivers can get the ball to his pass-catchers here. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz is beginning to become a good starter for the Eagles. They can even afford to lose Sproles because Smallwood is a great filler. The Chargers have the ability to put up a good fight but they’ll fall a little short of an Eagles team with momentum on their side.

49ers at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. The Cards gave the Cowboys a fight on Monday night, but aren’t on the same level. The 49ers are on that level and I think it will be a close game, but at home–the Cards win.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. I really want to pick San Fran here because I think Arizona’s season is lost. But after watching the Monday Night game, man Arizona is fun to watch. They throw deep, a lot. But San Francisco is at the bottom of the league in sacks. So if the 49ers can’t put pressure on Carson Palmer, I’m not sure they can pull this one out. 

Orlando Torres: Arizona Cardinals. Both teams are good here, and Carlos Hyde if healthy is a true RB1. But I like the Cards bouncing back here and getting a win in the desert. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): San Francisco 49ers. The Niners can upset the Cardinals at home. They went on a bender against the Rams last week and proved they’ve got the ability to score high. The Cardinals have a tougher defense but it’s not tough enough to overcome offense like the Niners had last week and can duplicate.

Giants at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: New York Giants. The same reasoning I picked the Chargers to beat the Eagles, I am picking the Giants to beat the Bucs. This team is too talented to go 0-4.

Brandon Reid: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’m not even hesitating on this one. The Giants offense SUCKS! Everyone is talking about how bad Cincinnati has been but the Giants have only scored four more points than the Bengals. The Giants have zero running game and their defense is not living up to the hype. The Bucs offense is versatile, and they are at home. Tampa Bay is favored by 3. Bucs win and Ben McAdoo is on the hot seat.

Orlando Torres: New York Giants. This is a tough game to predict. The Bucs should be pissed off here after getting blown out by the Vikings, but the Giants are going to be another wall for the Bucs on defense, and unlike Winston, Eli doesn’t have the arm strength he once had. I refuse to believe that Eli let’s his Giants fall to 0-4, so because of that I got the Giants winning here.

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Giants are just bad period. Odell isn’t making them any better. It would be hard to go against Tampa Bay at home.

Raiders at Broncos

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. I don’t read too much into Denver’s loss to Buffalo last week–they are a different team on the road. This game being at home, I give the Broncos and the better defense an edge.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. I am still not a believer in Denver this year. And while they have looked like I am wrong most of the year, what the hell was that Buffalo game all about? Oakland is the for real Super Bowl contender, Denver is not. Still not sold on Siemian, and the Broncos are ranked 20th in passing. Don’t be surprised when you see the Broncos collapse this year.

Orlando Torres: Denver Broncos. Both teams are coming off embarrassing losses, but the Raiders were the ones who were the butt end of the joke after Sunday. Going into Mile High with a banged up Crabtree and underperforming Cooper I’m not sure if Derek Carr can make up for last week’s poor performance in Denver.

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): TIE. Not the ideal choice but these teams are so even. The losses they both came off last week, doesn’t give a side an edge. Home field for Denver could help but let’s go ahead and take a chance on a tie.

Colts at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. If this game was in Indianapolis, I would pick the Colts–that tells you how I feel about this extremely overrated Seahawks team. They aren’t playoff caliber and even with this win, they’ll be lucky to get seven wins this season.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. I know Seattle has started slow offensively, much like last year, but they still have the makeup of an elite team. There isn’t too many times this year that I’ll pick the Colts. They will finish in last place of the AFC South. Jacoby Brissett, welcome to the NFL. It’s going to be a long day for you son. Seahawks win easily.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. Give credit where it’s due and that’s to the Colts defense who have played okay as of late. Russell Wilson is heating up, but more importantly Carson should get a heavy dose of carries here to unbalance the game in Seattle’s favor. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Seattle Seahawks. This isn’t that hard to pick. Enough said.

Redskins at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. I haven’t figured out the Redskins yet, and until I do I’ll pick against them on the road in one of the most difficult stadiums to play—Arrowhead.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. This is exactly the type of game the Redskins have been ruining my picks in the last couple of years. I still think that  Kirk Cousins is looking around for Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. If the Redskins can go into Arrowhead and win a Monday Night game, I will be shocked. 

Orlando Torres: Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah no I don’t like that. Not this week. Captain Kirk and the Redskins looked phenomenal last week, but going into Arrowhead I want no part of Washington here. 

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Celebrity Picker): Washington Redskins. This is going to be a great Monday night matchup. Should be a score fest and a battle of two QBs who have something to prove as both should have new teams at the start of next season.


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