Welcome to our weekly NFL Pick’em. The hosts of the My Fantasy Podcast (Dan, Brandon and Orlando) pick every game straight up and crown one champion of all champions at the end of the season.

Week 6 NFL Picks

Standings after Week 5

Dan Schalk: 40-37

Brandon Reid: 42-35

Orlando Torres: 41-36

As you know, we have one “celebrity picker” each week and they will battle it out for supremacy and bragging rights. Our Week 5 celebrity picker, Patrick Rahall came up short in his attempt to dethrone DDT from the top spot.

Celebrity Picker Standings

Dillon Davis-Tirado (Week 4): 8-8

Patrick Rahall (Week 5): 6-8

Casey Birch (Week 3): 6-10

Our “celebrity picker” for Week 6 is sports writer Malachi David….

Week 6 NFL Picks

Week 6 NFL Picks

Bears at Ravens

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. I’ll take the better defense facing a rookie QB.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. The Ravens inability to pass the ball will eventually catch up to them. Something isn’t clicking this year. I believe the Bears have more weapons, and now have a young quarterback eager to get back out there after tough loss on Monday night. The Bears have lost to all playoff caliber teams this year: Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, and Minnesota. The Ravens defense will look a lot better for Mitchell Trubisky. 

Orlando Torres: Baltimore Ravens. Trubisky deserves better than John Fox, Kendall Wright, and the remaining of his pass-catchers. The rookie is thrown in to perform against back-to-back top tier defenses. The Ravens are nothing to gloat about offensively, but it’ll be enough to win.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Baltimore Ravens. I have to go with Baltimore here. The Bears are going through a transaction to a rookie quarterback which won’t help them. Joe Flacco is bound to start to look like his old self and should be able to handle Chicago’s defense.

Packers at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. The Vikings did not look good Monday night against a weak Bears team. Without a healthy, solid QB that Minnesota defense can only do so much.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. The Vikings cannot keep getting away with throwing to Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. Believe it or not their pass defense is ranked in the bottom third of the league. They simply won’t be able to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Pack.

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. The Packers facing the Vikings have been the more entertaining rivalry lately rather than the Bears/Packers. Their last meeting from last season was a high scoring affair, and even without Bradford I like Keenum to keep this game close at home, but it won’t be enough.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Green Bay Packers. Go Pack Go! They have one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. That alone makes them a favorite. The Vikings best chance was Dalvin Cook and now their top offensive threat is gone. Green Bay has this one easily.

49ers at Redskins

Dan Schalk: Washington Redskins. I was seriously considering picking the 49ers here, but I think Kyle Shanahan is trying to get too cute playing Matt Breida more than Carlos Hyde—give your more talented back the rock—simple as that. I don’t think he’ll do that so I’ll go with the Skins.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. It’s going to take 30 points to beat the Redskins at home. I don’t think the 49ers can do that. Washington is favored by 10.

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. SF have been competitive in games, but just can’t finish and give up too many big plays. Washington wins easily off their bye.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Washington Redskins. The Redskins shouldn’t have an issue with the 49ers. Kirk Cousins could have himself a field day against the poor San Fran team.

Lions at Saints

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. The Saints had a week off, a week to prepare, a week to get healthy. The Lions lost a slug-fest to the Panthers and Matthew Stafford is banged up. Give me Who Dat.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. This one could go either way. I don’t have a strong opinion on it. The Saints tend to play a lot better at home, maybe more so than any team in the league. I’ll go home team.

Orlando Torres: New Orleans Saints. The Lions offense is legit, but until last week the Panthers got the best of them, and with Brees coming off a bye and Snead being back in the lineup I’m calling for Brees to hand the Lions a consecutive loss.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): New Orleans Saints. I am a firm believer that the Lions biggest threat to success is themselves. So I’m picking the Saints. Especially with this game being in New Orleans, I just think the Lions are going to trip over themselves.

Dolphins at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons coming off a bye will beat down Smokin’ Jay and the Dolphins. 

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. The Bills banged up Atlanta a little bit but I think the Falcons have that out of their system. The Dolphins may have the worst offense in football. I can’t see much of a chance for Miami to steal this one inside the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. The Dolphins are a mess, and Jay Cutler shouldn’t be playing football. That is all. 

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have been slipping a little in the minds of many. However, it would take a lot to not pick them at home against a bad Dolphins team. ATL all the way!

Browns at Texans

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. I bet the Browns wish the had Deshaun Watson instead of DeShone Kizer.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. The Texans, more specifically Deshaun Watson, have really been clicking as of late. The Browns let me down by not beating the Jets, so I cannot pick them in another game this year. So this will probably be the week they win the way my season has gone.

Orlando Torres: Houston Texans. The Browns deserve more credit for what they get. They’re good defensively, and Hogan is looking good at QB, but overall Cleveland is still a young team looking for their chemistry.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Houston Texans. I so badly want for the Browns to win a game and I think Chris Hogan gives them their best chance… That chance just isn’t this week against the Texans. The Texans will defend their home and come away with a win.

Patriots at Jets

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Duh.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. …any questions?

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. What world are we living in where the Pats are at the bottom of the standings defensively, and Josh McCown going deep to Robby Anderson is an absolute possibility. Also Brady is dealing with an ac joint sprain to his non throwing shoulder, but no way the Jets win 4 straight.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): New England Patriots. Tom Brady. Nuf said!

Buccaneers at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs are younger, faster and are the overall better team. Don’t even get me started on that AP trade. Dumb.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. I’m not so sure the Bucs are a playoff caliber team. They are giving up 309 ypg through the air. That’s not good when you are playing Carson Palmer and the Cardinals who go deep more than any team I have seen in a while. I believe the Cardinals are going to torch the Bucs and have a great offensive day. 

Orlando Torres: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  If you truly believe that Peterson is going to find the fountain of youth and go into a new offense and make an immediate impact will WAKE UP. Because he’s not, and the Cardinals still won’t be able to run the ball.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Cardinals now have Adrian Peterson. Unfortunately, one mediocre player can’t help a mediocre team. The Buccaneers will win this one.

Rams at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: LA Rams. Jacksonville was impressive last week, but they had a lot of lucky bounces go their way–they won’t get that lucky two games in a row.

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville has the 3rd stingiest pass defense in the league. This unit is making plays. Todd Gurley may run all over them, but I don’t trust Jared Goff to go into Jacksonville and play mistake free. If the Jags defense gets a little help from the offense, they’ll take this one.

Orlando Torres: LA Rams. Surprisingly I don’t think anybody saw the Jags dismantling Pittsburgh at home last week, and although they return home to host the Rams I’m going to continue to stick with them and McVay here. Sure it’s best if Goff doesn’t throw here, so expect a battle between both RB’s.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): LA Rams. The Rams will look to bounce back after last week. I do believe they are a playoff caliber team and will win in Jacksonville.

Chargers at Raiders

Dan Schalk: LA Chargers. I am making this pick assuming Derek Carr will not be playing in this game. Philip Rivers looks like he lost a step, but I am not a fan of this Raiders team everyone jumped on as Super Bowl favorites this preseason.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. The Raiders slide ends now. It’s put up or shut up time. Derek Carr will start for the Raiders which makes this pick a little easier. I do think the Chargers could steal this division battle, I’m just not predicting it. 

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. The Chargers continue their tour of road games regardless of where there at even at home, and being that they won last week I’m gonna assume they loose another four straight.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): LA Chargers. Both of these teams have been disappointing to say the least. I am going with the Chargers to pull an “upset” here. I think they have what it takes especially with Melvin Gordon becoming a better player each week.

Steelers at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. I don’t expect the Chiefs to remain undefeated that much longer and I thought of picking the Steelers here, but I think they have a lot of problems off the field that severely hurts their chances of taking down the best team in the NFL currently.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh has the best pass defense in the league by a wide margin. They have only given up 698 passing yards through five games. Kansas City is towards the bottom of the league in that category. I still believe in Big Ben, AB, and Le’Veon. Not saying I think the Steelers are the better team, only that they are due for this win, and the Chiefs are due for this loss.

Orlando Torres: Kansas City Chiefs. Clearly one of the best games in this slate. I really hope Big Ben has regained some confidence in himself and his arm, because the Steelers need him to play big here. Alex Smith on the hand has no problem stepping up when his team needs him to, and he’s easily a favorite thus far for MVP.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs continue to surprise and the Steelers continue to disappoint. The Chiefs will solidify themselves as the AFC best when the beat the Steelers. They are just on fire right now.

Giants at Broncos

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. Let’s see, one of the best defenses and pass rushes against one of the worst offensive lines I can remember. Good luck Eli, you’ll need it.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. The Giants offense under Ben McAdoo makes me sick. And now he doesn’t have any players left. This will be ugly.

Orlando Torres: Denver Broncos. Welp whoever is healthy enough to suit up for the Giants on Sunday night still won’t be enough to pull an upset on the Broncos.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Denver Broncos. I am now convinced the Giants will not win a game. That may be a stretch but they for sure will not beat the Broncos in Denver.

Colts at Titans

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. My fantasy team and the Titans as a whole hope Mariota comes back this week because Matt Cassel wouldn’t start on most JV High School teams. 

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. I refuse to believe the Colts can beat the Titans in Nashville this year. If the Titans lose this one, we are right back to the drawing board trying to figure out what is missing.

Orlando Torres: Tennessee Titans. I’m not too sure how Mariota is feeling, but I’m certain it’s not 100%. This match up would be so much fun is Mariota and Luck were healthy, but Brisett is playing at a good enough level to keep the Colts close in games and he even closed a few out. The Titans defense and run game will be the key here to their victory on MNF.

Malachi David (Celebrity Picker): Tennessee Titans. This is tough but I’m taking the Titans just on a gut instinct.


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