Things are heating up in the National Football League, as teams vie for a spot in the playoffs. With each passing week, we learn more and more about each team and, by this point, we are starting to have a firm grasp on who these teams are.

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The Falcons are just Turrible:

What happened to the explosive team that was running through the league as one of the few undefeated squads? Gone are the days of an Atlanta offense that is putting up tons of points and massacring opponents. The Falcons are currently in the midst of a five game losing streak, a streak in which their competition hasn’t put up more than 24 points in a game against them. This tells us a lot about where the issues lie in Atlanta and it’s surprisingly not with their defense. Don’t get me wrong, the Falcons defense significantly lacks the clutch gene, but they certainly haven’t been torn apart. During this streak, the offense, specifically Matt Ryan, has been anemic. During these five games, Ryan has thrown five interceptions. Unfortunately, the road doesn’t get any easier for the Dirty Birds. They get Carolina’s defense twice and will likely get into shootouts with the Jaguars and Saints. They should beat the Jags and Saints, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this losing streak extends to nine to close out the season. Charles Barkley disapproves.

The Bengals are the Best Team in the AFC:

I know, breaking news right? While this proclamation isn’t surprising in the moment, it does say a lot about how this team has improved and how damaged the rest of the AFC is. Let’s start with the Bengals. Cincinnati has been rolling as of late, crushing the bad teams on their schedule and either beating or keeping it close with the good ones. Their offense is one of the most dynamic in the league with weapons such as A.J Green and Tyler Eifert for Andy Dalton (whose been on fire this year) to throw the ball to. Their defense has also been very solid, maintaining the leads that their offense often gives them. With a very winnable slate ahead of them for the rest of the season (a clash against Denver should determine the #1 seed), the Bengals are poised for a bye in the playoffs. This is particularly important, as teams such as New England and Denver continue to deal with various injuries keeping them from reaching their potential. It’s often said that the healthiest teams go the farthest in the playoffs, and the Bengals are set up to be that team.

Tom Coughlin Needs to Go:

Quick Riddle: How many times do the Giants have to blow an important game due to poor play calling for the Giants brass to turn its attention to Tom Coughlin? Don’t think too long, because the answer clearly hasn’t revealed itself yet. The reason behind the Giants deciding to go for it on fourth and goal in the fourth quarter while up 10 are beyond me. Let’s play this out. If the Giants take the 3 points in that situation, they go up by 13 and force the Jets to score two touchdowns. Sure, a 17 point lead forces the Jets to score three times, but the downside is so high that it could cost you the game, which it did. A lot of this falls on the head coach, and its time for Tom Coughlin to leave New York once and for all. It’s clear that Coughlin lacks the ability to inspire his players anymore, as the Giants have been a passionless bunch since their last Super Bowl win. Many will turn to those Super Bowl victories as reasons for Coughlin to stay, but aside from those miracle runs, Coughlin’s tenure with the G-Men has been mediocre at best. A new coach would do wonders in New York.

Jaguars Might be Something… Someday:

Although the matchup meant very little for potential playoff spots, the clash between the Jaguars and Titans on Sunday turned out to be one of the most exciting of the weekend. The largest thing I took away from this game, from the Jacksonville side at least, is that the Jaguars have the potential to be a legit playoff contender in the future. They have a very talented nucleus at the three core positions on offense. Blake Bortles is an improving QB and legit starter, TJ Yeldon is an above average runner and pass catcher, and Allen Robinson is probably already a top ten talent at the wide receiver position. They have the ability, as they’ve shown multiple times this year already, to put up tons of points and its very likely that the rapport between these three athletes will grow over time. More rapport usually means more output, so I’d expect even better offensive production from this trio in the years to come. However, the poor play of the defense puts a significant cap on the potential of the Jaguars. With improvement to this unit, the Jaguars could easily be a playoff team in the years to come. KirbyAFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC WestAnalysisFF AnalysisFootballNFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC WestNFLNFL PicksRecent Posts#Giants,#Patriots,bengals,falcons,Jaguars,tom coughlinThings are heating up in the National Football League, as teams vie for a spot in the playoffs. With each passing week, we learn more and more about each team and, by this point, we are starting to have a firm grasp on who these teams are. The Falcons are...