The Seahawks Aren’t “Back”:

Starting off the season at an uncharacteristically slow pace, the Seahawks have started to turn the year around with two blowout victories in the past two weeks. Before I rain on this parade, though the weather in Seattle will probably take care of that for me (weather humor!), let me give them the credit they’re due. Russell Wilson has been absolutely out of his mind as of late, throwing an insane 13 touchdowns to 0 interceptions in the last three weeks. Paired with a defense that is regaining its form and the Seahawks are certainly a team to be feared in the playoffs. But let’s not get it twisted: this is not the Seahawks of the past few years. Losing Thomas Rawls will be a devastating blow to a running attack that has been hurt by injury and has characterized the Seahawks offense. I’m sorry to say it, but I’m not buying into Doug Baldwin being a playoff force come January. Without a solid running game to balance them out, I have a hard time seeing Seattle scoring a lot of points against some of the great defenses (Arizona and Carolina) in the playoffs. As for the defense, although it’s been impressive, let’s consider the quarterbacks they’ve faced the last two weeks. Jimmy Clausen is terrible and Teddy Bridgewater has proven to have difficulty when playing from behind. The Seahawks are very good, but a Super Bowl team they are not.

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Cam Newton is the MVP:

News Flash: Cam Newton is really good at football. So good in fact, that he is undoubtedly the main reason for the Carolina Panthers’ undefeated run this season. Sure, the defense has been elite (Josh Norman is a legit contender for the defensive player of the year award) but without Newton, the Panthers would likely be competing with the Falcons and Saints for the “Most Mediocre” award in the NFC South. The narrative on Cam has changed considerably when compared to years past, and for good reason. One of the most overlooked stats on Newton’s MVP resume is his general lack of turnovers, with only 13 on the season at this point. This isn’t a crazily low number and Cam has never really been a turnover machine in his career, but this number is truly incredible when considering the considerable lack of talent Cam has around him on offense. Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart are the only skill players on offense who wouldn’t struggle to find playing time on other teams. The same cannot be said for the rest of his receivers, who have become fantasy relevant due to the elite play from Cam, a status they would never reach without his play. Guys like Tom Brady have been great, but Cam fits every notion of what a Most Valuable Player is.

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Philip Rivers Needs a Change of Scenery, and not in California:

I really like Philip Rivers, always have. His shot-put style of throwing the ball and child-like tantrums have an endearing quality to me. However, this past weekend confirms the idea that Rivers desperately needs to play in a new location, and this can’t be due to a Chargers move to L.A. Things never seem to work out for Rivers, as his offense almost always falls apart by the season’s end. When healthy, this Chargers squad proved that they had what it took to put up points, but when have the Chargers ever truly been healthy? Throughout his tenure with the Chargers, Rivers’ career has been characterized by what ifs and maybes. “Maybe” the Chargers will put together a competent defense to compliment the offense. “What if” the Chargers were healthy enough to start guys other than those picked up off of the street? There comes a point in which things just aren’t going to work out for a player in a certain situation. I believe we are coming to that point with Rivers in San Diego.

The Steelers are a Legit Super Bowl Contender:

The Steelers have always been a team known for turning on the after burners the later we get in the season, and this year is no exception. The defense has certainly improved in recent weeks, though they are still susceptible to strong passing teams (the Patriots in the playoffs come to mind). That being said, the offense is absolutely ELITE, and all of the capitals in that word are justified. DeAngelo Williams looks like a rejuvenated man, playing and thriving in the workhorse role. Although the Steelers would be better off with Le’Veon Bell, Williams doesn’t seem to be much of downgrade. With Williams playing like he is, the field opens up for the Ben Roethlisberger and the passing attack. We all know about Antonio Brown, but Martavis Bryant’s climb to WR1 status has provided the Steelers with a one-two wide receiver punch that few teams in the league can challenge. With firepower like this, the Steelers can hang with anyone, making them a real contender to win it all.

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