NXT Brooklyn Take Over III

nxt takeover brooklyn 3

It’s that time! The BEST NXT PPV Live Event. The one everyone looks forward to. The one you mark your calendars for. Time to bust out your championship belt replicas and reply with the word “Glorious” to every question that is asked at your home and social media.

That’s right the record-breaking WWE NXT Brooklyn Take Over. This is the third annual Brooklyn Take Over. Which is by far the best NXT live even since it was ever announced for the first time.

The live event that pushed the women’s divisor to what we know it is today and the potential of athleticism that has ever been brought to a ring.

The NXT crowd is going wild with special appearances from Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle, Jim Ross, Corey Graves, and 3 of the 4 horse women (Bayley, Sasha Banks, and the Lass Kicker Becky Lynch).


Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs. Johnny Gargano

andrade cien almas vs. johnny gargano

One of the highest energy matches of NXT. The match contained tons of near falls teasing the crowd to believe that the match would end earlier than scheduled. This kept the NXT crowd on their feet. Gargano carried on the match with the most beautiful aerial tactics. Most of Almas sequences contained stiff strikes. Almas attempted to end the match with his running knee finisher but Gargano kicked out. Gargano was distracted by manager Zelina and unable to go his finisher. Almas would win via pin fall with a hammerlock DDT.


NXT Tag Team Championship 

 SAnitY Vs. Authors of Pain (champions)

 sanity vs. authors of pain

The championship run of Rezar and Akam came to an end at NXT Takeover. The match began as a normal and predictable from both of the tag teams. Sanity hit hard tonight with their back to back suicide dives. Nikki Cross would attempt to get involved in the match with a splash when the referee was distracted. Cross was caught by Rezar and Killian then hit with a running splash causing all of them to crash into a table. Wolfe and Young would win by pin fall with a diving neck breaker.


Aleister Black Vs. Hideo

aleister black vs. hideo

The match was decent however I felt that it lack a little bit of momentum. The match consisted of MMA-inspired strikes causing Black to bleed possibly breaking his nose. Black having to constantly breathe out of his nose. Black would eventually win pin fall after his Black Mass Spinning Kick.


NXT Women’s Championship 

 Asuka (champion) Vs. Ember Moon

asuka ember moon

By far one of the best women’s matches in a long time. Asuka would continue her reign as champion. However, Ember Moon’s attempts would not go unnoticed. Asuka proved tonight why she is the champion. Moon would attempt to keep Askua down with her finisher the Eclipse. Asuka would win by submission with the Asuka lock forcing Moon to tap out.


NXT Championship 

Bobby Roode (Champion) Vs. Drew McIntyre

bobby roode drew mcintyre


Roode’s run as NXT Champion would come to an end by McIntyre. Roode would attempt to use his Glorious DDT finisher for the pin fall. He would attempt to use it again on McIntyre. McIntyre would counter with his Claymore finisher winning with the pin fall.

adam cole roh

McIntyre would have his brief celebration as new champion. Only to be interrupted by former Ring of Honor Champion Adam Cole.  Adam Cole would run from the crowd to make his debut.


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