His Watch has Ended

Long-time fans of Game of Thrones, whether it be in show-form, book-form, or both, have been long awaiting the moment of Jon Snow’s return, and “Oathbreaker” gave us the first real instance of this. One of the biggest questions surrounding Jon’s return would be if he would have changed in any substantive way. Aside from being noticeably weakened, Jon seems to be the same hero that we left at the end of Season Five. After enacting vengeance for his betrayal and executing Thorne and Olly, Jon did what we had all been waiting for, turning over his black and renouncing his membership to the Night’s Watch. In case anyone is confused (and I doubt you are if anyone is as obsessed with this show as I am), Jon gets out of the Night’s Watch in a technicality. Normally, you are only relieved of your oath through death and, technically, Jon did die. No longer shackled to the responsibility as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon is now free to do what he pleases which, for us, hopefully means getting involved in the conflict happening in Westeros.

Bran Goes to School

Unlike last week, Bran witnessed an event of real importance with his flashbacks with the Three-Eyed Raven. This scene is one that we have longed to see as fans, as we got the smallest taste of what happened at The Tower of Joy during Robert’s Rebellion. Following an epic fight scene between the Targaryan Kingsguard and Northen men led by Ned Stark, Bran was pulled from the scene before we got to see Lyanna. It’ll be interesting to see if Bran goes back here, or if he simply travels with Meera to see her father Howland Reed, the only survivor of the battle at the tower. Regardless, the revelation of what actually happened between Ned and his sister will drive the story going forward. The end game is nearing people.

A Stark is Back in Winterfell

Continuing to build on his new-found power, Ramsay met with various Northern representatives. One of which gave Ramsay a valuable gift in the form of a captured Rickon Stark. It’s been quite a while since we saw Rickon last, but it seems like he’s been on the run with Osha until recently. Unfortunately, walking around with a direwolf is like carrying around a neon sign above you that reads “I’m a Stark!” and an arrow pointing down. Now that he has Rickon, Ramsay has the leverage to influence other northern houses to his side. With that said, he is also giving additional motivation to people like Sansa and Jon to attack and regain Winterfell. I imagine this will drive the conflict for the rest of this season, leading to an epic clash towards the end.

Other Notes:

  • We got our first update of Sam and company so far this season, and he confirmed that he will be traveling to see his family. It seems clear that his involvement will be secondary this season, possibly until Jon needs Sam’s family’s support when uniting the North.
  • Dany continued to struggle with the Dothraki, as they will basically put her on trial. This is kind of a boring side story, as you know it is just a matter of time before Drogon swoops in to do work on the Khalasar.
  • Attempting to learn more about the Sons of the Harpy, Varys flexed his psycholological muscle this week. Watching him and Tyrion interact on a weekly basis is the thing I look forward to the most every week.
  • In King’s Landing, Qyburn revealed that Varys’ little birds are actually children, children that Qyburn will start using to gain information as well. We also saw some serious tension between Cersei/Jaime and members of the small council. While I love to see Olenna Tyrell talk crap to Cersei, I get the sense that the Lannisters are going to explode with rage at any moment.
  • After regaining her sight, Arya is now poised to become that badass assassin we’ve been waiting for. While I maintain that she will eventually attempt to enact personal revenge, it’ll be great to see what she can do moving forward.

Kyle Kirby

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