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On Friday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Henry considers a new job prospect in New York, Margot and Tilly connect in the real world again, and Henry confronts the witch killer after he helps Detectives Weaver and Rogers with the investigation.

In the fairy tale realm, Henry struggles to find an exciting way to propose to Cinderella and asks Captain Hook for help. He leads him on an adventure with pirates and treasure maps, only to discover that it was all a setup. But their attempt of creating a fake adventure turns into a real one when a storm hits, with Henry saving the day in the end.

In present time, some producers offer Henry a podcast producing job in New York after being impressed by his H-Town podcast. He tells Jacinda about the offer to which she tells him he should go for it, even though he just wants her to tell him not to go. A little disappointed, Henry decides to go to New York for the interview but is stopped by Detective Weaver, who needs his help in the witch killer investigation.

It turns out the killer (who we found out was Nick last episode) has been using Henry’s book as his inspiration. Detective Weaver found his book at a crime scene full of incomprehensible notes and therefore needs Henry’s help in deciphering it. After some time, Henry discovers that this killer is identifying himself as a book character, much like Henry identifies with his main character (which makes sense because the stories are true).

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The witch killer apparently thinks that he’s Hansel, which was a little confusing because he’s actually Jack in the enchanted realm. Or maybe he’s both? This revelation either means that Nick is wrong about who he thinks he is or the writers are putting fairy tale characters Jack and Hansel into one character, which they’ve done before like when they made Rapunzel and Lady Tremaine the same person. After that discovery, Henry tries to rush to the airport but gets a flat tire on the way. He sees this as a sign and decides not to go to New York after all with Nick coincidentally being there to take Henry to Jacinda’s house.

And by coincidentally, I really mean Nick probably planned on being there and planted the piece of glass that punctured Henry’s tire so that he could kidnap him. Which he does, but Henry realizes he’s the killer while he’s in Nick’s car after he offers to drive him. But Nick locks him inside the car after Henry tries to talk his way out of the car. He ties him up and leaves him in what I’m assuming is some abandoned building and goes off to deliver another chocolate box. That chocolate box however gets sent to none other than Zelena.


Meanwhile, Detective Rogers gets Tilly a job working for Sabine at her beignet food truck and ends up being great with customers out on the street. Near the end of her work day, she meets Margot (AKA cursed Robin) again where there’s a bit of a role reversal between the two. This time, Tilly gives a frustrated Margot some advice. Zelena’s been purposefully keeping a secret from Margot and Margot’s had enough of it, that secret of course, being the curse. Tilly tells her that as annoyed as she feels, it’s probably just as hard for her mom to keep this secret from her, because she’s probably withholding it for a good reason.

Overall, I’m still pretty confused about Nick’s character: is he both Hansel and Jack? Or is he just wrong about who he really is? Either way, Nick being the killer and identifying with Hansel’s character ends up making sense because a witch killed his sister (which is apparently the show’s twist on the original Hansel and Gretel story). I also don’t understand what he needs Henry for. Yes, he’s inspired by his book but why kidnap him? Assuming that Nick was planning to kidnap him all along, all that Henry really knew about the killer was that he thinks he’s Hansel. Now he knows exactly who he is so I don’t really see why he was kidnapped in the first place. But I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out the answers to all of these questions.

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