On Friday night, Once Upon a Time returned to TV on ABC where Mother Gothel actually helped to wake up Lucy from her coma, but only to serve her own agenda of course. But despite Lucy waking up in the end, it, like all magic, came with a price. In this case, a surprising human sacrifice in the form of (SPOILER) Victoria Belfrey/Rapunzel.

Regina and Zelena come back to Storybrooke only to find Lucy still in her coma with Henry, Jacinda, and Nick (Lucy’s “biological father” in the cursed world) still hoping for her to wake up. Despite the fact that her condition hasn’t changed, the nurse asks to have Lucy’s parents get blood tested and Henry offers to also get tested to increase their chances. In the end, Lucy wakes up and the nurse finds out that Henry’s actually the birth father but someone mysteriously kills her before she’s able to share that info. But who killed her is definitely still a major question that will hopefully get answered in next week’s episode.

Meanwhile, Gold is working on an investigation on Eloise Gardner, AKA Mother Gothel, knowing that she’s really evil and tried to convince Hook that she’s a part of cult. At first, Hook doubts him but later on realizes that she’s definitely hiding something from him when he visits her at her apartment with Anastasia hiding in the closet.

hook and zelena

For the flashbacks of this episode, we go back to see Robin, Zelena’s daughter trying her hand and ultimately failing at casting magic spells. Robin kind of rebels against her mother at this point and ends up casting a spell that summons Mother Gothel, where she decides she wants to learn magic from her as opposed to her own mother. Robin ends up disappearing and ending up at Mother Gothel’s house where she’s trying to resurrect her mentor using something called a resurrection amulet which essentially has the power to, you guessed it, resurrect someone in exchange for another life. Zelena, with the help of Hook, finds Robin just in time as she almost becomes Mother Gothel’s human sacrifice. Mother Gothel ends up being able to extract some of Robin’s magic but her and Zelena end up stealing the amulet from Mother Gothel and Zelena ends up taking that bit of magic for herself.

In present day, Regina and Zelena search for and end up finding the amulet in the original sign for Roni’s bar, which used to be Roni and Kelly. Then, they end up giving it to Mother Gothel in exchange for waking up Lucy, which only happens after Victoria ends up sacrificing herself, therefore saving Lucy and Ivy, who was supposed to be sacrificed before Victoria jumped pushed her out of the way. After that ritual, Hook and Gold show up only to find a deceased Victoria in Ivy’s arms with Mother Gothel and supposedly her revived mentor long gone by the time they arrive.

victoria belfrey

Overall, I liked that Victoria ended up getting redeemed at the end, even though it meant that she had to sacrifice herself in exchange for Lucy and Ivy’s life. I’m also still wondering who killed the nurse and how that will play into the story because I think it means that someone really wants to keep this curse intact. I also want to know more about this mentor of Mother Gothel that’s now been brought back to life and find out if who’s more evil: Mother Gothel, who eventually took over the witches, or her mentor. My bet’s on the mentor.

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