This week on Once Upon a Time, a lot happened for their mid-season finale; we finally find out how the curse came to be, why Regina can’t just break the curse, the writers take a stab at another LGBTQ relationship, and the true villain of the season was revealed.

The episode starts off with Lucy being rushed into the hospital in present time, which transitions into Henry holding Lucy as a baby with everyone gathering around to meet his newborn daughter. But the celebration is interrupted by Drizella, who announces that she’s going to cast a curse on Lucy’s 8th birthday. But the good guys win, at least for the moment, as she turns to stone thanks to a little blood magic and the help of Lady Tremaine/Victoria/Rapunzel.

lucy's birthday

Then there’s a time jump 8 years into the future, AKA when Drizella’s curse prophecy is supposed to be fulfilled. Mother Gothel comes to Drizella’s rescue with the help of a group of faceless witches, which turns out to be the evilest cult of witches. Given that Drizella’s been frozen for the last 8 years, she still has some catching up to do so she leaves with all the witches, including Mother Gothel, and starts to create the curse. Later on, Henry is kidnapped, probably by Drizella, and everyone goes to find Drizella and find that she’s poisoned Henry’s heart.


We find out via Weaver and Victoria that Anastasia, Victoria’s daughter that woke up last episode, is in fact the Guardian, who Weaver has been looking for this whole time. This also means that she has magic, which she doesn’t know how to use nor control and is then added and is later manipulated by Drizella and ultimately Mother Gothel into joining the evil group of witches. Anastasia drains Drizella’s powers from he thanks to Mother Gothel.


Regina and Henry are now in San Francisco to see Zelena, or her cursed counterpart, Kelly, who happens to be a soulcycle teacher and Ronnie’s ex-best friend. Ronnie has just enough of a potion that gets Zelena to remember who she really is. After some complications (being that Zelena is engaged), she agrees to go back with Ronnie and Henry to Hyperion Heights to help break the curse and/or help to wake up Lucy. More on that later.

alice and robin

The writers also decided to take another shot at a LGBTQ couple this season, which we’ve seen in the past with Ruby and Dorothy and Mulan and Aurora. This time, it’s between Robin (Zelena and Robin’s daughter) and Alice. We didn’t get to see much of this relationship yet but I’m wondering how much more they’ll show. Ruby and Dorothy’s relationship was only designated one episode and Mulan and Aurora ended up not working out. So hopefully, this relationship between Alice and Robin will be a more prominent one. So far though, fans seem to be really excited about this coupling as they’ve even gotten their own ship name: #Madarcher (coming from putting together Mad Hatter and Archer). 

Later, it’s revealed in the episode that they can only either wake up Lucy or break the curse, which they can’t do because breaking the curse would literally kill Henry. Before re enacting the curse, Drizella kidnapped Henry and poisoned him and the only way to save him was for Regina to reenact the curse. But Lucy is also still comatose, even after true love’s kiss (which came from Henry, who got the idea from his own story) because she no longer believes So, either Lucy dies or Henry dies, both of which are not ideal.

Although there’ve been curses in the past, this one definitely seems different from ones in the past because there’s not an obvious solution in breaking the curse and defeating evil. The villain of the season is looking to be Mother Gothel and her army of witches, which now might include Anastasia. But there’s still a lot of questions about how the rest of the season will unfold; we still don’t know what Mother Gothel wants, what will happen to Drizella now that she doesn’t have any powers, who those other witches are, and what those witches get out of all of this.


Once Upon a Time returns on March 2nd


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