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On Friday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Hansel goes after Zelena for revenge, Zelena’s fiance comes to town, we find out that Prince Naveen is actually awake, and Hansel is put behind bars only to be killed by none other than Dr. Facilier.

The episode goes over Hansel’s past which coincidentally involved Zelena. We start with Hansel and Gretel trapped in a cage by the witch, who later turns into the blind witch after Zelena takes her eyesight later on. Zelena comes in as the witch is forcing the children to eat more candy but is easily injured by the witch and sent running to the forest and passes out.

Later she wakes up in a small hut and she finds out she’s been rescued by a nice blind man who coincidentally ends up being Hansel and Gretel’s father, Ivo. Ivo turns out to be a genuinely nice guy who takes care of her for a few days, which leads Zelena to go back to the gingerbread house and steal her eyesight using magic, thus her becoming the blind witch. Then, she rushes inside the hut to find that the kids are gone and she ultimately comes to the conclusion that the witch already ate them and sulks back to the hut.

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But when she gets back, the kids are there, safe and alive, but they tell their father about how Zelena left them to die and even though she argues she came back to rescue them, Ivo and his children are still angry at her. She tries to fix things by offering Ivo the magical eyesight that she has in this small vile and he refuses and tells her to leave, which Hansel doesn’t isn’t all that happy with. Hansel doesn’t want Zelena to just be able to leave without suffering some type of consequence but since Zelena’s a witch and has magic, she lashes back at him by wrapping hot fire around his arms before she leaves.

In the present day, Zelena makes the smart decision to head to the police station with the warning that was the box of chocolates with Margot where she’s helped by Detective Rogers. But she knows that the only person who can really help her out of this is Weaver, who she knows is clearly awake from this curse. But despite the fact that Zelena goes to Weaver for help, Rogers at least discovers the candy killer’s identity by intercepting a text Jacinda got from “Henry”, who was actually Nick pretending to be Henry.


Speaking of which, Henry continues to be trapped by Nick but at the very least, he identifies with Hansel’s lost of his sister because he connects it to his family dying. Desperate, Henry tells Nick that he’ll rewrite his story so that it’ll be the ending he wants but Nick doesn’t take any of it because he knows Henry (at least the real not-cursed version of Henry) won’t use his author powers that way.

Then Nick explains how it’s Henry’s “Aunt Kelly” that’s the real bad guy here, but since Henry still thinks the book is completely fictional, he still thinks Kelly is just her cursed counterpart and won’t help Nick kill her. Except he accidentally lets the fact that Kelly has a fiance slip so Nick goes after Zelena’s fiance, Chad, to get to her. Zelena meets the both of them at the basement of the bar and square off with Zelena ending up with the upper hand in the end and she hands him over to the authorities.

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Meanwhile, Prince Naveen is still doing whatever Dr. Facilier tells him to do in fear of some secret (which we still don’t know) and he gets Sabine’s famous beignet recipe for him as he’s requested. Dr. Facilier use the cinnamon sugar on top of those beignets to ignite his voodoo doll, as the sugar ends up working like magic. Later we find out who’s voodoo doll that is: Nick’s.

Dr. Facilier visits Nick in prison in an interrogation room and reveals that he’s the one who woke him up from the curse and he knew that he’d go after the witches. But Nick failed to kill the biggest witch in the whole operation: Mother Gothel, but he was at least useful in crossing off a few names off the list, which is why he woke him up in the first place. But now that Nick’s been caught, arrested, and is full of revenge for Zelena, Dr. Facilier kills him by sticking a pin into the voodoo doll. But it definitely looks like Dr. Facilier’s still going to go after Mother Gothel anyway.

But before that, Nick leaves Henry unattended at what I assume is Nick’s house or wherever it is he’s staying because Detective Rogers finds him, after discovering that he’s the candy killer, and unties him. Henry then goes to Jacinda, rescued and safe, and Lucy seems to cockblock him again unknowingly. At least I think she did. It definitely looked like they could’ve had true love’s kiss right then and there if Lucy hadn’t come in.

As far Zelena/Kelly and Chad, Chad now knows at least some of what she’s done in the past, minus all the fairy tale stuff because it’s just too complicated to explain, but still loves her and wants to marry her. Then, with Regina and Margot’s permission, she decides to go back to San Francisco with Chad so that she can have a fresh start. Because this curse was really just a vacation to her as she says in the episode.

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