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In Friday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Jared Gilmore returns as the young Henry Mills as the older Henry in present time is reminded of who he really is, the Truest Believer. Meanwhile, Margot/Robin, Hook, and Rumple work together to get Tilly out of the coven and Jacinda and Sabine confront Mr. Samdi/Dr. Facilier when Drew/Prince Naveen goes missing and an unexpected villain comes into the picture at the last minute of the episode.

After Henry and Jacinda kissed in last week’s episode, the curse still isn’t broken, not because of Gothel and her curse, but because Henry no longer believes. So Regina, with a little help from Lucy, tries to convince him otherwise through various different methods with Henry constantly pushing back. Eventually, older Henry gets fed up with Regina and Lucy constantly badgering him.

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But something Regina says makes him curious enough to check it out: his adoption records and an old photo of Regina and a very young Henry. Henry looks down at the phone number on the adoption papers and calls it, thinking that he might be able to find out who his birth mother is. But we’re whisked back to the past to find the younger Henry answering the phone. The phone call somehow time travels to the past to when Henry is graduating high school.

How any of that is possible is still pretty confusing; Regina says something about Gothel bringing them back in time so they’re all technically still in Storybrooke. Which, even as I’m writing that, it still doesn’t really make all that much sense to me.But either way, the phone call is enough for Henry to remember who he really is, but it wasn’t enough to actually break the curse.

But the curse breaks later in the episode when Regina tries to take on Gothel alone and without any magic. Because she’s, like I said, alone and without any magic, she’s pretty defenseless against Gothel, whose magic is stronger than ever, thanks to the help of her coven. Regina gets thrown by Gothel’s magic and gets knocked out or killed, still unclear as to which one it is, and Henry comes to the rescue as Gothel is still enacting her spell. Much like the season 1 finale, Henry breaks the curse after kissing Regina on the forehead and everyone remembers who they really here.

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Speaking of that coven, Tilly is still completely enveloped in it, but it’s unclear whether it’s completely against her will or if she really wants to be a part of this coven because she’s doing it for her mother. But when the curse breaks, Tilly, or should I say Alice, goes up against Gothel and uses her magic to turn her into a tree. And everything seems resolved.

Until we’re reminded of Dr. Facilier. Earlier in the episode, Jacinda and Sabine go to him to find Drew. Dr. Facilier shows them that he has Drew tied up in the closet and has them go in there with him, and he threatens them using his voodoo dolls. Then after the curse is broken, Facilier disappears after Sabine/Tiana and Jacinda/Cinderella confront him. But then Rumple confronts Facilier because he stole his travel book. Rumple gets angry but doesn’t kill him because he knows it’s not what Belle would’ve wanted and because he’s not the bad guy anymore. But then Facilier gets killed anyway by none other than the wish realm version of Rumple.

This episode overall was definitely my personal favorite out of the entire season. The scene between the younger Henry (who looks so grown up now by the way) and the older Henry was beautiful and the way the curse breaks brings me back to the season 1 finale of the show. Except this time, it’s Henry and his adopted mom, Regina, which has always been my favorite relationship in this show.

With the breaking of the curse, I love that it was Alice that takes down Gothel, especially in the way that she did it. As she said during the episode, she chose love over hate, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from this show over the years, it’s that love always wins. But we’re also reminded that Hook still has a poisoned heart and still gets hurt when he’s around Alice so it’ll be interesting to see how they solve that because Henry’s heart got cured with Facilier’s help. But now that he’s dead, how are they going to cure Hook’s poisoned heart?


As far as the other Rumple coming back as a villain, it’s definitely a twist I never saw coming. But an interesting one. The idea of the newly reformed and redeemed Rumple and The Dark One is great because he’s just been fighting himself internally for the majority of this season. Now he’s literally fighting himself except this time, he’s got the support of the whole town with him.

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