In the latest episode of Once Upon a Time from Friday night, we look closer at Alice and Hook’s story as the investigation into the murderer that’s been killing off the witches and Regina finally tells Lucy that she’s awake.

First, we go back in time and see Alice as a teenager, who is still stuck in the tower but having a nightmare about Mother Gothel banishing Hook from the tower. So Hook decides to figure out a way to get her out of this tower and goes to Rumple for help, who is in jail. But since he’s stuck in a jail cell with zero magic, Hook strikes a deal with him to get him out if he can help get Alice out of her “prison”. Rumple then tells him to find and bring back Maui’s fish hook, which apparently can break him out, and Hook goes to Captain Ahab.

Hook tries to play nice at first to get the magical fish hook from Ahab by offering up his ole Jolly Roger ship if he loses the wager. After he wins, he tells Captain Ahab that he’s off to kill Rumple, but we all know that’s not true and apparently Ahab’s not buying it either and follows him and basically taunts him to duel, to which Hook agrees.

Their duel though is just standing like 10 feet away from each other and taking a shot at each other. Just one shot though, I guess to test their aim, to which Hook’s is a little better than Ahab so Hook wins. But at what cost? His honor, because he’s not the pirate he used to be but rather a father. But unfortunately, all this effort was ultimately done for nothing because when he returns to Alice with the fish hook, he’s unable to hug his daughter and Mother Gothel is there, who’s now poisoned their hearts and she sends Hook away to the middle of nowhere, leaving Alice behind.

eloise gardner

Back in Hyperion Heights, the investigation continues as Eloise Gardner, AKA the not-so-cursed counterpart of Mother Gothel, shows up to “help”. By that, I mean, she doesn’t want to talk to Weaver (because she knows he’s awake from this curse) and just distracts Rogers with trying to get him to figure out why he’s doodling and painting pictures of sailboats. Rogers basically just plays along because he figures, why the hell not?

But this distraction isn’t completely useless because Eloise says that Rogers can’t figure out who’s killing off the witches until he knows who he really is, hence her asking him about the paintings and the why behind it. My guess is that it means that Rogers has to realize he’s Captain Hook for him to solve the case.

Tilly however is definitely not happy about this and just wants Eloise to leave and warns everyone that bad things will happen if she sticks around. And more bad things continue to happen; the creepy blind baker that got attacked from last episode is killed in the hospital and Tilly stands over the dead body with the blood on the floor and a bloody scalpel in her hand. But before they can get any info out of her, she goes out the window. Now Weaver and Rogers are left to look for her but they’ve made it pretty clear that they don’t think Tilly’s the killer. But it would be an interesting twist if she was, but I personally don’t think she is. I definitely still think Dr. Facilier is somehow involved in all of this.

Meanwhile, Henry, Jacinda, and Lucy are still reeling from that almost-kiss from last week’s episode. Henry explains his frustrations to Regina, who he finds coming home after spending the night with Mr. Samedi, AKA Dr. Facilier AKA her ex-beau. But with Henry and Jacinda’s frustration and confusion over Lucy’s interruption, it just makes things even more confusing when Ivy kisses Henry while he’s just trying to be a friend to her.

But all of this confusion, frustration, and all-around awkwardness isn’t all for nothing; Henry encourages Ivy to go to her family for more comfort, even though they don’t exactly have the closest relationship. Ivy takes his advice and goes to Jacinda, who greets her with open arms, despite their formerly rocky step-sisterhood.

regina and lucy

Lastly, Lucy is frustrated as well after finding that page from the story about Henry’s poisoned heart and ends up going to Regina for help. Then, Regina reveals that everything from the story book is true, that she’s awake from the curse (more or less anyway), and that she’s a Mills. And Mills are true believers, which means that Regina’s going to help Lucy in breaking this curse and making sure that Henry doesn’t die in the process. A scene worthy of an “awww” and a triumphant “finally!”, as well as a small victory for the both of them.

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