On Friday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Detective Rogers and Henry look into Nick’s mysterious murder, Detective Weaver uses Regina’s sliver of magic for his own gain and the Guardian is finally revealed.

We start by going back to look at Rumple/Gold/Weaver’s (if anyone has too many identities on this show, it’s definitely Rumple by the way) past as he tries to reconnect with Belle through a shrine of her pictures. But Dr. Facilier listens in and tells him that Belle is telling him that she wants him to find the Guardian quickly so that he can join her in the afterlife. But the whole quick part of that has to do with Belle not wanting Rumple to succumb to the dark side in order to join her in the afterlife, which she knows he might resort to if he doesn’t hurry.


But even though Dr. Facilier helps Rumple decipher what Belle is saying, if he can actually hear her and he’s not just messing with him, Facilier’s still trying to obtain the Dark One’s dagger and do whatever it is that he wants to do with it. Because we honestly still don’t exactly know what he’d do with that dagger if he ever gets his hands on it. Later, Facilier tries to get the dagger from him by trying to stab him using one of his voodoo dolls on him but because Rumple’s the Dark One, it really doesn’t do any damage. Unfortunately for Facilier.

But Rumple ends up finding Alice and tricks her into trapping Facilier and pulling his heart out by telling her it’s the only way to break her and her father’s curse. Why she goes along with any of it is still pretty unclear but Alice ends up ripping out Facilier’s heart but she doesn’t have the heart to kill him, proving that she’s the hero he needs her to be in order to transfer his burden of being the Dark One to Alice. But Rumple’s conscience in the form of Belle’s voice tells him that this isn’t the way to meet her in the afterlife because making Alice the Dark One would deprive her of her potential happiness: falling in love (perhaps with Robin) and reuniting with her father.

Back in present time, Detectives Weaver and Rogers investigate Nick’s murder, with Rogers getting some help from Henry, who offers up his expertise because some of the things Nick said still doesn’t make sense to him. Especially the part about the hospital papers with the paternity test that point to Henry being Lucy’s father.

Rogers and Nick end up going through the Nick investigation the old-fashioned way and find Drew/Prince Naveen waiting outside by the car, conveniently when Nick was killed so he becomes the first suspect. But Drew reveals that he was just trying to find something to protect himself against Mr. Samedi, who we all know is the actual murderer.

But at Nick’s house, Henry finds what he was looking for: the paternity test results that confirms that he’s Lucy’s father. And then he later goes to Jacinda to show her the paper at the end of the episode and she’s just as shocked and confused as Henry is. Meanwhile, Rogers gets the official ME’s report on Nick’s murder, which says that Nick was stabbed from the inside of his body, which is physically impossible. So all of these revelations together really point to the fact that Rogers and Henry are starting to wake up from this curse without magic. They don’t actually remember anything obviously but all of these seemingly impossible things all point to Lucy’s “theory” of Henry’s stories being the truth.


But with Weaver actually being awake from this curse, Weaver knows that his untimely death had something to do with magic. And having some magic could help him find The Guardian. So then Weaver goes to the evidence closet to look for his dagger, which now turns out to be missing. At first, he thinks Facilier/Mr. Samedi used his magic to steal it but later it’s revealed that Tilly somehow has the dagger.

Speaking of Tilly, her and Margot embark on their new romance by going around the town but Tilly just hears voices in her head all day. Then, at one point, the voices or really just a high-pitched noise, gets to be too much for her and she leaves and ends up back by the troll at the bridge. But Weaver, at this point desperate to find his dagger, steals Regina’s magic, without hesitation and finds his dagger in…Tilly’s backpack. Which I guess somehow makes Tilly/Alice, the Guardian.


Meanwhile with Regina, she confronts Facilier/Samedi about Nick’s murder and the Dark One’s dagger to which he admits the truth: he killed Nick but he doesn’t have the dagger. Then later, Regina ends up confronting Weaver about him stealing her magic, which he admits to, and Regina is angry and tells him that he’s still the same selfish villain he was before. And whatever friendship they have is now over. If anything, the relationship between Regina and Rumple has always been a love-hate relationship: on the one side, Rumple’s her mentor, but he’s also the Dark One and he’s done plenty of things to make things rocky between the two. But now, just when their friendship seemed, dare I say, stable, Regina’s finally putting her foot down. And frankly, I don’t blame her. Rumple took her one small sliver of hope she had with saving Henry, all for his own gain. Which certainly sounds a lot like the old Rumple to me.

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