Once Upon a Time

When the show first aired in 2011, Once Upon a Time was a different show than it is now, six years later. It was a simple concept, bringing old fairytale characters to life who are cursed by the evil queen to live without knowing who they really are in the fictional small town of Storybook.

Now, it’s six years later and the show is about to go through a drastic change. Over the last week, news broke that a number of cast members released a statement saying that they wouldn’t be returning for the newly-renewed show for its seventh season. Those cast members being Jennifer Morrison who plays Emma Swan, A.K.A the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, Jared Gilmore who plays Henry, Emma’s son, Ginnifer Goodwin who is Snow White herself, Josh Dallas, who plays her counterpart, Prince Charming, Emilie De Ravin who plays Belle (as in from Beauty and the Beast), and Rebecca Mader, who plays Zelena, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Now that the two-hour finale has aired, it’s made way for a new story with a somewhat similar beginning by adding in a shocking time jump at the end. Major spoilers to come.

Following the musical episode from last week, the Black Fairy’s curse starts to settle in, leaving the majority of characters back in the Enchanted Forrest and Henry once again tries to gets Emma to believe again. Instead of Regina being the Madame major of the town, it’s Fiona, or the Black Fairy and Emma finds herself in a mental hospital after believing in Henry’s storybook. It turns out that the final battle that has been hyped up this entire season isn’t physical, it’s a test to see whether or not Emma is hopeful enough to believe in Henry’s stories. Meanwhile, everyone sees what’s happening back in Storybrooke via Regina’s magic mirror and they spend the majority of the episode trying to find a way back to them.

What surprised me was how the story of last night’s Once Upon a Time unraveled. To be honest, I think we all knew a happy ending was coming, especially considering the fact that so many cast members weren’t going to come back for the show’s seventh season. But the twist of Rumple being the one to kill his own mother, the Black Fairy and the quick death and revival of Emma Swan was a nice surprise. Specifically, with Rumple, we see him battling his inner demon out in the open as he finally decides that the price of having power is no longer worth it, sending him towards a path of being the savior he was born to be as it was previously revealed earlier this season. Aside from that, watching the Evil Queen side of Regina and step out in front of the smoke of the Black Fairy’s curse to save everyone as well as seeing her hold an engagement ring from an arrow from Robin Hood, made me, as an Outlaw Queen shipper and a hardcore Regina fan, very happy.

Overall, Once Upon a Time comes full circle as the story reverts back to its initial story from season one with more at stake if she were to fail. This time, Emma has friends and a family that could have potentially been taken out of existence if she had given into the lies Fiona was giving her. But of course, she comes out on top as the triumphant winner and all the characters get the happy ending or beginning that they deserve. Then comes the time jump that goes on to explain what at first seemed like random flashbacks of a man and his daughter in what looked like the Enchanted Forrest. It turns out the father was Henry in the future who gives his daughter, whose name we learn is Lucy, the book and tells her to protect it at all costs as he fights a mysterious creature in a small shack.

The episode ends how the show first began; Lucy walks through the halls of what is said to be an apartment building in Seattle where Henry opens the door to Lucy telling him that he’s her father, just like when Henry came knocking on Emma’s door in the first scene of the entire series. The number of possibilities of where this show could go from here is endless, but judging from this finale, I think that Once Upon a Time can still potentially tell great stories while still maintaining the hope that this show embodies, even without what used to be the main cast of the show. Whether or not that’s going to be true will be up to showrunners, Adam Horrowitz and Edward Kitsis. So here’s to hoping.

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