How many times have you been talking to a friend on Facebook about a new movie you’re going to see in the theater? Suddenly, someone you don’t know and neither of you is friends with pops on with a link. “Go here to stream full movies” and it lists movies that have just or will be released by the theater soon.

Phishing Scams
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What about TV shows? Your TV or cable goes out. Your shows are on but you can’t find it on Amazon because the owner hasn’t released the content license yet. What to do? You head over to YouTube.

You think,  “Surely I can find it there.” You click on it but you’re redirected to a different site. Similar to a subscription site like Hulu. They ask for your debit/credit card.

They promise a 5-day trial before you’re charged a fee. So you’re thinking it’s a safe site, right? Wrong! You have fallen for one of many phishing scams.

Once they have your card number, they steal your information and your money. The movie or TV show was never even on the site. Several people have recently found this out the hard way. I wanted to see for myself if the rumors were true about a company named Misemedia.

I went on YouTube and clicked the link for a TV show. I was directed to a Misemedia website, which then directed me to a different, supposedly secure site. I used my real name, but a cheap rechargeable card with $20.00 on it. They promised a 5-day free trial. If I canceled the membership before there’d be no charge.

After browsing the website, I found that the TV show they promised wasn’t even on the site. I watched nothing and immediately canceled the membership. I then looked at my account balance and saw that they charged $2.95 and then $15.99 on top of it. They didn’t want to refund me the money, but the debit card company made them refund the amount.

The next day the link on YouTube was down. YouTube stated on the link that it had been found to violate the TV network that airs the show’s rights and was deleted for other illegal activities. Basically, if you want to watch a movie go to the theater. That link doesn’t carry your movie and is more than likely one of these terrible phishing scams created to snatch your personal information. The studios are not going to release the movies for you to watch at home when opening weekend means big dollars for the studios and the possibility of future trilogies in the movie series.

For TV series, just wait to stream it through your cable or satellite provider or go to Amazon and buy it for $1.99 for standard or $2.99 for HD the following day after its premiere. Trust me. It is less of a hassle and no phishing scams involved.

I urge everyone who has signed up for fraudulent or suspected fraudulent links to keep tabs on their credit score and financial accounts closely. Report any shady businesses to the Better Business Bureau and dispute the charges on your card with your debit or credit card company. Your money is usually refunded.

Phishing scams suck so be careful what sites you provide with your information.


Jamie Nixon covers Entertainment for MFST.

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