The first season of Pitch concluded this week in a dramatic way. In the finale titled, “Don’t Say It”, the almost kiss and Will’s scheming brought all kinds of drama and awkwardness to San Diego. The episode kicks off in the seventh inning of a game. Ginny has not given up a hit so far. As per baseball tradition, nobody in the dugout talks to her. In the suites, Evelyn tells Eliot, “Don’t say it,” as he leaves Amelia a message about how good Ginny is doing.

Thirty-Six Hours Earlier

We jump back to the previous morning, Evelyn shows up at Ginny’s place demanding details about Ginny’s night with Noah. She finds out that Ginny met Mike and wants”vivid, electrifying, specific” details. Ginny insists that nothing happened before Amelia arrives. The agent tells Ginny that she has an interview with Mike’s ex-wife, Rachel.

In the Padres front office, Ross, played by Josh Peck, returns as a member of the analytics team. He explains that Ginny needs to be shut down because even though she isn’t near her maximum pitch count or innings limit, his numbers say, she’s at risk of injury. pitch

Awkward Tension

Tensions rise between Mike and Blip and Mike runs into Ginny in the halls of the clubhouse. The pair try to assure each other that they are good, but it’s SO awkward. After a tense meeting between Al, Oscar, Mike and Blip, it’s decided that Ginny will have one more start.

Take Two

After seeing Rachel and Mike joking around and talking, Ginny texts Noah about making up for leaving their date. In the hallway, Rachel tells Mike that she and David broke up weeks ago before leaving. Needing a pick me up, Al and Mike share a beer. Al jokes that the Cubs will never win it all. Jokes on you, Al!

Ginny and Noah in episode nine.

Ginny and Eliot find Noah that night singing on stage at a lounge. After his performance, he approaches Ginny and Eliot leaves not wanting to be a third wheel. The pair end up back at her place. In the same hotel, Mike ends up at Rachel’s hotel room.

In the morning, Noah tries to convince Ginny to travel with him during her off-season and Rachel tells Mike that she’s has to get back to L.A. Guess a second try won’t be as easy as Mike thinks. We get a hilarious moment when Mike and Noah ride the elevator down together.

 Blip and Evelyn

Evelyn gives Blip the 411 on Will. He is relieved  that the partnership didn’t work and suggests that now they can focus on having another child. Things get tense when Evelyn says that she thinks she is done having children. Blip is frustrated and believes that nobody cares about his feelings. She tells him that he needs to get his head around the idea because she’s tired of him being selfish.

Baker Family Drama

Ginny realizes that Will lied and that he’s been stealing money from her. She tells him to go home and find her brother, adding that when he has himself together she will support him. He angrily tells her when he does come back he won’t need her support.

Ginny’s Last Start

When Ginny arrives in the locker room her teammates show her pictures that the paparazzi took of she and Noah leaning in for a kiss outside of the lounge. She tries to apologize to Mike after he sees the pictures, but he brushes her off. Ginny confronts Amelia about Will and things quickly go south. Amelia ends up telling Ginny she won’t be there for her and leaves.

Blip and Mike almost come to blows after some shoving in the eighth inning. After the dugout settles, Oscar calls down and tells Al that it’s time to sit Ginny. Ginny refuses to sit and then throws several balls. Tired of all the extra drama, she cuts a speech from Mike short. She says, “I don’t need a man to rescue me.” Go, Ginny! Ginny makes a play on a bunt and gets the out, but hurts herself. At the airport, Amelia sees the coverage of Ginny’s injury but still gets on her flight. In the last moments we see Blip sleeping on the couch, Mike watching Rachel’s coverage of Ginny’s injury, and Ginny undergoing an MRI.

Final Thoughts on Pitch

With so much drama and open storylines, myself and other fans of Pitch are seriously hoping that FOX renews the series for a second season. The finale gave us all kinds of drama; family, romantic, team, co-workers, etc. With Ginny’s decision to reconnect with Noah and Mike trying to rekindle things with Rachel, it seems that Bawson is up in the air.

Oh, Blip. He treated Evelyn and her desires like they weren’t significant to him after everything she’s done for him. Why aren’t two beautiful children enough for him. It was also uncharacteristic of him to lose his cool the way he did in the dugout.

Overall, Pitch gave us a strong first season and hopefully those who didn’t catch on in the beginning will get into the show and boost its numbers. Here’s to hoping for a second season of strong female representation, a great cast, and great writing. Hey MLB, can we get some Ginny Baker jerseys made? I want one!

What did you think about the finale and the first season of Pitch as a whole? Let me know.

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