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With Mike’s future with the Padres’ on shaky ground, Pitch returned this week with its ninth episode, “Scratched”. From the subplots of Will’s attempt to open a sports bar franchise and Oscar and Natalie’s romance, to the main issues between Mike, Ginny, and his decision to leave San Diego, it was a great episode where so much happened. Let’s jump right in and discuss the episode!

Mike and the Chicago Cubs

The Cubs haven’t broken the curse in the fictional world of Pitch quite yet. The possibility of Mike leaving the Padres’ is the elephant in the room and everyone except Mike wants to talk about it. Every sports network is covering the story and his teammates are hungry for information from their captain.  Charlie, who really knows next to nothing about baseball outside of numbers, wants the veteran catcher gone. Even when it’s appears that he’s leaving, Mike never really commits to the idea. San Diego is his home and we all know he’d rather be there even without a World Series ring.

As the trade deadline gets closer, the Cubs’ front office becomes impatient to close the deal. They request that Mike not play in that day’s game in fear of him getting hurt. Despite Oscar’s warning, Charlie makes the call and Mike is scratched from the line up, hence the episode’s title.

Ginny and Noah

Ginny meets billionaire and mobile app developer, Noah, this week. Even though she is his company’s client, he asks her out. Ginny says no and explains that her life is all about baseball and she can’t really go out without fans asking for autographs. She begins to soften towards him after he sends her a Super Mario style message with he and Ginny as Mario and Peach, with his phone number included. Smooth, Noah. Very smooth.

Ginny doesn’t say yes until Butch makes a comment about how close Ginny and Mike are while he’s asking about the Chicago trade. Noah rents out an entire restaurant where guests can order whatever they want. There’s no menu. (Important question: Does a place like this really exist?) Things seem to be going okay, despite some first date awkwardness, until Ginny gets a text. Cue the end of their date and the rise of another pairing.

Ginny and Mike

Tension. Tension. Tension. With the trade looming overhead, Mike is in one of his moods and Ginny is adamant about getting a straight answer from him. Things seemed to lighten up when she accepts that he may really be leaving the Padres. During batting practice, she eggs him on and he shows off by hitting one over the outfield wall.

One of my favorite moments of the episode came when Ginny urged Mike to put on a helmet before getting one of the cameramen to focus on him. Her master plan gets the crowd riled up and gets the vet an at bat in the ninth inning. The writers did a great job really building the emotion as Mike strikes out in what we believe is his last at bat after a fifteen year career with the Padres. Pitch

After the game, Mike turns down Ginny’s attempt to hang out and she recovers by saying she has plans with her brother. Her plans are actually that date with Noah. Who texts her and causes her to leave the date early? Mike. As a parallel of the date she left, the bar she meets Mike in is empty. The pair sit and talk and end up listing all the things they will miss about each other.

The biggest moment of the episode happens outside of the bar. Before she can get in her car, Mike calls Ginny by her first name which surprises her. Instead of a romantic confession, he tells her that he’s the one that nailed her cleats to her locker, just as she had suspected. When they hug, they linger, and lean in for a kiss. The moment is interrupted by a call from Oscar. The trade with Chicago didn’t work out and Mike isn’t going anywhere.

What else went down on this week’s Pitch?

  1. Al finds out that Oscar is dating his daughter, Natalie. He gave Oscar a chance to fess up, but he doesn’t. Natalie, having enough of the two not getting along, tells them that she won’t be taking a job in San Diego, but going on an international corp trip. It seems she’s hoping that they’ll be forced to solve their issues if she’s not there to be the go-between.
  2. Amelia is still worried about Will. The eldest Baker pulled Evelyn into his business plan last week and even got a check for an undisclosed amount from Ginny, but Amelia is still not on Team Will and his sports bar franchise. As usual, she has Eliot researching and snooping. Evelyn seems to brush her off, but her comments may make Evelyn rethink things, as she should.
  3. Evelyn and Blip discuss their future. While Evelyn wants to do her own thing and use some of her business education, Blip is hesitant about the financial investment and mentions wanting to have another kid. Evelyn gives him one of her looks and puts her husband in check. We’ll see how her desire for something outside of their children and always supporting his career goes.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved this episode! I’m not really a fan of Noah. It’s probably because Tyler Hilton played Chris Keller, who almost broke up one of my favorite pairings on One Tree Hill way back when. Despite that, I was happy to see Ginny at least try dating. The Bawson build up has been great and now that Mike is staying we’ll have to wait and see how the rookie and the vet deal with their feelings. Sidenote, why does Will have to be so suspect? Next week’s season finale is sure to be dramatic and a can’t miss based on the preview.

Leave your thoughts on this week’s episode of Pitch, “Scratched” in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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