This is the first in a series of articles I’m writing to help promote some of the podcasts I feel are worth your time and I’m sharing these with you in an effort to alleviate your boredom and separate you from the monotony of not listening to entertaining podcasts. I hope you enjoy both the articles and the shows they promote!

trick or treat radio

Trick or Treat Radio is a phantasmagorical spin kick straight through the heart of pop culture navigated by the World’s Greatest Electroshock band, The Deadites. Pencil pusher and producer of media for the Deadites and Trick or Treat Radio Johnny Wolfenstein, the Immortal Gunslinger Dynamo Marz, the Vulgar Guru of Horror and one-time contributor to Horrorhound Magazine Monster Zero, and the official smoke machine of the Deadites Michael Ravenshadow fight monsters, drink booze and win championship belts. This is a podcast that you need to be listening to if you have even the slightest interest in the latest in horror news, movies, and horror pop culture. This eclectic cast of characters is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those with easily-offended sensibilities. But if you like outrageous personalities, incredible guest stars including directors like Kurando Mitsutake (Karate Kill, Gun Woman, Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf), Izzy Lee (Innsmouth, Rites of Vengeance), Jay Lender and Micah Wright (They’re Watching) among others, look no further!

Trick or Treat Radio is a platform in which audience participation is encouraged and can easily change the course of the show’s commentary mid-episode when either a voicemail or chat room response offers insight or perspective outside the hosts’ own observations. This show is broadcast live every Wednesday night on and features a live chat that allows for the real-time interactions like the ones I’ve mentioned above. The shows start at about 9 p.m. EST and are roughly 3-4 hours long depending on the content and the amount of feedback sent in by listeners.

The comments made both by the hosts and the folks in the chat room (as well as any emails to, Tweets via @TheDeadites and voice messages sent in by listeners) will range from the ridiculous, vulgar, obscene, sensational, irrational, insightful, and incredibly funny. When they like a film, they are able to provide you with compelling reasons why, and are certainly not shy about shredding films that they feel fall short in any number of ways. They give credit where credit is due, and also can critique a film’s inadequacies in a civil, respectful manner. The live audience can also chime in with their thoughts as each week’s film is announced in advance to give the audience a chance to view it and weigh in with their thoughts, which are read in real-time by the velvet-voiced Johnny Wolfenstein when they pertain to the subject matter at hand (and sometimes when they don’t). Understandably, he cannot read all the comments, and much of the time folks in the chat room will talk amongst themselves.

Despite the subject matter covered on the show and the way in which it’s covered the group is very friendly and openly encourage fan interaction. The folks in the chat room are the same way, always welcoming new members like friends and treating folks with whom they’ve had long-standing interactions like family. They’re not just podcasters either; The Deadites will be performing their own brand of electroshock music at The Cove Music Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts on Friday, October 13th so if you’re going to be around, definitely come check them out. They’ll also be at the Rock and Shock convention in Worcester Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the 13th- 15th of October) so if you’re headed that way, come by their booth and say hi! Maybe you can even be a part of the live podcast from the convention that weekend.

This is a show I cannot recommend highly enough. I watch it regularly but if you can’t commit that much time to sitting in front of your computer or tablet for that long, you can also listen to them on iTunes, Stitcher, Satchel or whatever your preferred podcast player happens to be. It’s always available as an audio podcast or on YouTube after the live broadcast, so if you miss it, don’t worry – they’re reliable. Like Michael Ravenshadow will tell you, there are three guarantees in life – “Death, taxes, and Trick or Treat Radio every Friday morning.”

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