Now that Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys have officially parted ways, here are a few places I think Dez will end up. For those of you who are questioning the salary-cap implications of this signing, bear in mind that I believe he will receive a one-year “prove it” deal to see if he really is the player that was worthy of the massive deal he received just a few years ago when he was basically uncoverable. It’ll have to be a mighty impressive season, as the receiver is 29 years old and most teams aren’t too keen on giving receivers over 30 massive deals. That being said, here are some possible landing spots that I think would make sense for Dez Bryant to continue his career.

Destinations for Dez Bryant

Destinations for Dez Bryant

New England Patriots – Why wouldn’t you kick the tires on Dez if you’re Bill Belichick? A one-year deal playing with Tom Brady would do wonders for any talented receiver looking to prove they still have the skill worthy of a massive deal.

New York Giants – A one-two punch of Dez and Odell Beckham Jr? That would be a great plan for the Giants because not only would it maximize the rapidly-shrinking window of Eli Manning, it would also help mitigate the truly awful play of the Giants’ offensive line. When you need to dedicate most of your defensive players to covering dynamic receivers, you can’t spend a lot of time blitzing, and this would certainly give the G-Men a fighting chance in any game. Plus he’d have the added benefit of playing the Cowboys twice a year.

Philadelphia Eagles – He’d have to take a team-friendly deal, but I think he might believe it worthwhile in order to stick it to his former team twice a year while also playing for the defending Super Bowl champions. They have the quarterback and the defense to make another run at a title, and Dez can show that he’s a team, player while not needed to be the focal point of the offense.

Oakland Raiders – Okay this one is more wishful thinking on my part, as a Raiders fan, I’d love to see Dez and Amari Cooper on the outside with Jordy Nelson in the slot. That might be appealing to Dez as well, as the Raiders team that was able to feature that type of offense would be a force to reckon with and would be able to put up points with any team in the league, with Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin in the backfield and Derek Carr running the offense behind maybe the best line in the league. Again, it would have to be a team-friendly deal but if you’re looking to show what kind of player you are, this might not be a bad option.

Minnesota Vikings – Another team that could certainly use one more weapon, despite having plenty. Like Philadelphia, the Vikings have the defense capable of carrying a team to a championship, and with the league’s fascination with Kirk Cousins (which I personally don’t understand and I don’t think he’s the savior everyone else seems to think he is) coupled with Dez’s familiarity with him having played against him for the past several years, this might be an intriguing choice.

New Orleans Saints – Great defense, a Hall of Fame quarterback that doesn’t seem to be declining and a supporting cast of good but not great offensive players the Saints would be a great fit for Dez. He’d instantly be the best receiver they have (nothing against the current crop, or the backs who feature heavily in the passing game) and elevate everyone else because of how devastating the offense would be. With so many high-quality options in the passing game, the Saints could potentially set all kinds of records.

Atlanta Falcons – A playoff-tested team with a decent defense, talented running back and MVP-caliber quarterback. Dez on one side with Julio Jones on the other? That would be a potent offense, recreating what Atlanta had with Julio and Roddy White. They’d be a matchup nightmare.

All in all, I’d say Dez would be a great fit on any of these teams. You never know with this league, though. Perhaps the Jets throw a ton of guaranteed money at him and he figures that he’d rather make his money than be on a winning team. Maybe he waits to see what happens with OBJ to see what the market dictates and is fine with biding his time on a one-year deal until the market becomes apparent. This would be very similar to what he did the last time he signed a big deal, waiting to see what Demaryius Thomas got from the Broncos, and both deals being very similar (Dez got 5 years and $70 million). But Dez has a lot to prove right now, and only time will tell if he regains his form and becomes the dominant player he once was.

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