It’s pretty clear that this new Power Rangers film we’re getting is no remake of the classic 1995 version we remember as kids. The technology over the last 21-22 years has advanced in ways that we 90’s babies were not ready for. We are getting our 5 favorite teenagers back, albeit through the 6 years the TV show ran, the faces were switched a few times. Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly are back with a vengeance. This reboot of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or “Power Rangers” (blaaaaaaaaaaah) looks to be simply amazing. Rita Repulsa is back, Zordon and Alpha 5 are also returning.Power Rangers OOze

This movie has pure nostalgia written all over it. There is ONE character that I’m very curious about whether we will see him or not at all. That character is none other than the original Purple Drank Man (excuse my Houston lingo), Ivan Ooze. Ivan Ooze in my opinion is the Thanos or Darkseid of the Power Rangers universe. Ivan was such a badass he made his own Megazord, put the TV show villains in a snow globe, and had every parent in Angel Grove in zombie mode. He makes wearing purple seem like the manliest thing on the planet. The purple Wizard that could take goo and transform it into walking/talking Ravens needs to return to us soon.

Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Goldar all were basically turned into minions upon Ivan Ooze’s arrival. I’m writing about Ivan Ooze because he should be brought into the reboot slowly and appear as the “Big Villain” at some point. Maybe we get a saga and in the last installment, we get Ooze. It wouldn’t only complete the saga, as there were really no villains as big as Ooze and he’s the most memorable. We don’t necessarily need a post-credit scene pertaining to Ooze in each movie, but Dean Israealite and his writers could give us easter eggs or small scenes about Ooze. Even a scene about how Ivan Ooze ended up in the egg he oozed out of would be cool before fully introducing him. I just personally feel like you can’t reboot the Power Rangers and leave out the universe’s most badass villain in the process.

Here’s my idea of how Ooze should be introduced:

1st film, Of course you have Rita. Rita’s pretty badass. At some point in the film (specifically the end), give us something pertaining to the egg. Alpha 5 could be on the computer, and stumble across an article about a mysterious egg scribed into an ancient stone. “Ay-Yi-Yi! Zordon, the humans have stumbled across writings of the egg.” End movie.

Movie 2, introduce Lord Zedd and Goldar. They battle the Rangers and lose. Rita, Zedd, and Goldar must then make a decision on how they want to handle the Rangers. Zedd brings up the egg, but Rita denies his request. She then states that she has her own idea. She has a map and on the map is the way to the egg. Rita says, “We need to create our Ranger.” She throws the map away and states, “I’ve always loved the color green.” End movie.

3rd movie, we get the Green Ranger. He loses to the Rangers as well. Leaving The trio with no other option than Ivan Ooze. We get a really cool flashback of the original group of Rangers that put Ivan away the first time. They’re laid out and beaten purple goo everywhere… End movie.

4th installment, we finally get Ivan Ooze. Rita Repulsa finally has enough of losing to the Rangers. She gives in to Lord Zedd’s idea about Ivan Ooze. She has her minions dig up the egg. Rita cracks the egg, and Ivan Ooze, oozes out of the egg. He’s finally released, and unleashes a purple hell upon Earth. The Power Rangers must gather themselves for this epic battle… Zordon has been preparing them for this very moment. We even get reintroduced to Tommy and Dulcea, they enter the film to help the Rangers defeat Ooze. Together all 7 characters unite to destroy Ooze and save Angel Grove/The world from his evil plot.

Personally, I think that sounds like 4 epic Power Rangers films. I mean, if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Give us the villains we deserve, and ultimately give us the build up we need. Yes, I know my article focused on Ivan Ooze, but I’d also love to see Lord Zedd, Goldar, and the Green Ranger come back. As a 90s baby, and a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan… I say, this is everything we could ever want.


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