For those of you that live under a rock UFC 198 is Saturday night 10pm Eastern Time LIVE ON PPV.

In this article I will give my prediction for the top three fights on the main card of UFC 198. These fights in my eyes, are the best three fights on the main card. But I can’t ignore the return of a legend. Shogun Rua vs Corey Anderson will be a good one, Demian Maia vs Matt Brown on the under card on Fox Sports 1 as a fan I can’t understand why that fight would be on TV. I see Rua winning vs Corey Anderson in a blast from the past knockout in the 2nd round. Maia vs Brown will be an outright battle of will, heart and determination between two of the most underrated Welterweights in the UFC. This is the toughest fight for me to call, but I see Brown winning by decision.

Unfortunately Silva vs Hall is off the books. But there are still plenty of great fights slated for Saturday night. These 3 fights in particular are my favorite on the UFC 198 Card

Main Event

UFC 198

Fabricio Werdum vs Stipe Miocic

This fight is a tough one to call. Miocic looked scary in his fight with Andrei Arlovski, blitzing the former heavyweight champion and forcing him to crumble to the canvas with ease. But unfortunately for Miocic, Werdum is not Arlovski. What Fabricio Werdum has done in his 2nd stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship will go down in history as one of the best runs inside the octagon. In his last fight (a title bout) with Cain Velasquez, Werdum’s skills in each and every discipline really came together. Werdum has always been a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu STUD but his boxing was on point. Cain blamed the altitude which could be true but I feel this was a fight for Velasquez doomed from the start. In my eyes, Cain was very confident in his boxing and quite possibly could have underestimated Werdum. After battering Cain on their feet, Werdum finished him with a rear naked choke after an ill-advised desperation wrestling shoot from Cain. Now I won’t say Miocic has no chance, he has what is commonly referred to as a “punchers chance”. I fear if Miocic were to try to take down the Champion it could be the end very quickly for Miocic. Stipe needs to keep the fight off the ground and even then, after watching the performances of Werdum vs Travis Browne, Mark Hunt and Velasquez I personally see this being a tough fight for Miocic.

Prediction: Werdum 3rd round submission

Co Main Event


Jacara Souza vs Vitor Belfort

This is a very important Middleweight (185lb) clash. After losing a questionable decision to Yoel Romero, Jacare Souza looks to get back into the win column vs Vitor Belfort, one of the longest tenured fighters in the sport. Belfort looks to win once again on home soil. As a fan I don’t believe Vitor should even be in the UFC after all of the doping and TRT violations associated with his career…one would think the UFC would have had enough by now. But set to fight in what feels like his 50th fight with the promotion, Vitor is still ranked as a top 5 middleweight. I want this sport to be held in high regard with no doubt left in our minds that the “real” Vitor Belfort won all of his fights not the ” TRT Vitor Belfort”. You can take away every accomplishment he has ever had but at the same time I don’t hold him in high regard being a proven cheater of the sport. Souza is the younger, hungrier, and well-disciplined fighter out of the two. I feel that will give him the edge. I can’t help but wonder what Vitor will show up the Vitor vs Rockhold or the Vitor vs Weidman.

Prediction: Souza winner by Unanimous Decision

(Favorite Fight)

Cyborg Santos vs Leslie Smith

This fight is so much FUN I can’t wait as a fan to see Cyborg Santos debut inside the UFC Octagon in this 140lb catchweight fight with the always game Leslie Smith. This debut is WAY OVERDUE. Cyborg should be entering her 5th or 6th fight in the UFC in my eyes. She is a pioneer in WMMA much like Miesha Tate, Gina Carano, and Ronda Rousey. For those of you that think Ronda alone was responsible for bringing women to the mainstream in Mixed Martial Arts think again. The Strikeforce: Carano vs Cyborg event way back in August of 2009 was a HUGE event for not only the Women’s division, but for the sport of MMA. Cyborg was a star that night, finishing the fight in the last second of the very first round and sending the poster woman (Carano) into retirement and the bright lights of Hollywood. Since the merger of Strikeforce and the UFC, Cyborg has been fighting for Invicta Fighting Championships, an all-women’s fighting organization. Santos has utterly dominated her competition running through every girl they put in front of her. Although she also has had positive drug tests over the course of her career. So once again with USADA throwing down the gauntlet will Cyborg be the same. In this case I think so. Leslie Smith is a durable fighter, but Cyborg is too strong and too powerful.

Prediction: Cyborg 2nd round TKO


That’s my prediction for UFC 198 stay tuned for the sequel to this article. The Thomas Transition: UFC 198. In that article I will give my prediction on what should be next for the winners and losers of UFC 198.

 ThomasMMARecent PostsMMA,UFC,UFC 198For those of you that live under a rock UFC 198 is Saturday night 10pm Eastern Time LIVE ON PPV. In this article I will give my prediction for the top three fights on the main card of UFC 198. These fights in my eyes, are the best three fights...