Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

Tonight was the end of an era. One of the most watched shows on television, Pretty Little Liars has officially come to an end. But not before shocking us all just one last time.

The episode opens with Hannah, Spencer, Aria, Alison and Emily sitting at a table with dresses on reminiscing on when they found out who A.D. was. It quickly becomes obvious that this is a fantasy when Lucas comes by in a suit, top hat and cane and then Jenna rides by on a horse. We then come to find that Mona is looking in  snow globe and the girls is what she sees. It is a clever homage to St. Elsewhere. A.D. shows up in front of Mona and it is assumed that A.D. reveals themself to her.

One year later finds the girls living life A.D. free. Aria is two days away from marrying Ezra. Alison and Emily are doing well raising their twins. Hannah and Caleb are happily married except for the Mona problem. And Spencer has reconnected with Melissa and is taking care of horses. Toby has come back in town for Aria and Ezra’s wedding and it is clear they’re going to reconnect.

Caleb is incredibly unhappy that Hannah continues to try to take care of Mona after everything she’s done. He doesn’t trust that she’s getting better and he definitely doesn’t want Mona living with them when they’re trying to start their life together. Though Mona does seem to be getting better, there is still something suspicious about her, and Caleb knows it.

Alison is keeping a secret from Emily that Mrs. Fields is in on and she’s not doing such a good job at hiding that she’s feeling uneasy about something. She’s also dealing with a student who carbon copy of how she was in high school named Addison, who is put in her place by both Alison and Jenna who is now the Life Skills teacher at Rosewood High.

Spencer and Alison have completely transformed the Lost Woods Resort where they hold a bachelor-bachelorette party for Aria and Ezra, who are extremely excited about their upcoming nuptials. This causes Hannah to feel less than secure in her own marriage. As the group talks, a black hoodie watches them and when they turn around it’s Melissa.

The couples decide to go to bed. Things heat up between Aria and Ezra and Alison and Emily, while Hannah and Caleb fight about having children. They both want them, but Caleb feels as though if Mona continues to be in their lives they will never be ready for children. Hannah is not ready to give up on Mona just yet.

Aria receives a call late at night that leaves her in tears. She calls on the other girls for support and states she can’t marry Ezra now. Once again, Melissa is watching them, but it’s actually a mask that Mona is hiding under. We come to find out that Aria cannot have children. Ezra is completely supportive and says they will find a way to make it work.

Tensions rise at Aria and Ezra’s rehearsal dinner. Hannah brings Mona, which upsets everyone, including her mother. Ashley tells Hannah that even though she’s always on her side, she thinks she’s wrong about Mona and should listen to Caleb. Emily sees an exchange between her mother and Alison and is upset and suspicious about what they were talking about. Ella voices her frustrations of having to deal with Ezra’s mother and Ezra finally gets Mr. Montgomery’s blessing. When Ezra finds out that Aria has known for some time that she couldn’t have kids without telling him he’s upset and walks off.

When they are home Emily confronts Alison about whispering with her mother and after she dodges the question, she gives up and shows Emily that she has her grandmother’s ring. She had planned to propose to Emily and even though it isn’t the perfect moment, it’s still beautiful and memorable.

After sleeping with Toby, Spencer finds Mona in her home and she knocks her out. She wakes up for a moment and sees her mother, Mary Drake, who sedates her. When she wakes up she sees herself in a mirror, only it isn’t a mirror, its her twin! Her twin whose name is Alex Drake (A.D.) goes on to explain how she was discovered by Wren in a bar in London. At first glance he thinks it’s Spencer but he quickly realizes it isn’t.

Wren tells her basically everything about Spencer, her friends, and A. When Alex finds out she has a sister, she’s ecstatic and she loves CeCe, but despises Spencer because she grew up with a family and friends who would do anything for her. We get flashbacks of her pretending to be Spencer with Toby several times and even with Ezra at the airport. Alex leaves Spencer locked up and goes to Aria’s wedding posing as her.

Ezra has not showed up for the wedding, concerning Aria and the others. He won’t answer his phone and no one has seen him. Eventually Aria realizes that she has to call off the wedding and accept that Ezra no longer want to marry her.

Spencer talks to her mother, Mary Drake who informs her that she didn’t know that Alex was alive the whole time and that she has promised that she wouldn’t hurt Spencer. After begging her to help her escape, Mary refuses, but Spencer manages to steal a bobby pin. While attempting to escape Spencer sees that Alex has someone else has locked up. Ezra. He saw her when he wasn’t supposed to, which resulted in her having to knock him out.

Outside the bunker, the other girls are starting to think that Ezra didn’t mean to leave Aria at the alter. He hasn’t packed up any of his clothes, his car is parked at The Radley, and he even had a hot air balloon ride set up for their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Alex posing as Spencer is spending time with her adoptive mother, who has a meeting with Jenna. After speaking with Alex, Jenna knows she’s not Spencer and calls Toby who informs her friends.

Alex tells Spencer the whole story. Including Cece never returning to London because she was caught and then killed by Mona. She also reveals that she had Wren shoot her in the exact place that Spencer was shot so when the time came she could completely assume her life. Because Wren couldn’t deal with Alex’s obsession with becoming Spencer, she killed him. She tells Spencer her plans to kill Ezra because he knows too much.

When she leaves, Spencer and Ezra manage to escape their cells and try to find a way out of the bunker, meanwhile Toby has informed the others that Spencer is not in fact Spencer and that she must have a twin. Mona joins the others, admitting that she joined A.D.’s team to bring her down and she helps the others find the location of the bunker.

Once Alex finds out Ezra and Spencer are missing she chases after them. She and Spencer are in a fight when the others show up. There’s confusion about who is the real Spencer, but Toby solves it by asking what Spencer’s favorite poem and Alex is arrested.

Aria and Ezra’s wedding goes off without a hitch and before they departure on their honeymoon, Hannah tells her friends that she’s pregnant. She’s hesitant to share the news because she doesn’t want Aria to feel bad, but Aria has now come to terms with her not being able have children and she and Ezra have decided to adopt when the time comes.

They aren’t the only ones who get their happy ending. Mona is living in France and has a doll shop and a gorgeous French boyfriend. Below her shop she has a bunker that holds Mary Drake and Alex and she revels in the fact that finally she is the one playing with dolls.

The finale ends the exact same way the series started. Addison and her friends are having a sleepover and when the other girls wake up, Addison is gone and her friend says “I think I heard her scream.” Maybe Addison is just playing with them or maybe the cycle is continuing…

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