Rasheem Green Draft Profile

Rasheem Green draft profile


  • Movements are fluid and athletic
  • Size
  • Has initial quickness to disrupt into gaps
  • Has tools, traits and talent as a rusher
  • Footwork
  • Looks to knock passes down when rush stalls
  • Hand slaps can be violent and effective at punishing blocker’s initial punch
  • Lateral burst

Analysis: Rasheem Green is a former five-star recruit who is a future NFL five-technique due to his size, strength, length, and agility. Green started all 14 games at defensive tackle in 2017, garnering first-team All-Pac-12 honors after leading his team with 12.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks and being credited with 43 total tackles and four pass breakups. He has the size you look for in the position. His initial burst is explosive and he can disrupt plays quickly diving himself into gaps before the offensive lineman know what hit them. At times, Green has one of the more punishing hand slaps while rushing the passer–it is violent and very effective–however, he does not utilize it nearly enough. Footwork is still a work in progress but his film shows the potential for him to be a dynamic pass rusher at the next level with some fine tuning and proper coaching.


  • Play strength is disappointing
  • Focuses on battle in front of him rather than playing beyond it
  • Struggles to find the football
  • Rush can be too “down the middle” and predictable
  • Doesn’t play with square pads and gets rolled off his spot and into the turf by down blocks

Analysis: Despite his stellar play with the Trojans, Rasheem Green is severely lacking in the strength department and it will be noticeable when he steps on an NFL field. He will need to dedicate himself to the weight room. On tape, Green often focuses too much on his 1-on-1 matchup with the opposing offensive lineman rather than keeping his eye on the football. That focus on his man takes him out of the play completely. His pass rush can become predictable at times, too much of a straight line rush rather than having some counter moves in his back pocket he can go to. This is even more surprising because he has an impressive lateral burst. Needs to focus on pad level.

What the scouts say: “I wanted him to go back to school because he probably would have been a top-10 pick next year. He’s not strong enough to handle NFL guys yet so this year may be a redshirt year for him. He’s got some serious juice though. He’s going to be a dude when it all comes together.” — AFC team regional scout

Size: 6’5 275lbs

Draft Rank: No.4 DE

NFL Comparison: Adrian Clayborn

Draft Projection: Round 2

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