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Detroit is making some changes for the 2016-2017 season, their last at Joe Louis Arena. According to the Detroit Free Press Red Wings GM Ken Holland said “Brad Richards and Kyle Quincey that I definitely won’t sign them before July 1, if at all.” They might not be the only players who could be out of Detroit. Drew Miller and Darren Helm are two other players than Holland said he will have to talk to in the future to see if there is a fit with them anymore. Drew Miller is coming off a season ending injury which he suffered in January.

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Back to Richards and Quincey. Richards not coming back doesn’t come as a surprise to many fans of the team. He was brought in for experience and help scoring. Last year for the Red Wings he played in 68 games, scoring 10 times and getting 18 assists, ending with 28 points. Richards is also 36 years old, which is tied for second oldest on the team, behind the possibly retiring center Pavel Datysuk and the IR player Johan Franzen. Richards wasn’t a bad player when in Detroit, but moving on from him is the correct move. The Red Wings need younger players on the roster and getting rid of Richards is one step to achieving that.

kyle quinceyKyle Quincey is the other player that isn’t returning to Detroit. His production value and effort on the ice won’t be missed by fans. Last year he only played in 47 games, ending with four goals, seven assists, ending with 11 points. Quincey never could be consistent. He seemed to misplace the puck and while defenseman aren’t known for scoring or putting up wild numbers, and since he returned to Detroit in 2011, Quincey’s best year was 18 points, while better it still isn’t impressive. Quincey is also 30 years old, while that isn’t the main factor, the Red Wings could still want more young players on the roster and with Xavier Ouellet having a good shot of making the team next year, Detroit could also look at free agency to help fill the void with a better player around Quincey’s age or someone younger to take a risk with.

Who could the Red Wings target in free agency?

While it is too soon to do a list of players Detroit could target in free agency with the playoffs still going on, there are three defenseman the Red Wings could target if they have the money and if the player is interested in coming to Detroit. They would be a good replacement for Quincey.

jason demers dallas starsJason Demers – Dallas Stars

Demers is a right handed defenseman, something Detroit doesn’t have much of and addressed somewhat last off-season with Mike Green. Demers played in 75 games, scoring seven times and getting 19 assists, ending with 26 points. He also has a 16 rating, the third highest on the Stars last year, so when he is on the ice good things happen. Demers is 6’1 while not the tallest defenseman, he still has some height on him. His production is low, but way better than Quincey. Demers is also 27 years old, so a two or three year deal with him wouldn’t be bad either.

alex goligoski dallas stars

Alex Goligoski – Dallas Stars

Another Star is on this small list. Goligoski played in all 95 games last season and ended with nine goals and 35 assists, ending with 44 points. Goligoski is the same age as Quincey, so he won’t be younger and he is a left handed shot, something the Red Wings have enough of. He is also only 5’11, a little short for a defenseman. Either way though, Goligoski can put up numbers. Adding him to the defensive line would be a great addition to Detroit, and with Niklas Kronwall getting older and having a nagging knee injury, Goligoski could be the next man up as the best defenseman on the team. He won’t be cheap either.

keith yandle rangersKeith Yandle – New York Rangers

Goligoski won’t be the only expensive option for Detroit. Yandle is coming off a 5 year $26.5 million contract and he is turning 30 this year. While he is getting older, Yandle can still produce and that will make his asking price go up even higher. Last season Yandle played in in 87 games, ending with six goals and 42 assists, ending with 48 points. Yandle is 6’1 and a left shot, so he is just an inch shorter than Quincey and can produce huge numbers. Detroit tried to get Yandle in a trade when he was still in Phoenix, but he ended up getting traded to the Rangers. Detroit now has the chance to talk to him and possibly make him a member of the team without giving anything up except for a lot of money. If Detroit wants to be back in the Stanley Cup hunt, even though they have been in the playoffs 25 straight years, they haven’t made it out of the second round since 2009, the year they lost in the finals to Pittsburgh, they need Yandle on this team. It is either him or Stamkos, pick which player you would spend most of the cap on because getting both will be very, very unlikely.


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