Alright ladies and gents, story time here with Mr. “Man Up”. Week 10 of the NFL features a Sunday night game between the New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos. Trevor Siemian is no longer the starter, so now we have Brock Osweiler starting at quarterback, so it reminded of the time these two went head-to-head, not that long ago. Grab your hot chocolate, grab a snack, turn off the TV and gather around for a story. Let’s go back two years ago on a cold fall night in Denver, Colorado, where we got to witness a classic grid iron game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos back in Week 12, 2015.

It was Sunday, November 29, a Sunday night game. Gary Kubiak was the head coach at the time, and Wade Phillips was the defensive coordinator. This was the tail-end of Peyton Manning’s illustrious career, and of course since stepping in under the helm for the Broncos wearing orange crush colors, Manning was killing it as usual. The Broncos got off to a hot start. Denver won seven straight before dropping back-to-back games against the Colts, and Manning returned to where it all started for him, and then again to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 10.

This was the season where Peyton Manning missed six games due to a partial tear of the plantar fascia in his left foot, and well at times it looked like he was done, because that Denver defense at the time carried the offense the majority of the season to be fair. It was his worst season statically since his rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts, so when Manning was sidelined we saw the debut of this 6’7 243 lb guy out of Arizona State University step in for the future hall-of-famer. Brock Osweiler wasn’t the worst backup at the time, especially because he didn’t need to carry the team if the defense had a slip up. Fast forward to Week 12, the 10-0 New England Patriots were coming to town.

Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola did not play, so you figured that this vicious Denver defense would strap Gronk down but no, Gronk would go on to make history that night and he finished with 6 catches, 88 yards and a touchdown. Brady also tossed three touchdowns for 280 yards, but the Broncos stormed back. Headed into the fourth quarter on that snowy night everything was going right for the Patriots as they were up 21-7 until C.J. Anderson scored his first touchdown of the game, to cut the lead to seven. Going forward, add a Brian McManus field goal, but the Patriots still held the lead as it was 21-7 with the time winding down. Demaryius Thomas was quiet all night till he made his first catch for a huge gain just before the 2-minute warning, and with a little over a minute left, Brock Osweiler threw a dagger to Andre Caldwell for the touchdown to take the lead!

With very little time Stephen Gostkowski hit a crucial 47 yarder to tie the game and now were headed for overtime. Two and a half minutes into the drive C.J. Anderson takes it to the house for a monstrous run, and just like that it was over. The Patriots were now 10-1, and that Broncos win 30-24 giving Osweiler the win over Tom Brady. This game had it all. Neither team let the foot off the pedal. Emmanuel Sanders led led the team that night with 6 catches, 113 yards no touchdown, and Anderson had 113 rushing yards after that overtime run.

Everything looks all fine and dandy till Peyton Manning decided he was ready to come back, which was when it all derailed for Brock Osweiler. Brock threw a fit, he took shots at Manning, and rightfully so he had a point, but at the end of the day John Elway, and Kubiak let it be known that Manning was the man, they’d go on to have another classic game with the Patriots in another classic Brady vs Manning showdown, then Peyton got carried to his second Super Bowl championship as Von Miller terrorized Cam Newton all night. Since then Osweiler robbed the Houston Texans of $72 millions, which obviously he didn’t get all of it, and would start for the Texans, but that didn’t workout very much as he threw more INT’s than he did touchdowns 15/16 with a percentage of 59% and was eventually benched for Tom Savage. The Browns took Osweiler in the 2017 offseason, and cut him before the regular season, and well the Broncos welcomed him back with open arms, and just recently he got destroyed by the Eagles. Time comes at you fast in the NFL, but at least we can ask “Remember that one time Brock Osweiler beat the Patriots“?



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