Review for Art of Books: Comics Edition

Heading into the new year. Here are some Art of books I suggest everyone to check out. Please keep in mind that this is a review and suggestion on which books to check out. The ranking in no way suggest which ones I feel are better than others. This list is in the order of current to older release books. Hope you enjoy.

The Art of JOCK by Will Dennis and Jock (2016)

the art of jock
Released on September 20, 2016. The Art of JOCK is by far one of the most dare I say beautifully put together book. That displays the unique work of Mark Simpson, well known by Jock. It contains notes from Jock himself with the insight of his process on working on sketches and sequential art. Keep in mind this book only showcases the best and highly stunning work of Jock. It does not display all of his work. The book however does come with extras such as gate-fold and additional overlays that help show you as a comic lover, Jock’s process. As a long time fan of Jock I found myself giddy with joy. As an artist I can not express the true impact and beauty of getting to know the name Jock. This book is a great inspiration to artist and comic book lovers.

This book is around 160 pages and contains an Afterward by Scott Snyder (Black Mirror, Batman, American Vampire) with an introduction by Jim Lee.

The Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil’s in the Details (2013)

the art of todd mcfarlane
Released in 2013, The Art of Todd McFarlane is not only a fantastic book that showcases the amazing work of comic artist and entrepreneur; Todd McFarlane. It is a must have for any aspiring comic book artist. This book not only shows the work of McFarlane but also reads like an autobiography. It contains plenty of commentary from big daddy McFarlane, that us true comic book enthusiast love about him. In this book he shows his documents of the struggle of becoming one of the most respected comic book artist / business man of this decade. This is one book any artist should have on their shelf. It plays as a constant reminder that you will be told NO in this industry hundreds of times but that does not mean you can’t or will not be great.

The book is colored and contains around 400 pages. In here you will see some of the 700 rejection letters sent to him and rare art from him.

Rough Justice: The DC Comics Sketches of Alex Ross (2010)

alex ross rough justicealex ross rough justice
There have been quite a few of art books and sketch books from Alex Ross. I only selected to showcase this one. Not that the others are not great cause they are for the most part fantastic books. However, this one is fantastic! Alex Ross as we all know the name is known for his extremely ultra-realistic style when it comes to our favorite characters. This books showcases both sketches, concept art, and paintings. The name Rough Justice says it all, that is right! The whole book showcases members from the Justice League and JSA.

The book contains 224 pages.

The Art of Greg Capullo (2007)

the art of greg capullo

Released in 2007, The Art of Greg Capullo contains fantastic digital art pieces from the man himself. The book itself is nice and I hope that Capullo has one released in the upcoming future. However, this is a great art work for any Capullo fan. Yes, it is an older release but I no doubt state that Capullo will always be a fantastic artist. Keep in mind that this book does not showcase a whole lot of comic book sketches and it does not show sequential art. However, It does showcase his other talents as an artist and how he visually captures a reader when it comes to a full page. There are some people that may be a bit discouraged on this book because there is no sequential art. DO NOT let this discourage you as a fan of Capullo, because as you and I both know having anything that showcases his art is by itself a gift.

The book is 120 pages and published by Image Comics.

Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose is Freelance comic book artist | Illustrator, featured in the San Diego International Comic Con book and known for several horror anthology stories under different independent comics such as About Time Comics.

Born in Corpus Christi, TX, she started her craftsmanship’s as a classical artist trained under an apprenticeship from an award winning tattoo artist Carl Alexander in Texas. She then went on and attended The Art Institute graduating in Graphic Design & Illustration. It was her move to Atlanta, GA that helped to propel her future forward. Ashley was able to work as an artist for Chronicles of Terror, Union Line, and have pin up art featured in About Time Comics- Godsend. There have also been many featured galleries on websites, including We the Nerdy and The Bronze Review.

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