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Scott Snyder, is one of the best-selling comic book writers. He has been published with DC Comics and Image comics. I can only describe Snyder’s writing as breathtaking, somewhat jaded, and dare I say completely beautiful. He has a wonderful way of expressing mystery, suspense, and terror. If you have given up on comics or want to come back to this literary art form. Please check out the following from Scott Snyder.


the black mirror

Batman: The Black Mirror -Art by: Jock and FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA

The Black Mirror is by far one of my favorite Batman stories to ever be written. The Black Mirror is the collection of Detective Comics #871-881. In this story Dick is Batman and he needs to confront the evils of Gotham. The Joker does appear but he is not the main villain since he knows that this is not “his” darling. He knows that Dick has been wearing the cowl for a year. The story is entertaining and epic, the biggest mystery is that the journey of mirrors is not for Dick but for Jim Gordon. You receive plenty of back story on Jim’s son. If you have not read The Black Mirror be prepared to not put it down. The art is eerie and adds to the suspense of the book. This book is flawless from Snyder.


gates of gotham
Batman: Gates of Gotham -by SCOTT SNYDER (Author), KYLE HIGGINS (Author), TREVOR MCCARTHY(Art)

I have includes Gates of Gotham, because of the value of it. This book is important, it describes the history of Gotham. This was a mini-series but I feel that it helps you as a reader appreciate Court of The Owls more. Gates of Gotham is one Batman story that deserves some time and attention. The book allows readers to view the historical background of Gotham and the families- the Waynes, the Cobblepots, the Elliots. Batman has to team up with the robins (Red Robin and Robin) to stop a madman with a ton of explosives.

court of owls
Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls (The New 52) Greg Capullo (Art)

The Court of Owls is incredible and ground breaking. As an adult this story had me in fear while reading it. Batman thinks he knows the city but it’s clear it is not his city. He is loosing his grip and mind with his war on crime in Gotham. There is an urban legend about the court that he remembers as a child. The Court of Owls has controlled Gotham City for centuries. There is a secret that Bruce finds out but it is not the one he expects. He believed for so long that the court was responsible for his parents deaths. This story was thrilling, frightening, and suspenseful. I loved every minute of it!
“Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time,
Ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.
They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed.
Speak not a whispered word about them, or they’ll send the Talon for your head.”


death of the family


The Joker returns after having his face cut off a year ago. He comes back to Gotham wanting to bring Batman to his old ways. How? By planning and re-doing some of his crimes he first committed. The Joker truly believes that his rouges gallery is Batman’s family and the Bat-family is just in the way. They could never truly love him like his rouges gallery can. Joker expresses his love for his “darling” in this series. The Joker feels the Bat-family is making him weak. The Joker is chaotic and a force that over powers the story with fear.


american vampire

American Vampire Vol 1- by Scott Snyder & Stephen King, Rafael Albuquerque (Art)

The volume includes one story by Snyder and one by King. Snyder’s story takes place in LA in the 1920s. Pearl, who is turned into a vampire goes on the path of revenge against the vampires who abused her. The second tale from King, follows a western vampire named Skinner Sweat. The two meet in the 1920s ,Skinner Sweat offers her the opportunity of revenge. American Vampire is filled with horror, death, and vampires. Horror fans would love to sink their teeth into this book. Rafael Albuquerque’s artwork adds to the nightmares in stored to this comic series. It is one of the most original vampire stories to be written.


There are too many stories written by Scott Snyder. These are just a few I enjoy and hope you will enjoy them as well. Once again I am Ashley Rose you can Follow me via Twitter @Aapplero5e  signing out wishing a happy birthday to a very inspirational writer Mr. Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) , Born on January 15 , please wish him one as well.

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Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose is Freelance comic book artist | Illustrator, featured in the San Diego International Comic Con book and known for several horror anthology stories under different independent comics such as About Time Comics.

Born in Corpus Christi, TX, she started her craftsmanship’s as a classical artist trained under an apprenticeship from an award winning tattoo artist Carl Alexander in Texas. She then went on and attended The Art Institute graduating in Graphic Design & Illustration. It was her move to Atlanta, GA that helped to propel her future forward. Ashley was able to work as an artist for Chronicles of Terror, Union Line, and have pin up art featured in About Time Comics- Godsend. There have also been many featured galleries on websites, including We the Nerdy and The Bronze Review.

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