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Riverdale episode 2 was aired last night, and as promised in the closing of the pilot, we saw who was arrested after the body of Jason Blossom was found during the weekend.

Archie and Betty were not on speaking terms, as the two had a falling out when Archie couldn’t tell Betty that he loved her when she was expecting it. Betty was also not talking to Veronica, who made out with Archie in a closet, and Veronica was taking it pretty hard as well. Archie then goes to Miss Grundy after Betty refuses to talk to him and he starts to insist that they go to the authorities about the death of Jason. Miss Grundy still refuses to do so, and Archie is even more of a state of despair.

The next day, Betty believes that she can handle she and Archie being friends, and Veronica tries she can stay on Betty’s good side. Unfortunately for the pair of them, Betty breaks down after Archie sings them a song, and she goes further to spend time with Cheryl Blossom, even after Veronica apologizes and hits her with the truth that maybe she and Archie aren’t meant to be. Betty then finds out tha Cheryl only said yes to them spending time together so she can question her about her sister, who has a past with Jason. Cheryl accuses Polly, Betty’s sister, of shooting Jason in the head, and Betty, finally having enough, kicks her out of the house. Meanwhile, Jughead finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy while snooping on them at school, while Archie was again trying to convince her that they should go to the authorities. Jughead confronts his so-called best friend, and Archie admits to both crimes of being in a relationship with Miss Grundy and knowing something about the death of Jason. This pushes Jughead to challenge Archie’s character, making him feel much worse.

At school, Reggie is trying to provoke anyone to confess about the shooting of Jason, including how Moose and Kevin were the ones who discovered the body on their unplanned rendezvous that semi-formal weekend, and Jughead, as he is the outsider of Riverdale High. Archie comes to his rescue and gets punched by Reggie, showing his loyalty to his old friend. As most CW shows go and need a parental guide at least once in every episode, we see that Archie approaches his dad about his problems without being too specific, and it helps him make the final decision to discuss with the authorities what he knows about the death of Jason. At the pep rally, Jughead and Archie reconcile, as do Betty and Veronica, post-drama with Cheryl, who runs off the field when she sees Archie and is reminded of her twin. Veronica goes to comfort her, and the seemingly rivals make a truce. Betty and Veronica go off the Pop’s for milkshakes and are joined by Jughead and Archie.

In the last moments, it is revealed that Cheryl Blossom is the first to be arrested for the death of her brother, just when Archie was about to confess his knowledge about the gunshot he and Miss Grundy heard that morning. It turns out that something was found in the body as Jason’s body was autopsied, and Cheryl almost confesses her guilt, though we do not know why she feels that way. Jughead them closes out the narration with the statement of a fact that Jason was actually killed over that entire week, and not only the fourth of July, as they all thought.

Riverdale just seems to be getting better, intrigue-wise. I felt that this episode was very Betty-centric, dealing with her feelings and her relationships, and even the pressure she gets from her mother. A defining moment for her was when she was talking to her mom and her mom mentions that “Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews are going to keep hurting her and when is she going to learn.” Betty replies, “when she does learn.” She totally steps up to her mother, Cheryl, and gets the strength to fix her relationships with Veronica and Archie. True, these temporary moments of happiness and bliss with her friends may be short-lived, and definitely we are going to see some real drama with her and Veronica, as they both are into Archie, but for now, it was nice to see some of her character development.

I also loved how Jughead was featured a bit in this episode, and he has officially become the narrator for the series at the moment. He had a touching moment with the three other main characters, observing his best friend with two lovely ladies. Going to be interesting how these four friends and their dynamic works out.

Lastly, I tell you, Veronica Lodge can do no wrong. I love everything about her character and she is just so refreshing to watch, starkly contrasting to the other characters, especially Betty and Archie. Veronica and Archie have real chemistry going on, and I cannot wait how that will affect the series as a whole.

This episode was definitely an improvement from the pilot. It kept the story line going, and it has set up next episodes for more conflict and intrigue.

Riverdale, I think you’re definitely worth it.

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