teen wolfNow that Teen Wolf has ended its original run and I’ve seen all 100 episodes, it’s time to talk about which episodes are the best. Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf crew has given us scenes that made us tear up, special effects, moments that made us say, “ew” and action sequences that left us impressed and some that made us want more. Here are my picks for the best episodes of the series. They’re not ranked, just listed because I love all of them for different reasons.

Raving (Season 2, Episode 8)

This is the episode where the pack went to a rave to stop the kanima from killing again and catch its master. Sadly, they failed and Scott almost got himself killed by Victoria Argent. This is a great episode because it had a great balance of suspense, teenage drama (Scott being a little jealous about seeing Allison out with Matt), and hints of humor despite the severity of the situation (Issac getting rave tickets the easy way and plenty of Stiles moments). This episode also dealt with Allison’s struggles with the supernatural while being an Argent, especially after Derek bites her mom to save Scott.

Favorite Moment: Stiles completing the mountain ash circle and this exchange between him and Coach Finstock.

Coach: “Stilinski! Jackson?”

Stiles: “Sorry, Coach. Haven’t seen him since the last time I saw him.

Coach: “When was that?”

Stiles: “Last time I saw him? Definitely, the time I saw him last.”

Apotheosis (Season 5, Episode 20)

The season five finale was a great episode after a season that started with a flash forward featuring Lydia and brought us back to the present. While the episode sadly marked the end of Arden Cho’s time on the series, we were able to see Kira use some her learned skills to help her friends and send Theo to the underworld. “Apotheosis” was a great episode of Teen Wolf because we got to see Malia and Braeden up against The Desert Wolf and we finally saw the end of Sebastian and the Beast with its CGI that left something to be desired by the fandom.

Favorite Moments: Kira slicing down the door to release Lydia and Lydia using her “banshee voice” to draw Mason out of The Beast

Night School (Season 1, Episode 7)

“Night School” started the trend of crazy things going down at Beacon Hills High School. From the moment Scott blamed Derek for everything to the jump scare when the janitor found the boys in the locker room, episode seven was a memorable one.

Favorite moment: Derek’s reaction to Scott howling into the school’s intercom and the entire cafeteria scene between the group.

Code Breaker (Season 1, Episode 12)

Image result for teen wolf code breakerThe finale of season one was a great way to end the first season. Scott rescued Derek from the Argents only to land in the middle of a new fight. Peter finally got his revenge by “killing” Kate, but Derek also got his revenge for the death of his sister. We also see the first hints of Chris Argent not going along with his family.

Favorite Moments: Derek’s line, “I’m the alpha now.”, Stiles and the others arriving in Roscoe with the molotov cocktail, and Chris and Kate’s face off. Also, “His password is also Allison?” “Still want him in your pack?”

Sundowning (Season 6, Episode 3)

In this episode, the pack tried to find information on the person they’re all missing aka Stiles. This leads them to go digging into the Stilinski history, where they find out Stiles’ grandfather, Elias, went by Stiles when was young. In an interesting scene, they visit Elias at an assisted living home and here all kinds of things about their parents when the sun goes down, shifting Elias’ behaviour. Between Malia struggling to control her shift, Claudia grabbing Lydia before she pulled back the wallpaper, and the young members of the pack trying to protect a classmate at a party, a lot was going on and the stakes were high.

Favorite Moments: Elias shouting, “That’s right. Act like I’m not even here! Go crawling back to your dead wife and your loser son!” (the first hint that someone remembered Stiles) and finding out the Sheriff’s name is Noah.

The Divine Move (Season 3, Episode 24)

After the loss of Allison, the pack fought through broken hearts to take down the Nogitsune. Dylan O’Brien’s performance as Void Stiles was amazing in 3B. Watching all the characters and pieces come together was great. It’s no surprise that the episode is one of the series most viewed episodes.

Favorite Moments: When the Nogitsune tells Scott and the pack they can’t kill him, Danny revealing he knew about the supernatural, and Derek and the twins fighting together.

Magic Bullet (Season 1, Episode 4)

The back and forth dynamic between Derek, Scott, and Stiles in season one versus the way they are by the series’ end is one of my favorite character developments of Teen Wolf. But, before they were buddies, the boys didn’t trust Derek at all. Despite the tension between them, Scott got the wolfsbane bullet from Kate’s bag and endured an awkward family dinner to save Derek, and save Stiles from having a lifetime of nightmares by arriving before his friend cut off Derek’s arm. This was also the episode that we met the hunter we’d all loved to hate, Kate Argent.

Favorite Moments: Allison revealing that she took a condom from Kate’s bag and all of Stiles’ reactions to dealing with a dying Derek. Also, see the gif to the right.

The Overlooked (Season 3, Episode 10)

In the middle of a war with Deucalion and the alpha pack, Derek and friends have to deal with saving Cora’s life after Jennifer poisoned her to get Derek on her side. The episode had action, emotional resonance as the pack dealt with missing parents and a growing list of murders, and gave us an explanation about true alphas. Instead of giving us a long-winded explanation, the writers weaved the information about true alphas into the dialogue well. They also chose well in having Peter deliver the line.

Favorite Moments: Mama McCall getting badass and electrocuting the twins to save Scott, the tense elevator ride with Jennifer, Scott, Derek, and Stiles, and Stiles giving Cora mouth-to-mouth before saying, ““The next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake.”

Side note: If Adelaide had stayed on Teen Wolf, I think Cora and Stiles would have been an interesting couple.  Can you imagine Derek’s reaction to Stiles dating his sister?

Party Guessed (Season 2, Episode 9)

The episode where half of the cast went to a party and got drugged by Lydia and the other half was chained up because it was a full moon. While it’s still unclear all this time later how Peter knew to connect with Lydia from beyond the grave, her actions gave us a trippy episode where the characters experienced hallucinations that exposed their fears and deeply buried thoughts. This was also the episode where we discovered that Matt is the kanima’s master, proving Stiles dislike had merit. In addition to that big moment, Derek struggled to control his pack on their first full moon and Allison’s mom killed herself with help of Chris to prevent her from becoming a werewolf. Crystal Reed gave a strong performance in the hospital scene when Allison discovered her mother was dead.

Favorite Moments: Issac finding his anchor and helping Derek, Daniella (Shantal Rhodes) dunking Stiles in the pool to get him to sober up.

Motel California (Season 3, Episode 6)

Teen Wolf Motel California“Motel California” is probably one of the most memorable episodes of Teen Wolf. That’s no surprise at all considering it gave us the scene where Stiles stopped Scott from killing himself with a road flare. That scene was a tearjerker. The episode had an interesting opening with the flashback of an Argent killing himself after being bitten in the 70s before jumping to the students in present time on the bus.

The reveal that Derek was dead was a huge moment. Thank goodness he really wasn’t. I love that it was up to Stiles, Allison, and Lydia to save the wolves from their wolfsbane induced visions. It was also cool to see Lydia start to play around with her abilities, even though it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for the young banshee. The acting all around was great.

Favorite Moments: “Scott, you’re my brother.”, Scott stopping Boyd and Issac from causing a scene on the bus, Allison stitching up Scott, and Stiles throwing Coach Finstock’s whistle out of the bus window.

What is your favorite episode of Teen Wolf?

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