Image result for how to get away with scandalThis week, Shonda Rhimes and the teams behind her TGIT series let their fictional worlds collide with a Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover to prepare for the new show’s spinoff and a Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder crossover where Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating meet.

Personally, I stopped watching Scandal during season four. But, I’ve fallen in love with HTGAWM so I was sure to tune in. Here’s a recap and review of part one of the crossover event which aired during Scandal’s regular timeslot. How did these two ladies fare when they met?

Picking up from where How to Get Away With Murder left off, Annalise catches Olivia’s attention while she’s teaching and explains her case. While Olivia is hesitant to take the case and get back into politics, she takes the case file. Elsewhere, Quinn discovers Olivia is teaching at DeWitt University while Abby and Huck are more focused on other things.

Olivia meets up with Marcus who tells her that Annalise is badass and she’s the reason why he applied to Middleton. He pulls an Issa Rae and tells her that he still meets up with her despite everything because they’re black and he’ll always be rooting for her. Olivia goes home and reads over the lawsuit files and tells Annalise that she has a case but her reputation is a problem.

ScandalThe pair almost part ways after Annalise slams the door in her face, but Olivia turns around and says she’s in, with a stipulation; it’s her town and she runs the show. Despite the obvious tension between the two, she’s able to get Fitz on board to help with the case.

He meets Annalise and Michaela, the later fangirling over Olivia and Fitz. They manage to get a meeting with Mellie in the Oval Office, but she advises they wait a year until different judges are in place. Olivia and Mellie have a tense one on one chat that leaves both sides determined to win.

Liv goes to the press with the case, hoping to put pressure on the judges without the White House’s support. Jake enlists the help of QPA to stop the case from moving forward, not wanting Olivia to get her foot back in the door in Washington. When things are down to one last judge, Annalise and Olivia prepare to do an interview together, while Mellie tells Jake that it may be a good idea for the truth about Olivia’s departure from the White House to be leaked.

Annalise turns the tables when the news breaks, firing back at Olivia for all the crap she’s said about her reputation. Olivia throws all kind of shade right back. Their trip to the hair salon that started out on a positive vibe ends on a sour note. While David isn’t pleased with the way the White House or Abby is handling the case, he doesn’t push, wanting to keep the peace with Abby.

That night, Olivia confronts Quinn about taking the case. Quinn wants revenge and Olivia warns her not to forget her goal of justice because she hates her. The next day, Fitz confronts Olivia about not fighting back against the media and the White House. It forces her to come to terms with her current situation. QPA finds dirt on Judge Spivey, the judge who determines if the case moves forward. Quinn is happy but second guesses her involvement when Jake explains that their work isn’t about the case but stopping Olivia.

The fierce ladies hold their own during their interview but the dirt on Justice Spivey keeps him from hearing the case.  Later, Marcus and Michaela get drinks together. The pair almost kisses but Asher texts her and she leaves in a hurry. Quinn gives Olivia the dirt they found on Spivey and advises she make the story disappear to get him on her side.

The fixer goes to see Spivey and urges him to listen to his conscious. She also explains that the witness he had paid off in his son’s murder case died two years ago. With his turn, the case is added to the Supreme Court’s roster.

Thoughts on last night’s Scandal

As someone who hasn’t watched Scandal in a while, I was a little lost on why characters no longer liked each other, but the writers did a good job of making the story clear enough that it didn’t matter. I loved watching Olivia and Annalise bump heads because they’re very much alike. I couldn’t help but watch in awe as the queens of shade did work. That Megabus line though…

Michaela fangirling over Olivia and Fitz was hilarious, but I wasn’t fond of the way she was googly-eyed over Marcus after everything she and Asher have recently gone through. She destroyed a 20K Vera Wang dress to prove her love. C’mon writers! Overall, a great start to the crossover that almost makes me almost want to go back and catch up with the show.

I’ll give it a 9/10.

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