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On April 27th, my best friend Jenny and I were lucky enough to meet The 1975, and attend two of their shows in one day.

Thanks to our local radio station, Alt 98.7 FM, I won tickets to their private penthouse show before their main show at The Greek Theatre that night. We headed up to LA early so we could be right up front for the mini show. We arrived and ended up making friends with the first two girls in line who were also huge fans of the band. It’s always fun swapping concert stories & talking about your love of music with other hardcore fans.

After a few hours of waiting in the lobby of the complex where the show was going to take place, we were allowed to go in. We took our front row spots and waited for the show to begin. Right before Matty and Adam came out to start the stripped down set, the hosting DJ Jake Dill announced that there would be a meet & greet for everyone after the show. We were shocked and excited that we would finally be able to meet one of our favorite bands.

Matty Healy and Adam Hann played a few songs for the small crowd of around 50 people, including “Change Of Heart,” “Somebody Else,” and the very personal and touching, “She Lays Down.” They also answered a few questions from the station and fans who had previously called in.

After the set, we all lined up for the meet & greet. This was our first time meeting any of the guys, so I was extra excited and looking forward to giving Matty a book of Shakespeare poems and sonnets as a late birthday gift, as well as a letter about how music their music has gotten me through many rough times personally. He was surprised and happy to have gotten a gift, and we both got hugs from him and Adam, briefly spoke to them, & took a photo together, which ended up being posted on the station’s Instagram as well as their website. It was a huge dream come true and really proved that sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it!

After the small show, Jenny and I said farewell to our new friends and grabbed a great Mediterranean dinner at Carousel in Glendale. The restaurant even has vegan options, which was a plus for me! After lunch, we made our way to the venue and killed some time in the Greek Theatre’s parking lot waiting for doors to open and for the intensely dusty winds to die down a bit. Once we made ourway inside, I bought some merch including a black tee that says “Rock n’ Roll is dead, God bless The 1975” along with some of the band’s pins to share with friends.

As we took our seats, we discovered we were sitting right next to our friends that we’d met earlier in the day! What are the odds in an over 5,000 capacity venue, we’d be sitting side by side, such a treat! Opening the show was Colouring and Pale Waves. Both bands mixed a brooding, electro-pop sound with rock and club elements that fit well to lead into The 1975’s upcoming set.

Around 9pm, The 1975 took the stage and automatically got the entire venue up on their feet the second the lights went down. They opened with “The 1975” into the danceable “Love Me.” There wasn’t a moment the crowd didn’t love. Their set kicked off with songs such as, “Ugh!”, “Robbers” and fan favorite “Loving Someone” which Matty dedicated to the LGBT community.

After lots of grooving along, the band opened their hearts to The Greek’s audience by going into their beautiful ballads including their most recent single “Somebody Else” along with my personal favorite, “Me.” During “Me” Matty took letters from fans and even jumped down towards the crowd to give a fan a kiss on the forehead. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

The second half of their shows always packs heaving hitting music that get everyone jumping and singing along. You can feel the love the fans truly have for The 1975 as they raise their hands as if they’re in church to the lyrics of “If I Believe You”, scream along to “Sex,” and jump as if the world is ending tomorrow to “The Sound.”

The thing I love most about The 1975 shows is how the experience becomes more than a concert. It becomes a way of life. Fans camp out for a week to get barricade. They travel across the country to see their gigs. They befriend other fans from all over the world through the love of music because of them. At a time when it’s easy to see so much division happening in our world, this band is truly bringing people from so many different backgrounds together. Their music has become something even bigger than them as a band. It’s a movement of love, passion, and artistry that is truly inspiring to witness, and impossible to forget.

Check out The 1975 on Twitter for the latest updates, tour dates, and more: @The1975

For your enjoyment, here is a clip of Matty and Adam playing “Somebody Else” (Thanks to Alt 98.7):

Here are a few photos from The Greek Theatre concert:
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