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Shane McMahon Returns:

Let’s get right to the important stuff shall we: after six years, Shane McMahon is back in the WWE. During his absence, there were rumors that Shane was done with wrestling, preferring to pursue other business ventures. While this may have been true at some point, it isn’t any longer. Making a surprise appearance during an awards ceremony for his sister Stephanie (whom he promptly put in her place as only he can) Shane announced his return to WWE, and demanded control of Monday Night RAW. Vince was willing to give his son his wish, but under one condition: he must beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match! Just when one thinks that WWE has lost it, particularly coming off an uneventful pay-per-view, they prove you wrong again. When Shane’s music hit, fans were transported back to a time in wrestling when everything felt unpredictable. Credit to WWE for keeping this return quiet, as there were NO rumors to be found leading into RAW that would’ve spoiled this moment. There is a part of Shane’s return that makes me realize that WWE has no full-timers (besides maybe Ambrose) who have the ability to control a crowd like Shane can, and Shane probably wouldn’t make most people’s top-five attitude era wrestlers. But who cares? Moments like this one are what keep us watching, and I’m looking forward to Wrestlemania more now than I was before. That’s the point.

Dean Ambrose Defies The Beast:

Leading into Fastlane, some of the best things that WWE did to build to the main event were the segments between Brock Lesnar (a legit tough guy) and Dean Ambrose (a very convincing tough guy). During the main event, Ambrose cost Lesnar the match by hitting him with a steel chair while Brock had a submission hold in on the eventual winner, Roman Reigns. Well, the Beast Incarnate wasn’t all that happy with Dean because of that. Shortly before RAW, WWE posted video of Brock jumping Dean as he arrived to the arena. slamming him onto a car windshield and “sending him to a hospital.” Shortly after coming out with Paul Heyman to boast about his destruction of Ambrose, an ambulance was driven into the arena. Of course, Ambrose was behind the wheel, falling out of the driver’s seat, tearing off his neck-brace, and dragging himself to the ring to confront Brock. Brock attacked Dean again and walked away, but Ambrose defiantly challenged Brock to a match at Wrestlemania, which Brock accepted. I have to give WWE credit again here, as they audibled quickly in response to the positive reaction to Ambrose. They couldn’t put Dean in the main event, but having him face off against Brock is a major match in itself. Plus, I’d much rather see Brock take on Dean in a No Holds Barred Street Fight than a match against the Wyatts. This all works.

Triple H Destroys Roman Reigns:

It might not be what we want, but Roman Reigns won the main event of Fastlane, earning him a match at Wrestlemania against Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At this point, it is very unlikely that anything will change in regards to this match (except perhaps a special guest referee). It’s predictable, but now its up to WWE to make us care. RAW took the first steps towards that. During a nothing match between Reigns and Sheamus, Triple H made his way to the ring, confronting Reigns and battling him viciously. Right when it seemed that Reigns had the upper hand, Triple H turned the tables on the challenger violently slamming his head against the announce table repeatedly. When we next saw Reigns’ face, he was a bloody mess (I’m guessing a broken nose) and Triple H capped off his beating with a Pedigree on the steel steps. It might not be thoughtful, but adding a little color to a feud like they did adds a sense of drama that wasn’t there before. They’ll never convince me that Reigns might lose, but I’m inching my way closer to caring.

Other Notes:

  • The New Day beat The Lucha Dragons and Neville in a six man tag. No story progression, and no indication as to what they will do with the Tag Team Champions and the United States Champion.
  • The Usos beat the Ascension, with the Dudley Boyz cutting a promo against the Usos. Nothing happened here other than a sad reminder that they have no plans for the Dudleys.
  • AJ Styles and Chris Jericho beat the Social Outcasts, coming off their clash at Fastlane that Styles won. I don’t have any issue with these guys finding common ground right now, as long as they don’t become an actual tag team and they do something good with AJ.
  • The Wyatts beat Big Show, Kane and Ryback… after losing to them the previous night. The Wyatts are completely lost creatively at this point. Also, Ryback had a heel turn because… its Ryback.
  • Sasha Banks beat Naomi, which was the only possible result. Things seem to be moving towards a triple threat at Mania between Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Banks, which may end up being the best women’s match of all time.

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