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After eight episodes, Sharp Objects aired its final episode (of the season if the series goes for another season) and it was quite the roller coaster ride. For anyone who hasn’t been watching, Sharp Objects, based on the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl), centers around journalist, Camille Preaker who goes back to her hometown of Windgap, Missouri to investigate a brutal double murder while dealing with her own demons.

Even though the premise of the show is seemingly about the murder investigation, it really became more about Camille Preaker. Overall she’s broken. And she knows it. She’s had to go through a lot of hard things that honestly, would leave anyone damaged, to say the least. Her younger sister, Marian, died when she was a child, her mother, Adora always thought of her as being a disappointment compared to Marian (because you can never live up to a dead girl), a friend that she met in a mental hospital (that she checked herself into) committed suicide, and something happened to her in a shed in the woods as a teenager. Not completely sure what happened exactly but it definitely seems to be pointing to rape (and maybe even gang rape) but it’s not explicitly explained but it rather hints at something bad happening in that shed.

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All of these bad experiences has led to who Camille is now: she’s distant with her mother (and Amma at times), she’s a highly functioning alcoholic and she cuts herself. Now the cutting is interesting because it becomes a vital part of Camille’s character, even more so after her family sees it. It all only gets worse when she finds out that Adora killed her sister, Marian. Intentionally or unintentionally is still not something I know the answer to but basically Adora has what’s called Munchausen syndrome, which is apparently not a real syndrome. But basically it means that she made Marian sick to get attention by poisoning her and (accidentally?) went overboard and it killed her.

As for the murder investigation, it kind of goes on the back burner for a while but definitely comes back in the last episode. 2 girls, Natalie Keene and Ann Nash, go missing and both end up dead. At first, the main suspects are Bob Nash, Ann’s dad, and John Keene, Natalie’s older brother. Bob is visibly drunk in practically every scene he’s in, especially since Ann apparently went missing first. John however is overly emotional at Natalie’s funeral and at other times when he’s seen around town. Suspicions about John only increase when his girlfriend, Ashley, turns him in with a piece of evidence. Only thing is, he wasn’t the killer.

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After the revelation about how Marian died (which isn’t until the second to last episode), all the evidence seems to point to Adora for the murders. But Camille doesn’t seem all that concerned about the murders after she finds out about Marian’s death. When she gets home, Camille gets sick, or at least pretends to, it’s still unclear which one it is, and Adora brings her upstairs and Adora feeds both Camille and Amma (who’s also sick) more of her poison concoction (which is apparently a mix of antifreeze, some prescription pills, and rat poison). While Camille is getting even sicker by the minute, the paramedics and the police show up and Adora is arrested for the murders after the cops find Adora’s pills and rat poison and bloody pliers (which were used to pull the girls teeth – like I said, these murders were brutal). But as it turns out, Adora’s not the killer either.

After Adora’s arrest, everything seems like it goes smoothly from there. Amma goes to live with Camille in St. Louis and Camille finally seems at peace with everything. But then there’s the ending of the finale episode, which honestly is so shocking and opens up so many doors for a second season: Camille finds a tooth in Amma’s dollhouse, which means Amma (and maybe even her two friends, or two other people at least) is the killer! And the last lines that Amma says when she comes in is “don’t tell mama”, which is honestly the best ending/cliffhanger I’ve ever seen in a finale. And in the post credit scenes, it shows Amma killing the girls with what looks like two accomplices (without their faces shown) and it shows another clip of an African-American girl’s hands pushed up against a fence, which is seemingly Mae, which is Amma’s new friend in St. Louis. So there’s a lot of questions that still need answers. So here’s to hoping for a second season.

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